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Bronze Age

I have a problem with Stone Throwers.

Who hasn’t? 

– I tried a combined attack with Hoplites and STs but while the Hoplites were killing and destroying fairly well the STs were pretty soon destroyed.

The idea is that the Hoplites (or other military units or Priests) defend the STs. It’s your task to keep them near the STs. If they make sure the STs stay whole it isn’t so bad they don’t do anything themselves. Making sure they don’t go after enemy Villagers is a demanding task – but nobody said you have to build STs in the first place. Just think of what you can do with 180 wood and 80 gold. You can also rush your enemy with Hoppers and archers or cavs. When you’re pretty sure the enemy army has been done in you can finish them off with STs. 

– The STs in my base keep attacking enemy Villagers coming through – damaging my buildings and killing my units into the bargain but they always miss those Villagers.

Be glad they aren’t Catapults. Better not keep Siege in your base. Build Siege Workshops in a safe place (you definitely don’t want STs to be destroyed as soon as they appear so keep some military units there) and make sure the STs produced there can’t do any harm. If you have a good Academy civ you can really do without them most of the time. 

– My STs follow enemy Villagers then get under attack by Towers.

Sounds strangely familiar. You have to keep an eye on all ranged units but STs and other siege are worst because of their high cost. Don’t build them before you need them and even when you need them ask yourself if you can’t do without them. Having those things hanging around when you’re not proficient at managing all units running around is asking for trouble.

Also the tendency of units to auto attack the enemy units with the lowest number of hit points makes Villagers into preferred targets. 

What’s the big deal about researching Nobility? – it’s not exactly cheap for only 15% extra HPs.

It isn’t cheap – but you only really need it in special cases. Remember that Stable units have 60, 100, 150, 180 HPs – you can do the math yourself to see that the extra HPs help them survive longer against STs and/or (H)Cats. That can make all the difference. For instance one Scout with Nobility can attack a Catapult or even Heavy Catapult and survive the first blow by other Cats near that attack him. Cats and STs always fire once more often than is necessary – that means the other Cat(s) will do in their own Cat more effectively than you can ever hope to do it yourself. It only won’t work against Hittite HCats.

Chariot Archers and Horse Archers are affected too and as they have less attack strength than hand-to-hand units, the mere 15% is more than it seems – in archer fights that is – of course you’re supposed to keep your archery out of reach of enemy hand-to-hand units for then the extra hit points won’t save them. 

My Priests are killed by invading Tool Age units.

Well – don’t leave them on their own. Have some military units near them. They’re too expensive to waste on such lowly units, right?

How come my Priests always get killed when trying to convert an ST or a Chariot (Archer) when computer played Priests often pull it off? Does the computer cheat?

There are a few reasons for that. Most important is that the CP reacts faster than you ever can. By the time you selected the ST to aim at the Priest, he can move away a bit and start again – your ST missing him. Another point is that your military units always attack the units with the lowest numbr of HPs – even when under attack. So the ST may continue firing at Villagers while the Priest is converting it. The CP may also use several Priests for the trick. The best thing to do is to destroy enemy STs with other units and forget about converting them. If you insist, try with Priests standing apart – it’s best if the ST is in the middle of them. This works fine against Chariots too.

The computer doesn’t have feelings – so it won’t cheat. Of course it’s always possible that ES forced it to cheat.

What are good units to use against Priests if you can’t get Chariots and Chariot Archers?

The best counters are Bowmen (including Impies and Compies). Better not try with Horse Archers though -they are very gullible and they aren’t really cheap. Ranged units are best because you can attack with them sooner (the Priest will get within their range sooner). Hand-to-hand units may get distracted by other enemy units near and attack them – then you must order them away, a waste of time.

What is a good counter for Hoplites?

You can try Hoplites, Priests (have them in some numbers and try to let them convert different Hoplites) but archers in great numbers are best (not against Macedonian Hoplites of course). If you have nothing to defend yourself it’s a matter of running away as soon as you can or acknowledge defeat. It’s no use trying to stop Greek Hoplites with your own slower ones. You’ll have to slow them down – for instance by building walls. Put archers and Priests behind them and voilà.

What’s a good counter for massed STs?

Fast hand-to-hand units are best for that. Try moving them regularly so that they don’t get hit by other STs aiming at them. Infantry can help too – if you can get them at the STs fast enough. Don’t move them in a straight line – it’s easier for the STs to hit them if you do. Archers and Priests are generally a bad choice. Better get those out of the way.

Is the Wheel worth researching if you don’t get Chariots and Chariot Archers?

You bet it’s worth every bit spent on it. Faster Villagers bring in their stuff faster, it’s especially good for wood cutters. When your Villagers are ready harvesting at one place you can move them somewehere else faster too. Being able to run away from enemy units – think it over.

How can I defend against an attack by an Iron Age army?

Well, in the first place that should never happen in an RM game once you’ve learned to make a good start. So if the CP manages to do better than you, one possibility would be to say ‘good game’ and accept defeat. There’s nothing wrong with admitting to yourself that you didn’t do well. You can even learn something from it (yes, I’m an awful moralising Dutchman). However, because the AI is wanting, you can sometimes still win by catching up – that is in fact an element in many scenarios. In that case it takes perseverance and fighting spirit. You can take to your heels if your army has been destroyed of course and rebuild somewhere else. The CP may not be able to find you for a while then. You can think of the Roman maxim than conquering an enemy city is honourable only if it doesn’t take you too long to do so.

On the other hand, it’s possible that you were rushed heavily by some CPs and that another calmly keeps upgrading and so manages to get ahead of you.