Guidelines for Mediterranean Maps

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Guidelines for Mediterranean Maps

by Blitz

Have granary up and 5 Villagers picking berries by 1:00

Have Villagers #6-9 chop 75W stragglers

Have Villagers #10 & #11 BE and then go to water to build docks

Have all Villagers born from this point go to woodpile.

Have first dock up by 5:00.

Have second dock up by 6:30 a screen apart from 1st dock.

Have third dock up by 8:00 a screen apart from 2nd dock.

Stop Villager production between 8:30–9:00 to give approximately 24-28 vills.

Have berry pickers build second pit at forest when berries are gone by 8:00.

Stop building fishing boats when beginning to research Tool Age for a pop of 38-50.

Build 4th dock if woodpile is in excess of 700 wood by 50% advanced to Tool Age.

Have forward builders start Barracks by 80% advanced to Tool Age.

Upon Tool Age build 2 Scout Ships in each dock, and make 3 Villagers.

Have forwards build a Stable, and queue a Scout to be made.

Have Villagers that are born make a Market then go to woodpile.

Research Bronze Age, research Woodcutting upgrade, and make a second Scout Make Scout Ships with remaining wood and gather fleet.

Have 6-8 Scout Ships attack closest opponent dock if sea battle hasn’t started yet.

Don’t stop making Scout Ships/War Galleys until sea is won.