Heaven’s Single Player Help


I get a message that all Artifacts and/or Ruins have been taken – what should I do?

That depends very much on the circumstances. Of course you’ll have to recover at least one of them before the 2000 years (about a quarter of an hour) have passed. If you’re still in the Stone Age and you’re on a huge or gigantic map, sending out Villagers to find them doesn’t make much sense; odds are that they’ll get eaten by lions or alligators before they find anything of value. Ranged units or Scouts do a much better job of exploring anyway, so your best chance is to use those. In later stages of the game it’s very important that if the enemy holds them, you don’t forget to go after them if you’re under attack. For that reason it may be better then to do so fast if you’re forgetful. I lost many a game simply because I forgot to go after them in time.

If you’re on an islands map you’re in trouble, especially if all Ruins are on enemy islands. In that case you’ll have to start fighting early.

What if I want to win by controlling the Artifacts or Ruins for two thousand years?

You may find controlling the Ruins for two thousand years rather difficult but it gets easier if you also attack your enemies’ base(s) to keep them busy there. Posting some units near the Ruins is of course essential – but remember that they will go after passing enemy units so always put a group there and regularly check that they stay close to them. Controlling Artifacts is easier because you can hide them even if you can’t easily bring all of them to your base (for example on a gigantic map with many enemy units moving about). 

– When should I start with gathering Artifacts?

On the larger maps it isn’t a good idea to start right away, especially if you have many enemies. Matter of fact, if you have many enemies it’s likely that they find the Artifacts before you do. Well, if the enemy Villagers are wasting time finding them, so much the better. Because tracing them with Scouts is fairly easy it isn’t worth while trying to end the game so early. Better first build up a decent economy and military, then get the Artifacts so you can defend them.