Elephant Archer

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Elephant Archer

Age: Iron
Prerequisites: Build Town Center, build Barracks, build Archery Range.
Upgrade Cost: – – –
Cost: 180 food, 60 gold
Hit Points: 600
Attack: 5
Armor: – – –
Piercing Armor: – – –
Range: 7
Speed: Slow
Upgrade of: – – –
Special: – – –
The Elephant Archer combines the hit points of the elephant and the attack strength and range of the Composite Bowman.
Researching Nobility increases hit points. Researching Alchemy increases attack strength. Ballistics increases accuracy. Leather Armor, Scale Armor, and Chain Mail increase armor. Woodworking, Artisanship, and Craftsmanship increase range.


This unit is used for brute strength and durability, but dont underestimate it by any means. It is a slow unit, but can take siege fire better than any archer, and when in large groups are very dangerous. They do however cost a lot of food, and sometimes will drain your food all too fast. Another bad thing is because of their slow speed they are extremely susceptible to conversion from priests, and the Elephant Archer’s attack is not nearly as good as HAs or HHAs. I use this unit very sparingly, mostly substituted by faster units which are cheaper and have a better attack (Horse Archers). However these units are not to be laughed at, because when playing Phoenician you get cheaper Elephant Archers. Persian Elephant Archers are a bit faster, but that difference in speed is not terribly noticable when using a ranged unit. Practical in some cases, but for many things they are just overkill. If you can afford them and the opponent isn’t using priests or centurions, then I would recommend Elephant Archers as a backup unit. Range is 7.

Cherub Sting and Angel Washizu

Attempting to use elephants in combat posed a number of problems, including the central one of how the elephant would fight and cause casualties. One answer was to place a box on the elephant’s back from which archers could shoot. The archers were protected by the box and could fire down into the melee below. That worked only so long as the elephant remained standing and within range of the enemy. In the years following the death of Alexander, many western kings adorned their armies with elephants but they were rarely effective. Armies of ancient India used elephants more successfully for many centuries.