A Counter to the Shang Axeman Rush

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A Counter to the Shang Axeman Rush

by Centy

In pre-RoR days when random maps were all the rage, this was one of the most devastating strategies there were. The basic strategy was too attack when the opponent was still in stone or just starting in tool with Axeman. The Axeman would destroy his economy and eventually lead to victory. This seemed to be invincible but why did it falter and fade away? After AoK came out many of the greats switched leaving a small group of die hard random map players but with the rated rooms dead, people experimented. Death matches became popular and counters to many of the great strategies were found. Here is one.

If your opponent is using Shang, expect an Axeman rush so I suggest use either Assyria or Babylon. Now if a full-on attack comes towards you when you’re in stone or when you have just tooled, your dead. However, if it’s only a small attacked and you have a healthy economy, you can fight back. The latest patch has made this strategy less effective by cutting Shang’s food bonus so this should happen in most games.

If you have a break in the attack, build walls. Towers are also good but more expensive. Babylon’s bonus makes them a good choice. Another good idea is to use archers. Assyrian archers fire a lot quicker and can demolish a handful of Axeman. Always keep Villagers safe. Hopefully, the Shang player would have not hit Bronze. If there is a break in the attack, wall and hit bronze. Then if you are Assyria, build chariot archers. They cost no gold and should destroy Axeman. Broad swordsmen are also useful. If you are Babylon, use the stone bonus on walls and take advantage of the full bronze tech tree. After that, you should be entering a classic bronze game. Remember Shang have all units in bronze so be prepared! Try to keep up your economy and hopefully you should win.