Campaign Walkthroughs

Crusade (1900 BCE)

Difficulty Level: 2

THIS SCENARIO IS PRETTY SIMPLE and will give you some excellent experience with the use of priests. All you have to do is covert the enemy Ballista and bring it back to your Town Center. There are a few hints though to help you on your way. First of all, you will need some gold, and there is a single gold mine to the Southwest, not 10 tiles from your Town Center. As soon as you have the wood for a Storage Pit, put about 2 villagers on it. Don’t have them stray further South, or they will cause the enemy to raid your Town. Take your first 3 villagers to the North and have two of them mine stone and one of them chop wood. The other villager can forage for berries. Use the 100 food you have to start to create 2 more villagers. Put one of them on berry bush patrol and have the other mine stone. The next villager should chop wood. The next 2 villagers can build the aforementioned Storage Pit and mine gold. 

As soon as you have enough gold, upgrade to Astrology to make your Priest’s conversion more effective. Move your priest next to your Town Center. You should also upgrade to Polytheism to make the priest faster. Build an axeman and have him rest near your Town Center as well. Build a couple more villagers and have them build about 3 or 4 Watch Towers in a row just barely South of your gold mine. If you have run out of berry bushes by now, you can either farm or use the conveniently located shore fish next to your gold mine. As soon as you have your towers built, leave the villagers there, they will need to repair the Watch Towers in a few seconds. Have your axeman come down to your row of Towers. 

Take a villager and have him move Southwest. He won’t go far, before the enemy Ballista starts to fire on him. Retreat the villager back to your Watch Towers in a zig zag fashion so that he does not get hit by the Ballista. In a second or so the Ballista will show up and begin to fire on one of your towers, and he will bring some archers with him. The towers should mow down most of the archers, and your lone axeman can finish up the job. You need to kill all the enemy archers before you convert the Ballista, or they will destroy it quickly. Remember a Ballista has the durability of a House of cards. Once the archers are dead, set your diplomacy to Neutral so that your Watch Towers don’t destroy the Ballista. Have your priest move in and convert the Ballista, which should still be pounding away at your Towers. Move the siege weapon to your Town Center once converted for the victory.