DM Strat – Generic

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DM Strat – Generic

by Centy

1. The first Villager should mass build houses (I mean > 50.)

2. Villagers 2 should build more TCs.

3. Villager 3 should mass forward build the building that produces your strongest unit.

4. Mass build Villagers (more than 50) and occupy every gold source.

5. Quickly plop down a granary and goverment center and research all the Towers you can get.

6. Research the key technology that is required for your ultimate upgrade.

7. After building a mass of stables/academies etc. cover them with Towers.

8. Keep 20 Villagers continously build stuff and the rest on mainly gold and food.

9. By 9 mins, you should have a pop of more than 100.

10. Send your units in for victory!