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    Ensemble Studios Chats

    16th Oct: Ian ” Fish” Fischer (Ensemble Studios) & Chris Rippy (Ensemble Studios)

    17th Oct: Stuart Moulder (Microsoft) & Chris Rippy (Ensemble Studios)

    20th Oct: Duncan “Archangel” McKissick (Ensemble Studios)

    21st Oct: Duncan “Archangel” McKissick (Ensemble Studios) & Brad “The Crow” Crow (Ensemble Studios)

    23rd Oct: Sean “Lord Soth” Wolff (ES – Art), John “McBane” Evanson ( ES – Programming)

    24th Oct: Matt “The Optimizer” Pritchard (ES – graphics optimizer)

    Other Interviews and Chats

    LordSoth vs. John Romero

    Interview with Maimin_Matty (The Sheriff)

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