Campaign Walkthroughs

Trade (2000 BCE)

Difficulty Level: 2

This scenario pits you against 3 computer players. Two of which (brown and yellow) will change to enemy on you right away. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, do the same to them. You are going to be hit pretty soon by up to 4 Brown Scout Ships. With that said, you are going to need a boatload (no pun intended) of wood. Take your initial food and build 3 villagers and take the Watch Tower upgrade at the Granary. 

Have the 3 villagers you start with start cutting down trees North of your Town Center. At your Docks, build a Scout Ship immediately. The first villager that is created should start chopping wood. The second should build a Watch Tower just North of your Dock, to give the enemy boats a target other than your Dock. The sixth villager can start foraging nearby berry bushes. 

Keep cranking out Scout Ships, no less than 4 and keep building them until you have the brown ships licked. After that you can move them slightly South to where the bay narrows. They will guard the way to your Town Center, though they’ll probably not have a lot to do. 

Once that is done, start building villagers until you have about 5 or 6 cutting wood, and 4 or 5 working the berry bushes. Also build an Archery Range and a Barracks as well as a Market, for your foragers should farm when they run out of berry bushes. A single Fishing Boat can help increase your food quickly with the fish just off of your Dock. Create another 3 villagers and send them South until they find a break in the Oak forest, and then East until they find the Stone mine. Build a Storage Pit and have them get to work, mining until the stone is gone. 

The Yellow neighbor will have a Ballista built. Take about 3 of your woodcutters and move them Northwest until they find it You will have to do some dodging to pull this move off, but once you are close enough, the Ballista can not harm you. Take it down, and replace any losses. Put them back in the forest where they belong. 

You also need 1000 gold to win this scenario, but alas there is no gold on this map. Like all great economies, you will have to trade for the gold. Build up about 6 bowman and 4 axeman. While you are doing this, have your fleet move South and West and rid the seas of any enemy fleets still wandering about. Once your land army is complete, have them sweep West and then South. Destroy all Yellow buildings and villagers, but leave the Yellow Dock alone. Create a villager and have him wander down near the Yellow Dock and build another Dock of your own next to it. 

Create a few Trade Boats and have them exchange food for gold at the nearby Yellow Dock. You should have plenty of food by now. The Trade Boat will bring small quick shipments of gold back. Once you have 2 or 3 going, create a couple of transport ships and load your army on board. 

Bring the fleet close to the Brown island which is toward the Southern portion. This is really a small island with a couple bowman, 2 Stone Throwers and a Dock. Use your Scout Ships to shoot up the enemy bowman, and land your fleet and rush the Stone Throwers. You should be able to overwhelm them with no major problems. Use your transport to collect a villager and have him build a Dock next to the Brown Dock. Same deal, build some Trade Boats. Also send some toward the Red Dock to the East. Now you just have to wait until your Gold hits 1000.