Iron Age

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Iron Age

I upgraded to the Iron Age and now I get attacked by a Bronze Age army and still get defeated.

It’s a big mistake to think that if you’re in the Iron Age you’re safe. Getting there first means you get a 25 points bonus for your score but that isn’t going to save you – unles of course you have to win by score.

You should never upgrade to Iron if you’re under attack and your army isn’t as big of the invading army. In such a case you have something better to spend 1000 food and 800 gold on. Use it well. Remember that a small Iron Age army is powerless against a huge Bronze Age one. One Horse Archer against massed CAs hasn’t got a chance. Elephants are slow and vulnerable to CAs because the CP is so good at retreating with them. 

I have a question about Wonders.

– What’s a good Wonder strategy?

Be quick about it and be sure that you build some good defences first. This means you have to balance resource gathering. It takes a while before your Wonder has a good many hit points and till then you’re pretty vulnerable. The advantage of a Wonder strategy is that you force your enemies into action. If you’re ahead of them they’ll have to spend more on an army to do in your Wonder, thus slowing down their advance to the Iron Age. Researching Architecture helps you getting it finished sooner – provided you can research it. 

– Aarrgghh! One of my enemies starts building a Wonder – what should I do?

Try to destroy it as soon as possible. Generally the CP will have some good defences before they start but sometimes they build it on an incredibly stupid place. Most of the time it pays to take it seriously – send a proper army, a mix of ranged and hand-to-hand units is best. A couple of STs can come in handy here – if you can keep them in good condition of course.

An alternative is to build a Wonder too – it seldom happens that the CP researches Architecture and if you got the resources it’s likely that you can finish it earlier. Then they have to come to you. Be sure you’re prepared for that.