Tower and Wall Tactics

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Tower and Wall Tactics

Towers can be your most efficient unit. They’re relatively inexpensive as long as stone is available, fairly high in firepower, especially when upgraded, and they do their job even when you’re not there. An essential defense, especially for those who are building a wonder, towers can take a licking and keep on ticking. If you can keep siege engines away, towers can take out most units, even Priests and Elephants.

Field of Fire

Always position Towers so that their fields of fire overlap. This way, one can protect its neighbor. In fact, you don’t even need walls for most units if you have enough Towers able to concentrate fire on a single target. Note: You can aim fire from your Towers the same as you target enemy units with any combat unit, click on the Tower and right-click the enemy unit. Thanks to Tom Curran for pointing this out. 

Zig-Zag Walls

Build Towers behind a wall built in a zig-zag pattern. This way, any non-missle units such as Legions or Elephants need to move in closer to take out a wall, making for easier coverage from your Towers. Besides, they usually need to take more sections of wall down to get by, and even if they get through, the wall funnels units into your Tower’s fire.

Walled Towers

For the most effective defense, put a wall around your Towers to prevent ground attack units from getting next to it. Place the wall slightly away from the Tower for the best defense, and put a Priest inside to convert the enemy and a Villager to repair the tower and walls. 

Towers on Offense

Towers can be offensive units as well, simply send a couple of Villagers to build one in the heart of the enemy Town. Then let the Tower work. If you keep a Villager repairing the Tower, it can withstand attacks as well. One sneaky variation is to build Towers inside towns of your allies. If they turn on you, the Towers start firing as soon as you change your diplomatic stance. Also, Towers don’t count as units on the population limit, so you can destroy the enemy while using your units elsewhere. 

Attacking Towers

Okay, it’s a little obvious to say, but Catapults take out Towers best. A Helepolis will do well also, and Ballistas are okay, but Cats rule against Towers. Research Alchemy and Engineering and you get better range and damage from your Catapults and Stone Throwers, allowing you to stay outside the Tower’s range and wipe it off the map. In a pinch, War Elephants make decent Tower destroyers, since War Elephants have such high hit point values, and Priests can convert Towers if left alone by the enemy. Research Monotheism so you can convert buildings, then send two Priests to convert the Tower. The first does the converting, and the second heals the first as the Tower shoots it.