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    Phoenicia gets a +3 wood carrying and +5 % woodcutting rate (pre-patch: 30 %) bonus. Though this seems to be a really good bonus – you don’t need stone (Babylonia) and gold (Egypt) in the Stone Age but you always need wood – the problem is that the carrying bonus doesn’t give much of an advantage considering that most trees yield 40 wood – so the Villagers still have to walk a lot. With 75 wood stragglers and the forests with many 75 wood trees in ROR the bonus helps a lot though. 
    Before the patch Phoenicia was really fast, with the patch it’s not spectacular. All important Market technologies are available. 
    No Architecture – no faster building, no extra hit points for buildings. That’s a disadvantage for a Wonder strategy.


    All Temple technologies are available. Phoenie can counter enemy Priests with Chariots and CAs.


    Phoenicia gets cheap Elephant Archers and War Elephants (they cost 25 % less) and the Cat Trireme and Juggernaught get a +65% fire rate bonus. The wood bonus gives Phoenie more ships and units requiring wood, mostly archery of course. 
    All Barracks units are available but with poor Iron Age Pit technologies. The Academy units are reasonable, but weakened in Iron for the same reason. 
    The archery is good – it gets all technologies except good armour. There are no Horse Archers. 
    Phoenicia gets reasonable Stable units, but they’re weakened in Iron by lack of Pit technologies. 
    Poor Siege weapons – only STs are available but with all technologies. 
    Phoenicia gets all walls and towers at full range and all technologies – but no Architecture to speed up building them. 
    Excellent navy, the wood bonus gives them many ships (at full range). Great Catapult Trireme and Juggernaught.

    Best in Age(s):


    RM Ranking:


    Single Player:

    A really strong civ for the human player; the CP is generally quite amazingly slow. However, once they’re in Bronze they can be nasty enemies, attacking with a combo of CAs, compies and hordes of Priests. The only mistake you can make with them is being over-confident.

    Multi Player:

    Not everyone’s first choice, but better than Greece or Persia.

    DM Ranking:

    Score: 55%


    Ranking: 12th (joint)

    Description: Terribly overrated land DM civ. Probably the only civ that has this title. Their ele bonus really doesn’t help because the key to an ele rush is to attack early when resources aren’t the problem. If you still depend on eles when resources are getting low, then cats will be out killing them. Can’t see much else to help poor Phoenicia. Like Macedon, once the ele rush is finished, you are virtually dead.

    Multiplayer: Must rush quickly with eles but unlike Persia, you don’t have a little bonus to make sure that it will or an insurance policy like Hittite or Carthage. You have to be near victory after the first rush, meaning you can’t hit other eles or attack late and meet cats.

    Best when: You are playing a siege dependant civ.

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