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    Most buildings are cheaper: Towers cost 75 stone, other buildings are 15% cheaper except Wonders and walls. This is a great bonus for nomad starts because you can also build a house at the start – so you don’t get into housing problems easily. In default starts it’s a great bonus too because you can build your first pit sooner. 
    All important Market technologies are available. Rome is fast, especially in nomad starts.


    Most Temple technologies are available. Rome can counter enemy Priests with Chariots.


    Swordsmen attack 33% faster, this makes for the best swordsmen in the game; the problem is that infantry isn’t popular. A further disadvantage is that Rome gets the second worst archery in the game but it has good Slingers – they get most technologies. Rome’s towers are cheap, so you can try a tower rush with them. Rome gets good Academy units. 
    The Stable units are reasonable but there are no Iron Age upgrades of the Cavalry and no Elephants. 
    All Siege weapons with all relevant technologies are available. All walls are available but no Guard Towers; the towers get full range. 
    The navy is nothing special.

    Best in Age(s):

    All ages.

    RM Ranking:


    Single Player:

    A good civ for nomad starts. If you’re used to using archers, you’ll have to reconsider your strategy here. CP played Roman is rather fast and can be pretty aggressive. As allies they aren’t really to be trusted. An interesting strat for the human player is to build only Villagers and towers – Roman towers don’t last as long as Babylonian ones but if you build them in pairs they have double fire power, which is almost better. Also if you don’t train an army, you don’t have to improve armour and the like so you save on resources.

    Multi Player:

    A quick civ due to the reduced building cost, Rome is strong throughout the game. For those good enough to do a Tool Rush, Rome are the quickest civ of all. Good siege and fast legions in Iron make up for lack of archery.

    DM Ranking:

    Score: 70%


    Ranking: 5th

    Description: Rome is a two faced civ. It is like Choson and like Greece. It can pull off a successful Legion rush with what is literally a +33% attack bonus and a siege rush like Greece. What is best is to have something in between, a legion rush back up by siege in the mid game stages. You also have the scythe for late game stages which is a nice bonus.

    Multiplayer: Build Barracks like mad, like Choson but you don’t have to be as efficient. As long as you rush by 5 mins is good enough. Make sure siege goes with the legions if you don’t rush early. Otherwise, play like Choson – 50+ legion in 4 mins backed by siege later.

    Best when: You can micro-manage well and pull off a legion/cat rush in 5 mins.

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