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Ensemble Studios Chat 23Oct97

[ArchangelM joined channel AofE] Omnivac: Ni guys!
LordSoth: hi
Omnivac: Hi
Patrick: Hey Omnivac
ArchangelM: Hey there John & The LordSoth
LordSoth: hello
ES_John: Hi
Omnivac: Pat, where you at the game, yesterday?
Omnivac: were
ArchangelM: Bad connect how I can stay around this time
[crisco joined channel AofE]
crisco: hello all
LordSoth: hi
ES_John: Hi crisco
Patrick: hi
Omnivac: Ok, must be the wrong Pat. AoE game.
Patrick: k
Patrick: John, what do you do at ES?
ES_John: I am a programmer.
LordSoth: Arch, when we get started remember I cant type to fast, I’m only an artist
Omnivac: But a good one. 🙂
LordSoth: thanx
ArchangelM: Well I can’t spell – so we are even 🙂
ES_John: Just draw the letters…
LordSoth: cool
LordSoth: 2 finger speed
ArchangelM: Talking about art 🙂 – Lord on you on the new AoE ?
LordSoth: yes sir
Patrick: cool\
LordSoth: I’ll be doing the buildings again, along with other things
Patrick: cool\
ArchangelM: Well, I’m losing my connection – Alaska is just to far for this German Java chat… – John are
you part of the team doing the patch to AoE 1 ?
ES_John: No, I’m not.
ArchangelM: what parts of AoE were you on?
ES_John: I’m actually the new guy, so I didn’t really do any AoE programming. I did help out a little with
comm stuff towards the end. I did lots of testing and the like…
crisco: So John, how did you get started working with Ensemble, and what kind of background do you
have (experience, other games or other projects)?
ArchangelM: what type of program do you use on the graphics in AoE?
LordSoth: we used 3dsmax or at least me and duncan did, everone else used 3ds4
ArchangelM: Iam I still here?
ES_John: I haven’t worked on any published titles before–have done some game-type programming on
my own previously.
crisco: Yeah, can we expect that kind of combat complexity out of AOE2, just as we have the upgrade
complexity in the first?
crisco: We still see ya ArchangelM.
Omnivac: Good. The more, the better.
LordSoth: Can we stick to AOE 1 questions please
crisco: oh sorry
LordSoth: it ok
ArchangelM: What was some of the challenges did the art team over come to get should great little anim’s
in AoE?
LordSoth: well we are all just out of school
LordSoth: so i believe this is all of our first product
ArchangelM: Wow – better than most of the older guys! – what makes you such a good AoE Player?
LordSoth: We had to learn our 256 color system
LordSoth: me or john
ArchangelM: both of that matter!
LordSoth: I’ve been playing games sense 8th grade.
LordSoth: mostly RPG’s
ES_John: Playing uncountable hours of the game helps too…
Patrick: When are you guys going to release the secrets for AoE1? (I heard something about a camaro)
LordSoth: I got into RTS when i saw our game for the first time
ArchangelM: well I started on the old Atari Pong – great game in its time… Whats the secret behind a
winning death match?
LordSoth: you can ask at the microsft site i believe
Omnivac: AoE is the first game that made me seat to play a RTS.
LordSoth: build defences first and fast
ES_John: The first thing I learned about death match is that you still need to gather resources at some
ES_John: That gold sure goes fast.
LordSoth: yes it does
ES_John: Hittite heavy catapults are a favorite death match unit choice for me.
Archmike: Whos is one of the great ones at ES for death matches?
Archmike: Whos is one of the great ones at ES for death matches?
LordSoth: I like the INFANTRY and CENTURIONS
LordSoth: greek rocks!
Omnivac: Egyptians chariots and priests.
ES_John: Not sure who the best death match players are. They play out more randomly than normal
LordSoth: death matchs, everyone wins and loses those
Omnivac: Kill the enemy priests and convert the rest. strike hard and fast.
Archmike: Towers and catapults – seem to be my key to staying alive..
LordSoth: heavy cav can over come them
ES_John: The priest strategy is great when it works, but it is very high-maintenance and is painful when
things aren’t going your way.
LordSoth: there is always a counter attack that can win
Omnivac: I know. Or where you find out that there isn’t much gold around. 🙂
ArchangelM: John – what advice can you give to a new random map player ?
ES_John: For single player or multiplayer?
ArchangelM: we got time – how about both 🙂
LordSoth: single player and multiplayer I say explore as much as you can right away
ArchangelM: hi web
ES_John: I guess I don’t have a ton of specific advice. Of course it’s important to start scouting around
ASAP on a random map, so that you know what’s going on.
Patrick: hi
Omnivac: Do you scout with villager(s) or you wait for scouts?
LordSoth: knowing where your opponent is very important
LordSoth: both
ArchangelM: I heard you can place multi buildings at one time – how is this done?
Omnivac: What I do is, the immediate vicinity with villagers to find ressources, and then with scouts
LordSoth: hold the shift key down when placing buildings, than click away
ArchangelM: ahh
Omnivac: Great for building walls.
LordSoth: walls click and drag while holding down the button
ArchangelM: can the villages chop wood all day with out you have to reassign them to the next tree –
sorry about the questions – I only have the beta right now
crisco: They do keep chopping wood
Patrick: After one tree is gone, the villagers go to the next one
LordSoth: yes, if there are trees within his sight
Omnivac: Seriously. As anyone dare play the Pheonicians on a 8 players free-for-all? And actually win?
LordSoth: yes
LordSoth: Santos
LordSoth: him and his damn elephant archers
Omnivac: I think Persians are killers with elephants.
ArchangelM: Does any one acutally use the super units? – it seems to me its better to use the limited
resources in other units
LordSoth: all the time
Patrick: I use them in Deathmatch
Omnivac: Depends on the ressources available…
LordSoth: everytime we play they are a big factor
[BULL joined channel AofE]
[BULL left channel AofE]
Patrick: hi BULL
AoeWebring: bye BULL
ArchangelM: Patrick – were you a beta tester?
Patrick: no, I missed the August 11th Date
Omnivac: Do ES guys prefer mainly-land, mainly-sea or 1/2,1/2 deatmatch maps?
Patrick: Forgot about it
LordSoth: both land and sea
ArchangelM: for food – what give the most bang – berries, elephants or farms?
Patrick: I like spear fishing with villagers
LordSoth: berries
Omnivac: Near a granary.
LordSoth: get as many as you can fast as you can
AoeWebring: ES_John – Are you allowed to reveal anything about Age of Empires II?
Omnivac: I think the subject is closed. 🙂
crisco: heh
LordSoth: yes it is, sorry
ArchangelM: Guess I am missing a lot – berries – and didnt know about the spear fishing!
AoeWebring: Just checking you never know…
LordSoth: fishing boats are great if you have more than 5
Omnivac: You’ll have some infos when the .txt get posted.
Patrick: Yeah, just take a villager and right-click on some ‘Shore Fish’
[Keasar joined channel AofE]
ArchangelM: is the fishing areas – limited in food – like the berries
LordSoth: john you alive
Keasar: Hail
LordSoth: hi
Omnivac: Hi K
Patrick: yes
Omnivac: One time, a whale had infinity food on a map…
[Bob joined channel AofE]
Patrick: hmm…
LordSoth: ?
ArchangelM: was that a blue or gray whale 🙂
Bob: I am confused will everyone post who they are? and who they represent?
Omnivac: 200 wasn’t going down. As soon as I added a fishing boat, it started to drop.
Patrick: why would the 200 go down when there is no one fishing it?
Keasar: im nobody 🙂
AoeWebring: Tim, Age of Empires Webring Ringmaster Here
ArchangelM: LordSoth – is one of the great art guys at ES – I am Archangel Michael Age of Empires
Patrick: Patrick, just a guy on the West Coast
crisco: I’m somebody, but not muchbody 🙂
LordSoth: john = ES programmer
Omnivac: I add 3 fishing boats and it was near my dock. When I saw this, I decided to put more fishing
boats, and then it started to go down. (???)
Bob: If you are Archangel Mike, then who is ArchMike?
Keasar: whats the deal with hidden units?
Omnivac: Omnivac, master computer of the Leader.
ArchangelM: had to sign on twice – bad connection from alaska.
Bob: Got it, thanks everyone
Patrick: Sometimes I cant sign on at all
Patrick: guess it’s a bad connection
ArchangelM: Ok Lord – what was your most interesting AoE Game?
Keasar: how can I make my Units smarter? They seem to just sit there and get pummeled.
LordSoth: gee, played way to many torwards the end of the project
Patrick: you don’t
LordSoth: i love it when we all where playing in the begining before we got sick of playing
Patrick: Sick of Playing?
[ES_John left channel AofE]
LordSoth: We were playtesting 16+ hours a day for over a month
LordSoth: none stop
LordSoth: Including weekends
AoeWebring: Weekends too…I can see getting sick of it…
Patrick: Yeah, I could see how you could get sick of it
Omnivac: Must have been a bad month for the worst player at ES. 🙂
ArchangelM: Thanks for your time LordSoth – I gotta call it a day…
[ES_John joined channel AofE]
LordSoth: our last 2 days nobody went home
crisco: see ya Archangel
AoeWebring: Hi ES-John
ES_John: Sorry, I got dumped. Back now.
AoeWebring: bye Archangel Mike
Patrick: Where’d ya go ES_John?
Omnivac: Bye Arch.
ES_John: Couldn’t reconnect.
Keasar: what project are you working on now?
Patrick: ok
LordSoth: so long mike
crisco: Did the game change signifigantly during playtesting?
LordSoth: no it was more of a bug thing
AoeWebring: What will be ES’s Next project?
LordSoth: cant say
AoeWebring: well it was worth a try..
Patrick: Aoe 2, of course
LordSoth: 🙂
[Bob left channel AofE]
Keasar: I would like to see a fantasy version of AoE
[From bristol] HI, DO I KNOW YOU???????? ARCHANGEL???????????
AoeWebring: Was that an AoE II Hint LordSoth?
Patrick: no thanks, then it would turn out to be another Warcraft 2, hated that game
LordSoth: no
LordSoth: to earlier comment
LordSoth: lag
AoeWebring: okay,
AoeWebring: Gotta go
LordSoth: so long
crisco: Well, it’s all personal preference, I enjoyed some of the devastating magic in War2 that developed
near the endgame
Patrick: see ya
ES_John: Bye
crisco: cya Web
Omnivac: c yaa
AoeWebring: signing off
[AoeWebring left channel AofE]
Keasar: I like spells and stuff. It adds another element to the game.
[Bradford joined channel AofE]
Patrick: yeah
LordSoth: John, I’ll see you tom. Thank you all for coming out!
Omnivac: I prefer more realistic units.
ES_John: See you Sean.
Bradford: It’s over?
Patrick: But War2 was too fake and cute

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