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Bronze Boom Guide

by SeH_Mystical

Hello everyone!

This is SeH_Mystical I am going to write a guide on how to boom to the bronze age in today’s
RM game mode on Age of Empires Rise of Rome. Please understand that this is a rough guide. I will be writing this guide for an Assyrian civilization playstyle. Understand every civilization
is different and this guide assumes that you start off with a decent map. The map can dictate how you must play your game! Ex. whether u rush, boom or so on. I will explain this right below here.

Stone Age

Ok, so first thing is first right when it starts and I usually begin mass spamming the “H” key on my keyboard when the host starts the game. What you want to do is hit the “H” key for your TC. Next hit “C” four times to queue up four villagers.
The very next thing to do is to take two of your three vils and make a house. “B” for build “E” for the house. With your third villager take him to explore. This is where it gets tricky, if you are on a continental map head for the borders. The goal is to find water and water with three or more shore fish in a fairly close proximity. If you do find this, make a storage pit and put your first 5 villagers on those fish 2 on one fish 2 on another and the last on the other one.
make your storage pit as close as possible to all three. If you can not find adequate shore fish then immediately go for berries. If you’re Shang you need only 5 vils on the berries otherwise i recommend 6 unless your positioning of your granary is perfect to where all 5 vils do not have to walk to drop off food. Also keep in mind that if there is neither good berries or shore fish but if you have 4 ele nearby you can do a ele start. That is highly recommended for Persians do to, because of their bonus to hunting. (Do not exceed 1 minute of exploring before settling for a food source!)

Next your 6th villager will spawn, use him to make another house. Your 7th villager from your original 200 food you begin with should spawn before he finishes constructing the house, put villager number 7 on a nearby straggler tree.
When the 6th villager finishes the house, select him and make him explore your area, generally you’re looking for food and good wood. Anything with wood close to shore with 2+ shore fish is good to pit by. Remember, shore fish is the fastest form of food income!

Now that your 7th villager is on wood the next objective is a steady wood income! So to accomplish this take your next 5 villagers put them on wood. In the case you have no good wood source at this point, that is a strong indicator that you should rush your opponent in the tool age. (I will write a guide for proper rushing this will be explained further in that guide.)
It is a good idea to have 6 villagers on wood. So it would work like this first 5 food. Villager number 6 should explore after building the house unless you have to do a start on berries and not shore fish, you can still do it but it is all up to the player. (I prefer not to and to explore a bit later with a random vil) then put villagers number 7-12 on wood, preferably straggler trees. Do your best to keep them 2 per straggler tree and get the ones closest to your town center.

Now that you have a steady wood income, next is more food! When booming never make a dock before you build your storage pit! Never! (Also make sure you don’t get housed! always make your house with your villager that marks 2 from pop limit! Ie. 10/12 or 14/16.)

Ok, so now since you plan to boom you need many, many villagers before you even hit tool age. once you have made a storage pit (make your storage pit on top of the wood, no space for walking! Also if you can find wood near some shore with around 2 nearby shore fish build there and put other vils on those fish when they exhaust other resources.) work on making a dock. Once your dock is up make fishing boats as you get spare wood to do so. (Your dock should be placed near 2 fish close by)

As your other villagers come out the goal is food income now, find berries and place a granary near them or if you can its better to find a elephant.
If you can get elephants drag them to your town center if possible or at least to a nearby storage pit. keep in mind if u find good shore fishing make a storage pit and do that instead! Occasionally you might want to take a few villagers that are newly trained or have finished gathering their current food source and put them on wood for fishing boats instead!

When you hit around 24 villagers (Actually villagers! Fishing boats add to your villager count, but for this case exclude them!) it is time to begin saving food for researching tool age!
when you have stopped your villager production switch a lot of your villagers over to wood as the finish gathering food they are on! (If you have a group on elephants keep them hunting elephants that are close by then switch them.) Do not stop making fishing boats from this point as well they will replace your villagers when you switch over! It is a good idea to make several more docks if possible I’d say at least one dock 2 if possible! (Keep in mind place them near fish!)

Advancing to Tool Age

As you advance to tool age make your barracks! and keep periodically making fishing boats, the more food the better. You will want to have about 800-700 food and at least 300 wood if you can manage it when you hit tool age. You want this do to being able to almost immediately be able to hit for bronze age. when u hit tool age you want to take two vils and make a market and another two to make a archery Range. (Try to build it forward or inside enemy territory if possible.)

Tool Age

When you hit tool age the second you do make your market and depending on your civ (in this case Assyrian) make your archery range. Try to send a vil forward at this point to to make them close to your opponent. Also research stone walls. Wall yourself in! You will want to wall areas such as your main woodcutting camp to avoid being rushed!
(You can also do this as your in stone age, just place your houses to block off passages. Then wall behind them when u get stone walls.)

Work on scout ships as well! (Don’t let your fishing boats die! that’s your food now!)

Advancing to Bronze Age

During this period there are several crucial things to do. The first is get archer armor and the first woodcutting upgrade at the market for increased wood income and unit range.

Second make several more Archery ranges to produce units from once you hit Bronze, around 5 is good to have. (Forward build them if possible). Third make sure you have many wood choppers and fishing boats. You will need a high income for your chariots.

Bronze Age

Well you are here! now just get wheel the second you can and upgrade your Fishing Boats and Scout Ships to Fishing Ships and War Galleys work on the second woodcutting upgrade at the market as well. Now that you have hit the bronze age and hit to get the Wheel, what you want to do is massively expand your eco. To do this constantly make vils and put to wood and food and very quickly gold. You want a high income of food and wood so you can make vils constantly and most importantly chariots. You should aim highly to make a government center and start spamming near forest and gold and other needed resources some TC’s. If needed build more archery ranges 5-8 is a good number to have but keep them all up and running constantly. As soon as you can take chariots and begin hunting enemy vils. Kill all you can, but especially search for your opponent’s woodcutters. Wood is more precious than gold or any other resource at this stage, controlling the wood means controlling the game.
Your goal should be t make a good 30-50 CA, or more if needed be depending on the game. With that amount just run around killing any vils and other necessary things in sight.

That is the end of this guide! If you have questions feel free to ask me anytime!

You can find me on Voobly as SeH_Anonymous.

Tip: Before you advance to iron age have at least a 80 villager Economy! No less!