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Age: Iron
Prerequisites: Build Town Center, build Barracks, build Storage Pit, build Stable, upgrade to Heavy Cavalry, research Metallurgy, upgrade to Cataphract.
Upgrade Cost: 2000 food, 850 gold
Cost: 70 food, 80 gold
Hit Points: 180
Attack: 12
Armor: 3
Piercing Armor: 1
Range: – – –
Speed: Fast
Upgrade of: Heavy Cavalry
Special: Cavalry charge bonus (+5 attack against infantry); +1 piercing armor against Ballista, Helepolis, and missile weapons
The Cataphract is the ultimate cavalry unit. The Cataphract has more hit points, attack strength and armor than Heavy Cavalry. You must research Metallurgy before you can upgrade to the Cataphract.
Researching Nobility increases hit points. Toolworking, Metalworking, and Metallurgy increase attack strength. Leather Armor, Scale Armor, and Chain Mail increase armor.


This is the most disputed upgrade and most players say he isn’t worth the money. Considering that all other Superunits get some real increase in either attack strength, armour, hitpoints or whatever over their predecessors, they’re probably right. You can get this upgrade to show your opponents that you can afford to waste 2000 food and 850 gold.


This is a unit that can be used to slightly tip the balance in your favour in specialised scenarios, but is generally considered to have little or no value in multiplayer.


The Cataphract was an improvement on ancient Heavy Cavalry represented by Alexander’s Companions. The Companions wore only helmets, grieves, and cuirass. Cataphracts wore chain mail that covered more of the body and often armored their horses partially also. This gave greater protection against arrows and hand-to-hand weapons. Cataphracts were very expensive to equip, however, and appeared in the armies of only the most warlike and wealthy cultures.