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Rules are subject to change without notice

Before you begin reading let me clarify a few things. Most of the players seem confused about the team setup. A team will consist of 4 players, but there are 2 alternates aloud in case a player cannot make it. The reason there are 4 players is NOT because it will be all 4v4s. In fact there are only two 4v4’s during the whole tourney.  Here is what I mean: the second week of the tourney will be a 2v2,2v2 for the first game. This means that you will take your 4 players and break them down into groups of 2, then you will take those 2 groups and each group will play a game verse another team that also broke down into the same fashion. This means that not all 4 players will be in the same game, but rather two seperate games. The second game on the second week is a 3v3,1v1, this means that there will be a group of 3 players playing a 3v3, and one of the players will be in a 1v1. The points will be awarded on a game basis. A 2v2 is worth 1 point, this means that if a team who is playing two 2v2s wins both they get 2 points, if they lose one and win one then they only get 1 point. I hope this clarifies any questions and/or concerns you may have. There are a few games where it is only 3v3, this means a player will sit out. You can look at the setup for each game at the bottom of this page. Players have been asking me if they need 4 players. The answer is yes, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but if you cannot get a team there is always singles.

Each team picks 4 player. *2 alternates are also chosen. Sometimes it is hard to get the same 4 people on at the same time consistenly so try to pick alternates that can fill in time gaps. 
*Alternates are not considered part of the team.

Anyone can be chosen to be an alterante, and there is no limit to how many teams you are an alternate for. A person is allowed to be in another team and/or in the individual competition and also be an alternate at the same time. If you are an alternate for a team that wins the tourney you will not get any prizes unless you play 60% or more of the games, which then you will get the prize for the player who didnt play as often.
Note: If you are a team who needs to pick an alternate, it is wise to choose someone who is not very active in the tourney or else he/she could be in their own game if you need them.

Drop before 7 mins = automatic restart. 3 drops in a row by the same person before 7 mins = the game will continue and NO alternate can be used.
Drop after 7 mins = continue play no matter what.
Cases where a player thinks he was nuked will be judged by the sysop.
No player is to play hide and seek. This is counted as a loss
Players disconnecting before 7 mins on purpose will result in that player being removed from the game and no alternates will be used.
The use of the TC bug, farm bug, and any other cheat/bug will be disqualified from the event as it is seen as cheating.

The use of a trainer will not be tolerated! Any proof of a trainer verse the opposing player(s) and that person(s) will be disqualified from the event. N prize will be awarded if they made it to the top levels of competiton. For help in preventing the use of a trainer we recommend every player downloads this file:Empiresx.exe. This file will cause you to sync out of the game if a cheat is used from a trainer. If 1 player syncs out there may not be enough proof to determine someone has used a trainer so be certain your entire team downloads it. If an entire team syncs out there is an abundance of proof and the zone host will decide what will become of the issue. If a player syncs, that player should take a picture of the sync error before exiting the game (to take a picture hit CTRL + F12), 1 player from each team should also take a picture so that there will be proof of the scores and game time. For further prevention esepecially in the 1v1 and higher level competition a host may join the game to watch over and be certain nobody cheats, this host will have the file installed as well. We will try to make sure the hosts that watch have decent connections so as not to add to the lag too badly. 
Instructions for installing the file: 
Go to your Rise of Rome directory on your hard drive and find the file labeled: “Empiresx.exe”. Rename this file to “OldEmpiresx.exe”. Then, place thedownloaded file: “Empiresx.exe” into that directory, you are now finished. 
Note: This file will prevent you from playing games with cheats enabled, also, if players have a trainer they will be able to sync you out. It is strongly suggested that after you are done the tourney for each day you rename the new 
“Empiresx.exe” to “NewEmpiresx.exe” and change “OldEmpiresx.exe” back to “Empiresx.exe”. 
Age of Empires Heaven, Microsoft, and the Microsoft Gaming Zone, do not support this product and cannot be held liable for any damage that may have been caused from the use of this program. It has been tested and no known side effects have developed.

The DM and RM will be similar trees except for the settings of the games will be different. Winners will be determined by points. Teams will play 4v4s 3v3s 2v2s and everyone will play at least one 1v1. Points are awarded like this:
4v4 = 2 points
3v3 = 2 points
2v2 = 1 point
1v1 = 1 point
Players or teams that do not show up on time will take a loss for that match.

Team Final Match:
The top two teams from each day will be picked to play in the finals, a single elimination. After the single elimiation is over we will by now have decided the best RM and DM teams Then the best RM and DM team will have a final round for the best team overall. This will require 1 game of RM and 1 game of DM (3v3). 1 player of choice is chosen to sit out by the teammates. If there is a tie then some type of odd setting will be applied as the tiebreaker.

There will be a seperate individual tournament. If you are entered in the team competition you can also sign up for individual. The same 6 week 12 games tree will be for individuals except with different settings. Winning a 1v1 in the individual tournament counts as 1 point. The top 20 individuals in the end advance to the finals. If a player qualifies in both the team and the singles to get to the finals, he wont be counted as part of the 20 top individuals going to the finals.

Players may request that a zone host watch the game but there will be no guarantees a host can watch. We will try to accomodate as best we can.
Players may elect to have watchers but a watcher will only be permitted with the approval of the opposing player. Watchers are not allowed to effect the gameplay at all. If there is lag from the watcher (you see a turtle or red mark), and the players request the watcher leaves he must do so. To watch; the player who is watching will co-op with the opposing person and then resign as soon as game starts. The reason the watcher co-ops with the opposing player is because in RoR the game will not let the players know that the watcher has resigned. If a player can obviously see that his units are being manipulated by the watcher then he may request a restart in which no watchers will be permitted in the game.

Individual Finals:
The top 20 players from the individuals and the 4 players of the top 4 teams will all qualify for the individual finals. This makes 36 players in the finals trying to be the best individualist. This is every man for himself, teams are now broken apart. Individuals will have a single elimination finals. There will be 2 matches a week. You lose a game and your out. Once there is 6 players left there will be a 3 game series, whoever has the best of 3 games wins the match and advances. For the 3 game matches it will be 1 match a week.  Whoever is left in the end is the champion.

DM Individual:
To meet the concerns of the DM community a DM finals will be added. It will work the same as for individual. Each of the 4 members from the top 3 teams and the top 20 individual players will be placed into a single elimination finals. There will be 2 matches a week. You lose a game and your out. Once there is 6 players left there will be a 3 game series, whoever has the best of 3 games wins the match and advances. For the 3 game matches it will be 1 match a week.  Whoever is left in the end is the champion.

DM Guidelines:
There are always cheap tricks that can be used to a players advantage and in DM these tricks can decide the game. There will be no phantom walling aloud. Phantom walling is the act of laying down walls to prevent units from moving and/or to keep a player from expanding and building thus trapping him. “Painting” will also not be aloud. This is the act of laying down building foundations throughtout a players town to restrict movement with no intention of building them. It is hard to detect painting because sometimes it could happen by accident in DM, I urge many players to be careful where they lay their foundations in the beginning of the game. If there is an abundance of gold/stone in an area then try not to build so close to it as you risk the chance of blocking someone in. This rule will be looked over thoroughly as many players may do it by accident.
In the end there should be determined: the best RM team. The best DM team. The best team overall. 
The best DM individualist, declared Ruler of Deathmatch. 
And the best RM individualist, declared King of the Ages. 



6 teams – 1 week
match setup: 4v4 first match;  3v3-1v1 second match.

1st game: Team 1 vs Team 2 – team 1 wins

1st game: Team 3 vs Team 4 – team 4 wins

1st game: Team 5 vs Team 6 – team 5 wins

2nd game: Team 1 vs Team 5 in a 3v3

2nd game: Team 2 vs Team 3 in a 3v3

2nd game: Team 4 vs Team 6 in a 3v3

2nd game: Team 1 vs Team 5 in a 1v1

2nd game: Team 2 vs Team 3 in a 1v1

2nd game: Team 4 vs Team 6 in a 1v1


Weekly Setup:
As of now all settings are subject to change.



Game setup


Game 1


3v3, 1v1

Game 2


Game 3

2v2, 2v2

3v3, 1v1

Game 4


Game 5


1v1, 1v1, 1v1, 1v1

Game 6


Game 7

2v2 2v2

3v3, 1v1

Game 8


Game 9


2v2, 1v1, 1v1

Game 10


Game 11

2v2, 2v2


Game 12



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