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It all started in NZ where me and my relations decided to go to a NZ town to meet the rest of my family. There I met some of my cousins and they invited me to have a go on their computer. There they showed me AoE. They told me how to play and what to do. I quickly got addicted to it and tried playing. I had a nice time and we went back to Christchurch. One day I saw AoE Gold Edition on a store shelf in a gaming shop. I quickly thought of buying it. Soon I had AoE at home and searched Google for AoE sites. One of the hits turned out to be AoEH and I went to the site. There I found a lot of information on AoEH and found the forums there. I joined in a couple of days and started making my first campaign: The Romans with Weapons. It was poor but it was my first attempt at designing in AoE. I thought it was good compared to my way of designing but for a while I talked on the forums and got many tips at map designing.

Soon after I got inspired to start a new project: Bison & Bunista. It got a very high review with 4.5 and many people downloaded it. It had awesome map design but it lacked a story. So in the future I hope to create a fantastic campaign with a 5 for a review.