Carthaginian Civ Guide

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Carthaginian Civ Guide

by Derek Martin

The Carthaginian civilization is the most overlooked tribes in Age of Empires. Most of the time when I play on the Microsoft internet gaming zone, people choose one of the other expansion civilizations,such as Rome or Macedon.Though most people know that Carthage is a good civilization, only a handfull play as Carthage.Maybe my article can change your mind about this powerful contender.

Civilization Attributes

Carthaginian Academy units get +25% hit points.That means their Hoplites and Phalanx get 150 hit points instead of 120, and their Centurians have 200 hit points instead of 160. This makes up for the lack of chain mail and metallurgy that is one of Carthage’s main disadvantages. Cathaginian Cents can best Greek and Macedonian Cents in Combat.This makes Carthage arguablly the best academy civilization.
Like the academy units, Carthage’s Elephants also get +25% hit points. Affecting War Elephants as well as Elephant archers, this bonus is also one of the game’s best.Since elephants are unaffected by the attack upgrades,this more than makes up for the lack of Chain mail Cavalry.Only Phoencian and Persian elephants rival those of Carthage, and neither can beat a Carthaginian elephant of any type one on one.Carthage may also be AoE’s best Elephant tribe.
Carthage is unique in the fact it has two Naval bonuses, Fire Galley has +25% attack and Carthage’s transports are 30% faster. The Carthaginian Fire Galley is undoubtly the best in the game,since no other civilization has a Fire Galley bonus.Their transports are VERY fast, and this is good for when you have to ship your army quickly across a sea to attack an enemy island.These attributes make Carthage a leading naval power.

The Carthaginian Army

STABLE-Carthage has a good stable,though it is missing some key units.The worst thing about Carthage’s stable is that they have no Chariots.They also lack the Cataphract because they don’t have Metallurgy.But with the Siege and archer killer in the Heavy Cavalry,the powerful Armored elephant, and an average Camel rider, the Carthagian stable has plenty of power. 
ARCHERY-Carthage’s best archer is the Ele archer, mostly because of the bonus.They also have regular Horse archer,which is’nt really a bad unit.But in Bronze, Carthage only has the Improved bowman, and this is a major weakness.Your best bet is to go with Ele archers.
BARRACKS-Carthage’s barracks is only average. If you want to use barracks units,the best thing to do is to rush with Broadswordman in Bronze.In Iron, you can upgrade your remaining Broadswords to Longswordsman, and use them for base defence or mix them with Centurians for a good attack option.
ACADEMY-Carthage’s Academy is excellent.With the hit point bonus, Carthaginian Cents can whoop almost any enemy. Build them in HUGE numbers, send them into enemy bases, and just watch the carnage.Only bigger amounts of well upgraded Cents or Huge mobs of Horse or Chariot archers using the run and shoot tactic can stop these bad boys.
SIEGE WORKSHOP-Carthage’s siege weapons are pretty good. Though they have no Catapults, Heliopolis is their secret weapon.Only towers and Catapults can stop a moving wall of Helios.Think the Carthaginian Siege workshop is weak? Think again!
NAVAL POWER-Carthage is a prime contender for the high seas, due to their naval bonuses.Fight the “Juggernaut” navies “Greece,Minoa,Phoencia,and Yamato” with the lethal Trimene-Fire Galley combination.Carthagehas all the transport,fishing,and merchant ships to boost their economy.Carthage’s navy is best used on large or small Island maps.


Lots of practice and gameplay with Carthage is the key to winning.Don’t expect to win in your first multiplayer game. It takes a lot of losses to start winning. If you already good at the game and just want to try out Carthage, you are sure to like them. If you used to play with Persia,Phoencia, or Greece, you will find Carthage a big improvement over some of the problems with these civilizations.I used to play a lot of Phoencian, but when I got the Expansion pack and started playing Carthaginian, I was hooked. I hope the same will happen to you.Carthage is a great civilization that you will like a lot. Good luck on your mission, General of Carthage!