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Ensemble Studios Chat 20Oct97

ArchangelM: Hey Duncan
DMcKissick: Hey Archangel
DrSeuss: yes, ready for it through the chat?
DMcKissick: sure
DMcKissick: or
DMcKissick: you can e-mail me
[clap joined channel AofE]
ArchangelM: Just got off work – missed it all ?
DrSeuss: whatever
DMcKissick: Its just starting Arch
clap: I like this game
DrSeuss: yeah thanks
DMcKissick: I’ll get you in touch with the people that can get you into Beta testing :}
clap: Are there any plans for an add on pack?
DrSeuss: Thanks, Strategy games are my favorite genre. This one has great potential. Very nice graphics
and runs on my laptop too.
DMcKissick: Yep, there is one company interested. We are also working on AoE2 at the moment
DMcKissick: Thanks, glad you like it
clap: My mommy likes to watch me play
DrSeuss: Is this your company’s first game?
DMcKissick: How old is your mommy
clap: 13
DMcKissick: This is our first game, yes, We are currently working on two other titles
DMcKissick: That would make you an embryo
DrSeuss: AoE2 and another?
DMcKissick: hahaha
DMcKissick: yes
ArchangelM: I heard that there maybe a patch in the works – if that is true – what areas will it be
DrSeuss: Will you continue to work with Microsoft, or whatever comes along?
DMcKissick: the other is going to be another RTS game with a magical background.
DMcKissick: Hmmm yes there is a patch, coming out soon, i think, It should be out at the end of the
DMcKissick: Soth is gone for the night
[clap left channel AofE]
DMcKissick: what does the patch cover you ask,, hold on a sec lemme look
DrSeuss: The RTS with magic sounds intriguing.
DMcKissick: We are most likely going to stay with Microsoft with all our other titles, theyve been good
to us :}
DrSeuss: Well they can put a lot of force behind you if they want to.
DrSeuss: Still not sure about their stance on the web browser though.
DMcKissick: They patch will cover bugs, the usual stuff.
DrSeuss: Will the patch do anything for the AI?
DMcKissick: Have you seen Windows 98 yet?
DMcKissick: Yes,, the pathing will have some fixing to it.
ArchangelM: Hmmm… okay… any chance to include women warriors in AoE 2 – and no to win98
DrSeuss: I haven’t seen Win98, but the web interface may well kill Netscape
DMcKissick: I’m not sure about having Women warriors in AoE2, We try to be accurate the way history
wrote it, and there werent many Women fighters. :}
DrSeuss: The computer doesn’t attack villagers that are repairing buildings. This is a tactic I use to
weaken the AI.
DrSeuss: The computer doesn’t attack villagers that are repairing buildings. This is a tactic I use to
weaken the AI.
DMcKissick: This is another bug to be fixed in the patch
DrSeuss: Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, seems like there are some Scandinavians, Amazons
DMcKissick: Yes, Windows 98 is going to take over all web browsers (just my opinion) The entire OS is
like one big web browser.
DrSeuss: just off the top of my head, may have potential for others with brainstorming
DMcKissick: True, but you cant have an army of Joan of Arc’s and Cleopatra wasnt really a fighterm
just a queen.
DrSeuss: Yeah, makes me sad. I like Netscape and have a general distrust of Monopolies. They don’t
exactly inspire competition or creativity.
DrSeuss: Well there’s still the Amazons
DMcKissick: Sorry about that.
DrSeuss: If they were real
DMcKissick: true,, the amozons will be in our toher game tho.
ArchangelM: Will the same creative team that was on AoE be on AoE2?
DMcKissick: We have split into two groups, so yes, a section of the team will be working on AoE2, the
other half on the other game
DMcKissick: I needed to turn on the light to see what I’m typing
DMcKissick: :}
ArchangelM: Well I hope the same graphics people will be on AoE2 – one of the big highlights (imho) of
boy: Hi, sorry to interrupt, but I have a quick question on cheat codes, I’ve seen “reveal map”,
“diediedie”, and “resign”, but I really don’t want to just waste everyone or see the whole map are there
any that give you a little bit of food or stone?
DMcKissick: yes, there are,
DMcKissick: PEPPERONI PIZZA – Give yourself 1000 food
DrSeuss: The multiplayer menu mentions Mplayer. Did you say that you didn’t know about that for
Multiplayer Games? Just Kali?
[GThang joined channel AofE]
DMcKissick: COINAGE – Give yourself 1000 gold
DMcKissick: WOODSTOCK – Give yourself 1000 wood
DMcKissick: QUARRY – Give yourself 1000 stone
DMcKissick: the rest are secret :}
DrSeuss: can you let us in on any Easter Eggs?
DMcKissick: I’m not sure if we are available in MPlayer
DMcKissick: You like Camaros?
boy: Thank you so much DMcKissick! You’ve just saved me a whole bunch of trouble!
DMcKissick: no problem
DMcKissick: Remember,, cheating isnt the answer! :}
DrSeuss: You’re not yet. Their Tech support said ask later. Thought Microsoft might know
DrSeuss: Camaros?
DMcKissick: Yes,,,
DMcKissick: Do you like Camaros?
DrSeuss: what year?
boy: Heh, I know it, but I just need something to push me over that edge.
ArchangelM: Hmmmm. sounds like a BIG HINT to me!
DrSeuss: Really like ’68 with a rag top
DMcKissick: ’96 Camaros
DrSeuss: Yeah I got that, but wanted to bait him … ; )
DMcKissick: heheh,,, Yep, Just one of the MANY Easter eggs we have in the game…
DrSeuss: MANY?!!!?
DMcKissick: We will leak them out slowly,,, dont worry about it:} We really had a lot of fun making
DrSeuss: how do you type them in?
[boy left channel AofE]
ArchangelM: with your toes
DMcKissick: Hit enter like your going to chat, type the code in, then hit enter
DrSeuss: Thanks
DMcKissick: you bet.
DMcKissick: Microsoft will be leaking the rest out soon
DrSeuss: Looks like you were a big part of the Art Team. What was your favorite, the Fjords?
DMcKissick: Death Animations Rule!! :}
ArchangelM: Well you give me anuff to light up the net tonight – thanks for causing me a couple of hours
of page updates 🙂
DMcKissick: umm,, glad i could help :}
ArchangelM: Will Aoe2 have any extra scenario editor features?
DMcKissick: Most likely, We are going to have a couple of new terrains Im sure.
DMcKissick: AoE will only better AoE2 through all the comments we have recieved.
ArchangelM: Whats your best strat for playing in a death match?
DMcKissick: Kill the other person :} Naw really.. A good defence protects you from the early attack (I
hate those) Then I like to see how high in the ages I can get before getting attacked. I dont usually build
units untill I ready to attack (stupid I know) but it works for me.
DrSeuss: What are you targeting for AoE2’s release?
DrSeuss: And will I have to have a P-II to run it?
DMcKissick: I think we are trying for withing the next year (or a year and a half). But don’t quote me on
DMcKissick: AoE2 should run on the cpu you have now.
ArchangelM: With all the different units in AOE, I haven’t found a real good use for the Legions? – there
are either to strong or to weak to mix with other units in a fighting group. What do you use them for in
your games?
DMcKissick: Razings. They are too slow to get to priests in time. Get them in close to catapults or
buildings and they will tear things up!
DMcKissick: remember to have something covering them from behind
ArchangelM: I will give that a try… are we looking at 2d or 3d for AoE2?
DMcKissick: AoE2 will be in 2d al well as the other game we are currently working on. However, we
ARE working on a 3D engine, and I must say that it is coming along AWESOME!
DrSeuss: 3-D card support?
DMcKissick: Our programmers are studs, :}
DMcKissick: Our 3D engine we have right now is accelerated.
DMcKissick: With hardware
DrSeuss: I don’t have a 3-D card in my notebook.
DMcKissick: I dont even have one in my cpu at work! :} Hopefully soon to change.
ArchangelM: Thanks for you time Archangel “Duncan” – gotta get off… Will someone be in your offices
for the next five mins or so?
DMcKissick: I should be here yes.
DMcKissick: Take it easy!
DrSeuss: I read a book on the evolution of warfare in college. The Swiss Pikemen were ruthless. They
didn’t take prisoners and were unstopable.
ArchangelM: later & thanks again

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