How to maximize the power of an alliance

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Leo Brum

Preliminary: Attitude. 

You and your partners must ALL assume the co-operative stand. You must be eager to donate to the partners and sacrifice if need be… 

To start with, choose a player with whom you communicate well… (obvious….). Also Players in Alliance, like in co-op, have ROLES. If you are not willing, for example, to forego building up yourself, in order to help the partner get much stronger, then you are in the wrong place at the wrong time – you should be in the Zone kicking lonely newbies’ arses… not playing with the Pros. 


You maximize the effects of your strategy (and should re-design it accordingly) by distributing task between the Allies. This should be obvious, but people miss it somehow. 

You absolutelly need to set up your Strat BEFORE the game. Here are a few standard ones to help you get quickly into the mood: 

A) Water Map 

In a water map, it helps that one (Player “L” – for Land…) is Yamato or Hittite and the other (Player “W”, for Water) is definitelly Minoan or Yamato, or Persian. Now, Player L contributes all his excess wood to player W (remember: Boats=Wood) and Player W contributes some Food, most of the Gold to Player L. If Player L is Hittite, make sure he gets also some wood in tribute, for those cats… 

B) Land Map 

There are more choices here. Here are the best, IMHO: 

B1) Assyrian Rush, followed by Bronze bashing 

Player “T” (for “Tool Age Rusher”) is Assyrian. Player “B” (for “Bronze Age Basher”) is Yamato or Shang. During the Tool Age, Player T tries to harass at least one of the other players so much that this slows him oh so much. Player B is contributing Wood and a little food to him… After the rush(es), Player B has to go to Bronze ASAP, so player T contributes all his food and gold to player B. Player B should then conduct a Cavalry attack against the player in better shape first – this is vital, he must not be allowed to get to Iron that fast… Since we are rushing, the iron age is going to be delayed a little bit (despite player T contributing…). 

B2) The Iron Age Hittite Catapult festival 

One player, Player “S” is the Shang Supplier. The other is the Hittite Demolisher (Player H). player S uses the superior walls in the beginning of the game to fortify the perimeter and Player H concentrates in progressing to Iron. After fortifying the perimeter
and having a few archers around (to make sure about possible “Peon infiltration”) Player “S” concentrates in going quickly to where he can maximize resources – all of them – and starts contributing all the excess to Player H. When Player H reaches Iron, first priority is getting those Heavy cats rolling in groups of some five. build 15 (5=1st. wave, 5=2nd. wave and 5=Home defense and final mop up. player S contributes with a few Priests, a few Chariot Archers (cavalry also, but only IF possisble). let the Demolition work start… Go for the stronger adversary first (while you yourself are stronger). 

Well, there are a few more. you figure them out, they all go much around these lines… 


This vital aspect is often disregarded. 

a) Turn your Chat to ALLIES ONLY. Failure to do so is a bonus for the opponent’s intelligence! 

b) Get the Writing upgrade at the Command center ASAP. Without this, you never really know the situation. 

c) If you play with the same people frequently, establish abbreviations for easier and faster chats. USE THE TAUNTS ONLY FOR URGENT MESSAGES. Audible alarms work better than typing (and are faster). Hint: Get (all of you) a special set of maybe 10 taunts, no more, with your standard messages and when you type them, no one else will know what it is. 

d) Make only requests to your patners that are relevant for the VICTORY. No need to waste resources on you, when you are ailing under attack – if you find yourself in that position, CONTRIBUTE all your resources to the partner that is best placed – BEFORE you die… This will enhance the chances of an ALLIED victory… (remember the keyword: “Allied”. If you fall and die (NEVER QUIT!!!!! Delay them to buy time for your partners to build up…), well, you may STILL win – if your partners win, YOU WIN. resign the game ONLY when you have ONLY ONE of anything (this way you can see how they did it an exchange opinions with your partners later…) 

e) Finally, if you are lost and don’t know what to do, ASK YOUR PARTNERS. They may have overlooked you. This will bring the team back to work. 


You guessed it: Use the alliance combined resources to PROGRESS FASTER WHERE IT MATTERS!… Not ALL the Players, but THE PLAYERS THAT MATTER MOST IN EACH OCCASION. 

Here is a clear Example: 

Water map, one Minoan, one Yamato. In the beginning of the Game, ALL resources should go to the Minoan to build up a sizable sea force!… The yamato has good boats, ok, but now the important factor is SIZE – the more ships the better. That’s why you have chosen Minoan, right?… So, the Minoan player should NOT be caring about gold or anything else now. He should be concentrating in: WOOD, food, housing, going to Bronze. Later, when he has a foothold in the seas and dominates the (still not there) opponents, his priority is to go Iron, to get nice triremes… The Yamato is cooperating, by (after a while) putting everybody in Food & Gold, while the Minoan, not having to spend resources in a land army, can concentrate on Food, WOOD and gold (for Iron & the boats). After the Minoan reaches Iron, he gets those triremes. NOW he switches to giving gold & food to the Yamato. The Yamato give him back some wood (for more ships). The Yamato now concentrates in land forces, to finish the business. The other guy’s shores being devastated by the Minoan and many resources (those close to sea) being left unexplored by the opponents, they should be easy prey, now… 

And this concludes it for today… 

I hope I don’t have many typos in this text. A spell checker being available here would definitelly be an asset…