Heaven’s reference pages


Age: Bronze
Prerequisites: Build Town Center, build Granary, build Temple.
Upgrade Cost: – – –
Cost: 125 gold
Hit Points: 25
Attack: – – –
Armor: – – –
Piercing Armor: – – –
Range: – – –
Speed: Slow
Upgrade of: – – –
Special: – – –
A Priest heals friendly and allied units and converts enemy units. If diplomacy is set to Neutral or Enemy, military units attack Priests.
Researching Astrology allows faster conversions. Mysticism increases hit points. Polytheism increases speed. Fanaticism speeds rejuvenation after conversion. Monotheism allows conversion of enemy Priests and buildings. Afterlife increases range.


These guys have two roles, healing and converting enemy units.  They’re trained in the Temple for 125 gold, and are available to all civs except the Macedonians.   Priest upgrades can also be researched in the temple.  Egyptian Priests get +3 range. Choson Priests cost only 85 gold, and Babylonian Priests recharge 33% faster after converting a unit.

When to use them: 
Elephants are easily converted by priests, so if your enemy brings dumbos, you bring your holy men to bring them over to your side. If you are attacking with dumbos, use priests to convert back any converted elephants. After battles, healing injured elephants is a must due to their high cost. When you are walled in and being attacked by non-ranged units, particularly cavalry and camels. They’re forced to either run away or be converted. Defending wonders. They are an absolute must when defending a wonder.   

Priests make all the difference when you merely have to delay an enemy from entering your town.  Convert enemy cats while they target your walls, wonder, or approaching cavalry.  A very cool thing you can do is have a priest ready to convert enemy transports about to land.  If this happens, you can just send it out to sea. You may have the urge to delete it and kill the units aboard, but remember, as long as there are units inside of it, he is wasting those slots in the population limit. When attacking any non chariot building civ.  Priests are easily taken care of by chariot and chariot archer raids, but if they aren’t there, they are much harder to kill.  Approaching cavs must go after the priest in order to keep from being converted, which many times they are, even if they are getting showered with arrows or attacked by other cavalry/camelry. 


The acceptance of gods and goddesses associated with complex religions required the provision of priests (and priestesses) who acted as representatives of the gods among the people. Priests developed and conducted rituals, interpreted the demands of gods, taught and enforced the religious laws, and sought new believers. Particularly effective priests, or those representing a potent religion, were thought capable of healing.