Tips and tricks I

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Tips and tricks I

By Staffa

Lions and Elepehants don’t cross shallows.

It is almost never right for your villagers to attack tool archers with +2 armor, about the only time it is right is when the archer sneaked in, and you just finished your walls so you are assured that no more will be coming, because if you fight back, you can be damn sure 2-3 more are comming, and then your gonna have to flee anyway, so what did you gain but a few seconds and a few dead villagers.

Spread your houses and other illrelevant buildings around your area, when enemy villagers attempt to find a place to put military buildings near your area, they will find it much more difficult if you have much of your area lighted up by houses/barrecks. Not to mention each time they run near a house you have a chance of seeing them, making it much more periously for enemy villagers to float around your town’s area.

You can wall off any area in stone with houses, its very expensive, and very rarely usefull, but something you should consider if you only need 2-3 houses to wall off a big area. If a narrow pass borders water, you can build a dock+house to wall that off, very expensive, but you can always use the dock to fish. You can also build docks in shallows to block it, though this is used quite often nowdays, I only mention it for the few that might not know.

Ballastics is imo, one of the must underappeciated techs in the game(for archer civs) Many think it only helps tiremes/catapults/helepos/bastillia towers. But in truth it helps ALL archers. Everything that shots will have a very good chance of missing a moving target, depending on which direction that target is moving reletive to the shooters, and how fast. villagers fleeing from archers at a slanted angle can ussualy get away with very few hps lost. Even if there are many archers. Unless you have ballastics, this tech changes
everything, villagers cant flee, caverly cant run past archers without suffering any hits, and cats can slaughter charging caverly.

Chariot(HA) vs cavelry fights, caverly tend to attack one chariot, ignoring the others. Have the chariot that is being targted run away from the caverly that are trying to hit it. Your remaining chariots will continue to fire at the caverly, while the caverly chase uselessly after the chariot. If you find this happening to you, split your caverly and target each chariot individualy

Either way, the archer comes out ahead simply because he can concentrate his firepower, and you can not.

Every unit has its counter, and no army is undefeatable. Mixing units can have devestating effects on opponants who dont like wise mix. IF you ever see 10 caverly charge 6 chariots and 3 priests, you will find 3 opponant caverly converted, 7 remaining caverly chassing after 3 priests, and 6 chariots merrily firing away at 7 caverly with 3 caverly chasing them.

If someone walls off your Towncenter(TC), its as good as dead, I have walled off hundreds of TC’s and have never seen the walls broken(once built) just delete your tc and build a new one somewhere else.

The cheapest, fastest, and most surprising way past walls is with transports. Catapults are vastly more expensive, alert your opponant, and are very vuneralbe to ground troops. Transports are vastly cheaper, can usually flee the scene of battle via water, and the docks they require can also be used to build war ships and fishing boats. Siege buildings only take up room.

Dont get me wrong, catapults have their uses, they are very effective at taking out buildings/leveling towns. And in chariot fights, a couple catapults on your side can be decisive, as your opponant either has to target
the catapults, which means moving in range, giving your archers more fire time, dance around the catapult’s shots, which like wise gives your archers more firing time. Or die, which is just nice.

Combined firepower is very important, 4 chariots will kill 8 chariots if they can kill the 8 chariots 1 at a time. Thus when your military buildings are being guarded by an opponant’s army, its usualy unwise to attempt to
build units there, as they will be taken down with brutal swiftness(this only applies when your vastly outnumbered, buildings compared to enemy units)

Now, to contridict what i said above, its not always unwise to build military units at buidings that are under heavy fire. You can flee the unit creating distractions for the opponant you may buy your villagers time to flee, build new mliitary buildings/walls, or support a relief army that is on the way. Also, when having trouble taking out an opponants town due to the size of his army, I like to entice him to attempt to remove my military buildings, he will charge with a massive army, which my 8-12 defenders will attempt to defend, and die doing so, and while i keep pumping more units out, he starts to concentrate on that fight, and the buildings he is trying to destroy, while a second army of mine is now playing “Who can shoot the most innocent defensless villagers and run away like cowards before their army
returns” The neat thing about this trick is that the opponant wont even realize his town is under attack untell your buildings are gone, and his town is empty, a fair trade imo.

To much empises is placed on bronze times, while they are important, bronzing in 11 minutes is not as good as bronzing in 12 minutes with the ability to actualy do something when your in bronze. For one thing, during
that 9-11 minutes, if your attacked by tool units, you are dead, you have nothing with which to defend yourself with. You must flee, and odds are you dont even have enough wood to restablish a pit somewhere else. All your opponant has to do is guard your pits and you cant even begin to recover.

Goverment centers allow you to build more town centers. You should never build a pit when you can build a tc(unless your original pit is gone and you want upgrades, or your really desperate for wood) TC’s can build villagers, and have ALOT more hps then pits. 

Laying down the cost for gov center+town centers is expensive in early bronze, but the pay off is huge down the road. Being raided and losing your villagers is alot less painfull as you can rebuild your villagers much quicker with multipile town centers(still costs food) Being able to send 1 villager off to some far distant corner, and then 5 minutes later, having another small town thriving is a huge enonomic boom, paying the cost of itself off quickly. It allows you to more easily survive losing your orginal town, and the villagers there may be usefull in building military buildings to raid an opponant, build towers, rape opponant gold mines. When your spread out, your more easily attacked, but alot harder to kill, guess which one leads to
more wins in the end. Also, when attacked, flee, villagers dont do much but die, and Jihad is overrated, it ruins your villagers ability to gather resources, jihad should only be used when resources are out and you really need them to fight. One exceptoin, attacking siege weapons with villagers is always a cool idea, even if they have archers defending them, other catapults might decide to fire at you, hitting their own units.

And remember, no one is unbeatable, the map, and more importantly, the decisions that are made on too little information play a crucial role in determining the outcome. The simple choice of which way to explore first can be the difference of who wins and who loses, and there was no way to know which way was the right way. The best we can do is to make the decisions most likely to succeed, while remembering that they may not be the right decisions for this specific case. This is what is called playing the odds, and even the best odd’s players lose sometimes.