Fall of Rome – Finals

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I had to do a small adjustment on the finals to make it run smoothly and Ill get into that later. Here is how it will work. The top 4 teams must be determined before we can start the singles. The finals will be on Saturday and Sunday at Noon EST. RM will be on Saturday and DM on Sunday. The last match of the finals will be scheduled for the most convenient time for the 2 player or teams, this means it may be during the week and not on a weekend.

On September 4th (Saturday) the finals will begin for RM teams and on September 5th (Sunday) the finals will begin for DM teams. The top 2 teams from each day will be there – hopefully – and it will be a single elimination. We will try to fit all 3 games in on that day and determine the champion then. If we can only fit in 2 games then the final match will be scheduled for the best time for both teams.


On September 11th (Saturday) the finals will begin for RM singles and on September 12th (Sunday) the finals begin for DM singles.

*This is where I had to adjust something*

32 players will be there. The top 5 from each day makes 20 and 3 from each of the top 4 teams of the finals make 12. I originally made it that all 4 of the players in a team would enter but this would make the finals unbalanced and I would have to award players wins for not having an opponent which is not fair. The team captain must decide which 3 are going to be playing.

3 matches will be played the first day of singles finals. At the end of the day 4 players will be left standing. I will schedule all 4 players to meet a day which is convenient for all of them. On that day we will try to have the final 2 matches. Each match will consist of a 3 game series. Whoever wins the most of the 3 matches wins the match. If we cannot fit both matches in on the same day then I will schedule the two players left on a day which is convenient for them. This is a similiar setup as the Rumble for Rome.

The settings for the finals are still being determined or I may choose to keep them a secret until a few days before it begins. The settings will be relatively defaults and/or the most common settings that get played so do not fret. I am still deciding on weather to include water maps for DM or keep it Hills – Highland – Inland. Opinions on this will be appreciated. Look for a Hills – Mediterranean – Continental maps for the RMrs.

Any questions please feel free to email me. I feel I left something out but I cannot think of it at the moment thanks.



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