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    Heaven’s Community Pages


    Aside from AoEH and HG, these are the places where the majority of the Age Community resides:

    Age of Empires Official Site
    Microsoft’s official Age of Empires website. Covers all the games in the Age Empires series, has an active forum and good mods/downloads section. Registering as a member or signing in is a total nightmare though.

    Age of Empires Official Discord
    Official Age of Empires discord server. Has quite the active fanbase which you can easily interact with through chat, and you can find a lot of old fans here too, maybe you recognize some names? A lot of HG members moved on to this server! You can talk to the Forgotten Empires folks and other developers there too.

    Age of Empires Official Reddit
    Official Age of Empires Reddit community. They discuss a variety of subjects related to AoE1 and have a fairly active community.

    Age of Empires Wiki
    A very informative Wiki with a fantastic overview of units and buildings, technologies and general info about the Age series.

    Old Links

    The majority of these no longer work. However, they are kept here because of nostalgia’s sake, and as a part of AoEH history.

    AoE Beta
    Large website dedicated to the development version of Age of Empires. Featured lots of hidden gems. You can find the majority of development material in our Storage Pit (Gallery).

    A keen group of gamers and modders and makers of the Rise Of Fiji Mod which you can download here.

    The following links are links to a great number of Age of Empires and Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome sites.

    AoE Heaven   Age of Empires Heaven, what kind of idiot would I be not to include Heaven.  Heaven is the largest AoE site on the net.   I don’t think you get much better than this place.  You will know what I mean if you are already here.
        Mr. Fixit’s Home Page is a place where you can find cool unit sheets for Age of Empires and Rise of Rome.  I thought this was a great site, so check it out!
    AoE Royalty   AoE Royalty is not one of the best sites I have seen, but is pretty cool.  The graphics could have been done better.  Although the content does make up for the graphics a little bit.
    Rise of Rome Conpluvium   Rise of Rome Conpluvium, this is of course another cool and kick ass site done by Xiphoid.  I have to give it to him, he is the king of graphics.  Beside the graphics the site is still great too.
        Emperor’s AoE site, hmm well this site has flames in it’s background.  There is content there, but hardly any graphics.  Well I am not going to cut him down totally.  The site does offer some good content.
        Gold’s Age of Empires Trial Site is a great place for information on the trial versions of Age of Empires and Rise of Rome.   Although Trial Central is better.
        AoE Email Tip of The Day is a neat site that is a daily news letter that you subscribe to.  It helps you gain that extra edge you need for victory.
    Age of Empires Agora   Age of Empires Agora is a very nice site with very cool graphics.  The graphics, however, are not all this site has to offer.   It has good content that is really just archived.  The site is not updated daily unfortunately.  That is about only thing I do not like about it, but it is still a good visit while it is still here.
        Age of Empires BBS is the largest help bulletin board for Age of Empires on the net.  Not much to look at except for what else the bulletin board.  People have not posted stuff here in while though.  At least they have’nt since the last time I visited.
      Age of Empires Trial Central, well lets just say that this place is the ultimate source on the trial version of AoE.  If you need help on the trial version of AoE then check this place out.
        Age of Empires Scenario Exchange is one of the best sites when it comes to getting scenarios for Age of Empires and Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome.  It is very plain looking, but offers some very good scenarios.
        Age of Empires Zone I thought this site was okay, but there are better sites to visit.  It is only on Age of Empires and who knows the last time it was updated.
        Chay’s Age of Empires  I loved this site and think everyone should visit it.  It has a very cool lay out and tons of information.
        Clobber’s Age of Empires is a nice site and has a unique lay out.  The information may not be that up to date, but is very good.  I recommend this site.
        Death Match Depot, yikes, can you say cool site?   This site is all on death match games.  Check it out for great information.   Best of all it is updated alot.
        Mark’s Age of Empires Town Center, talk about a small site, but it is done well enough for me to say visit it.
        Mod Haven is brought to us by the makers of ROR Haven (See below).  It’s the first of it’s kind that I’ve come across.  The only bad part is that it doesn’t have many modpaks, but that’s understandable since there aren’t many modpaks for Age of Empires.

    Mools’s AoE & RoR Site a very small site is not really that informative.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to dis anybody, but I thought this site was not to great.

        Mr Grinch’s AOE Yellow Pages is one of the definitive sources on everything Age of Empires.  You have seen the Yellow Pages in your phone book, well this is the same except it is only for Age of Empires.  Oh yeah one more thing it was created by one of the co-founders of Ensemble Studios, Rick Goodman.
    Ogre's AoE   Ogre’s Age Of Empires, a great Age of Empires site, is updated daily by Railwolf.  I use to run the site, so I can tell you it is one of the best on the net.
    Railwolf's AoE   Railwolf’s Aging Empire could be a better site, but is usually only half finished.  Railwolf is probably spending to much time on Ogre’s AoE.  It does have a nice lay out for what is finished so far though.
    RoR Haven   RoR Haven is a pretty cool site made by Reeces, one of our own forum regulars.  It contains a really cool agetoons section, some campaigns & scenarios, quite a few neat strategies, and a site forum.  The opening screen’s graphics are really awesome too!
    Sim Mayor's AoE Place   SimMayor’s Age of Empires Place is just a small portion of a larger site.  This site is usually updated often and has some good info.
    Telcontar's Empire of the Ages   Telcontar’s Age of Empires  is a darn good site.   The people who of done this site over the last few months have put alot of hard work into it.  Telcontar was one of the first people to post an AoE site on the net beside the Archangel.  The site is well a worth a visit and is updated every day even on Sundays.
    Xiphoid's AoE Atrium   Xiphoid’s AOE Atrium, a very cool site, is okay like I have said be for one of the best sites on the net for AoE.  I am not pulling anyones strings on this one though, because it is one of the best sites on the net for AoE.  The site graphically blows everyone elses site away.  This site is a must visit.
        Bill’s ModPack Site is actaully very small, but it is well worth a visit.  You can a cool modpack there that changes sounds, buildings, and terrain in the game.  A must have and I believe it is also available in the AoE Heaven Granary.
    AoERat's AoE   AoErat’s AoE is a very hard to see site I think.  The grass background does a number on the old eyes!  It is however not a bad site to visit if it were’nt for the annoying visibility issue.
        The Wonder is totally devoted to this guys addiction to Age of Empires.  Well okay so you think that all Agers are addicted to Age, but this guy really is.  I liked his site and I think it should be visited by all Agers.
    Wild 1234's
            AoE Stop   Wild 1234’s AoE Stop is not exactly my favorite and frankly I think does not have that great of content.  I mean no offense to author of this site.  I no that they are probably not the best at HTML or have limited time.   Anyhow I am not going to say that the site is terrible.  It looks like an okay site, I just think it needs more work for me to say better things about it.
        Rise of Rome Graphics Headquarters is an alright site for Rise of Rome.  It’s title includes graphics in it, but it really only has a few graphics.  It is really a site with all kinds of different RoR related information.
        My AoE Webpage is not really that great of a site on Age of Empires.  It really, really, looks like some one just through it together in ten minutes.
        AoE Kingdom is a nice little site I think except for the lack of graphics.  It really only has a few graphics and they are not really that well done.

    News Groups

    The following links are to Age of Empires and Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome news groups.  Note:  You will need a news reader to view and post to these news groups. – this is where you post questions and comments for Age of Empires. – this is where you post questions and comments for Age of Empires:  The Rise of Rome. – this is where you post general questions and comments for the MSN Gaming Zone.
    microsoft.public.ageofempires – this is where you post questions and comments for Age of Empires. – this is where you post questions and comments about Microsoft Strategy Games.

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