River Outpost

Campaign Walkthroughs

River Outpost (1700 BCE)

Difficulty Level: 1

Somehow, this easy scenario got thrown in the middle of some slightly more difficult ones. In fact, the hardest thing about this scenario is reading the instructions. You must build 2 GUARD Towers. Note that this means you will have to get to the Iron Age. Note that you have no Barracks or Archery Ranges built. There is a good reason for this, you don’t need them. 

To start off, mine gold and chop wood with your Northern villagers. Your villagers next to the berry bushes can forage. Create new villagers right away, and spread them out. No more than 3 on foraging, and no more than 2 on gold. Have every other free villager chop wood. About 5 should be sufficient. Create another villager and have him build a Dock, to the West would be preferable. At the Dock, you should build 4 Scout Ships as soon as you can. Then upgrade them all to War Galleys as soon as you can. Take your Galleys and have them destroy the Watch Towers on the island. They should be able to do this without taking a scratch. When they are done, have them kill all the lions and alligators on the island. 

Meanwhile on your mainland, have a villager build a Government Center so that you can build your second Town Center, as well as another Bronze Age building. It doesn’t matter what. Build a single Transport Ship at the Dock. When the Ship is complete, take about 4 woodcutters and load them onto the boat. Unload them onto the island, build the second Town Center and start mining stone. Back on the mainland, the concern now should be food. You should already have more than enough gold to get to Iron. Have everyone save for a few woodcutters build farms. Your 3 foragers can build a Storage Pit South of the Granary and hunt the nearby elephant and fish when they run out of elephant steaks. You can build a single Fishing Boat to fish the nearby Whale. 

As soon as you hit 1000 Food, upgrade to Iron Age. As soon as you get the food, upgrade your Tower technology to Sentry Tower at the Granary. When you hit Iron Age, upgrade your Tower technology to Guard Tower. Have your 4 stone miners build 2 Towers anywhere on the island. They should be just finishing the second Tower before the upgrade is complete and you can move on to the next scenario.