Stone Age Warfare

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Stone Age Warfare

by Blitz

Rise of Rome is like a lot of sports. Good players and teams are separated from the field because they usually dictate the pace of the game and make the opponent get out of their rhythm. I often see defeated athletes mention that they weren’t able to accomplish the things they wanted to because they were taken out of their game early.

In the NFL, teams that go against strong running teams will try to score early and often to not allow their opponent to ever have an opportunity to play to their strength – the run. Boomers can be related to great NBA offensive teams. If a high powered offense can get into a fast tempo style of game where there are several open shots with little defense on both ends of the court, they will win. Great sports teams find ways to disrupt opponent’s rhythm.

Great Rise of Rome players know that in 1v1 battles, whether wet or dry maps, they must dictate the pace of the game. There are no partners to tribute or send military help. The player with the first offensive that crushes the opponent’s economy will dictate the pace of the game. I have played opponents where I felt it was a major accomplishment to advance to the Tool Age. These are the games that I reflect upon and respect my opponent the most. Think about this…. What Age do you “give” your opponent? Will you let your opponent get to Bronze Age unmolested? Will you let him get to Tool Age without any worries? Why not start as early as possible and never let up?

In 1v1 competition, offensive Stone Age play is crucial to beat experienced players. Most expert players have developed a Stone Age pattern over the course of two to three years. The longer an opponent stays within their game plan, the more comfortable they are in executing their plans that have brought them hundreds if not thousands of wins. Why give this pattern to them?

Here are some very successful tactics that will get experienced players out of their established building pattern(s):

Send Villagers earlier towards opponent. Typically most players will make Villagers 10 & 11 their explorers/forward builders. I have found that sending one of the original three Villagers to explore for dock placement and enemy’s camp can be successful. Other times I send Villager 6 looking for the enemy. Most experts will go to the Achievement screen and check Villager highs and exploration percentages often in Stone Age. If they see a high exploration early they will usually begin thinking defensively.

Place docks by opponent docks. If a good boomer is seeing enemy docks going up close to their own, it causes them to think. Sometimes it will disrupt their continual flow of Villager production, as they are worrying about chasing and killing these enemy Villagers. More often than not, they will send their forward builders to explore and find these, rather than go towards your base initially. These docks too can stop a boomer’s economy early as he prepares for an assault immediately at these docks.

Find enemy’s woodies and have a Barracks up near them before you begin to advance to Tool Age. Send Clubbers in groups of 3 to 4 and have forward builders build another Barracks or two. This will cause them to build military buildings in their land, not yours.

Send additional forwards the opposite way of your first forward builders in late Stone. This will provide additional exploration and insurance if your other forwards are killed.

Once in Tool attack on land and sea relentlessly. Axers, Bowmen, Slingers, and Scouts all combined will leave opponent with few options. I usually will get Bowmen in opponent’s base as soon as possible in Tool to compliment Clubbers/Axers..

Back at home ALWAYS wall. In 1v1 games I will try to wall in as big of an area as I can get. Players will usually resign if they send a counter attack group and find a wall. Usually their economy is crippled and they will have no chance of Bronzing if you keep the pressure on. Letting an opponent walk in and hurt your economy after you hurt his sometimes can even out the game, maybe even tilting it in their favour.

Treat the Tool Age in 1v1’s how you treat the Bronze Age in team games. Boom Villagers and have plenty of food and wood gatherers. Keep massing a big Tool army and don’t let the opponent get an economy going again. Have Scouts combing the map looking for stray Villagers or new camps.

Bronze once your economy is mature so you can have the resources for Stone Throwers, Composite Bowmen/Chariot Archers, and Cavalry/Camels immediately to end the game if necessary.

These tactics will prevent any common boom strategies or Bronze rush strategies from working. Finding the opponents camp early will guarantee that their resources will be spent in their town, not yours. Check Achievements often to see what opponent’s Villager count and exploration percentage is to help you better understand your opponent..

Make your opponent “earn” the Tool Age.