Tool Age

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Tool Age

I get attacked by Bowmen/Scouts/Axemen/Slingers. Help!

Your best defence against Scouts and Axemen is in Bowmen, your best defence against Slingers is in Axemen (or Slingers). You can consider Scouts because of their speed and sight but they are expensive and can’t do much harm. Counter Bowmen with Slingers or Bowmen. Attacking a group with single units is a bad idea because your single unit will be dead before he can do much harm. Axemen can help against Axemen too but only if they can overtake them. An advantage of Axemen is of course that you can start training Clubmen while you advance to the Tool Age so you have a couple of them before you can build an Archery Range.

You can even use Villagers against unarmoured Clubmen or Axemen; against Bowmen and Slingers they don’t seem to be very effective because the computer lets them retreat (and military units are slightly faster than Villagers).

When they attack your houses it’s often better to rebuild houses somewhere else than to repair houses under attack. Other buildings have many more hit points so repairing them isn’t necessary for quite a while.

An even better defence is attacking them before they attack you. Even if you manage to kill invading military units it means you spend time and resources defending your base and all the time your enemy is building up. If you harass them in their own base they’re likely to use their military to defend themselves instead of attacking you – even though they may send over a Clubman to batter away at your Stable or Barracks.

You might think of building Towers but if the attacking units make for your Villagers and not for the Tower(s) you’ll lose many Villagers anyway. As Towers are soon destroyed by Slingers, building them in ROR is largely a waste of time and resources. On the small sized maps they may be useful though – if you’re quick. 


I’m on small islands and I get under attack by hordes of Scout Ships.

Make sure you got a fair amount of them next time before the enemy fleet turns up. The general rule is that if you wait with building an army till your enemy turns up, you’re too late. The reason is that single ships (or other units for that matter) are no match for several enemy ones, so sending one of your units to fight several enemy units is simply a waste of resources.

An alternative that works well but that’s not really quite ‘fair on the comp’ is lining the coast of your island with Towers. That works especially well for Babylonians and Romans with their durable and cheap Towers. The disadvantage is that it may untimely cripple your opponent, thus depriving you of some real fun. 


What technologies should I research?

– Pit techs: you should of course only research armour for units you intend to use immediately. Toolworking can wait. On islands you won’t need an army in the Tool Age so in that case you don’t need to research any pit techs at all. Also the Axeman upgrade can wait in that case.

– Market techs: if you use Slingers Stone Mining is a good idea (but the extra attack works only against units, not against buildings), if not, forget it – don’t mine any stone at all if you can help it. Gold Mining can wait too – you don’t need gold in the Tool Age anyway. Woodworking is a good technology to research. Domestication is only worthwhile if you build a lot of farms right away (wait with building till the research is completed – it doesn’t affect existing farms) – better wait with farming though till you run out of other sources of food.

Research Gold Mining when or before you start collecting it – not only do the Villagers carry more gold but they collect it faster – in fact they collect 13 gold (and stone) faster after the research than 10 gold before it. The same holds for Woodworking.


How soon should I start attacking?

That depends on your objectives and on the number of enemies you have. It’s not advisable to allow more than three enemies to make it to the Iron Age – their attack may then be pretty overwhelming. So you can consider to destroy some of them before that and you’d better start with that in the Tool Age. On the other hand, if you want to have a good Iron Age war it’s obvious that you should allow at least one of your opponents to enter the Iron Age. 


Anything I should or shouldn’t do in the Tool Age?

Good things to do are finding your enemies and allies (if you have any). Scouts are good at that job, especially on huge and gigantic maps. You’ll find that you need at least two Scouts if you’re on a gigantic map. That slows down your Bronze time but good and fast exploration is essential. Using Villagers for exploring isn’t a good idea on the larger sized maps, especially if you have many enemies. Once your enemies start building Towers it’s much better to keep Villagers at home. Building an army of course – supposing you aren’t on an island map.

Finding more sources of food (berries at greater distance from your base) is good too. Farming is generally frowned on, so wait with that if you can. The reason is that food from farms is gathered slowly and farms cost much wood as you’ll have discovered already.

Remember to balance your stockpile. You want to upgrade to the Bronze Age at some time and it doesn’t help you if at some moment you have 800 wood and 200 wood. Don’t forget to build two Tool Age buildings timely – you probably want to kick yourself when you find you can’t upgrade because you only have a Stable.