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    Units with no range get +2 line of sight. This helps finding resources at the start and it turns Villagers into better explorers. The poor Market technologies (especially the absence of the Wheel and Craftsmanship) slow down Macedonia from Bronze onwards. Macedonia is slow and gold dependent.


    Macedonia doesn’t get a Temple. To balance that, all units are four times more resistant to conversion but they don’t get the attack bonus vs Priests that the chariotry gets – according to some this is a lame bonus (if you don’t use Priests), and sometimes it doesn’t seem to be very effective. I’ve seen their Horse Archers converted by Minoan Priests and that really sucks. Converting Macedonian buildings isn’t worth trying though; it takes forever. If you find yourself under attack by Priests and they manage to convert more of your units than you like, you can try countering them with compies.


    The best units of Macedonia are the cheap siege weapons and the Academy units with their 2 piercing armour. They’re the best in the game – after all they also get all Pit technologies. Add the extra line of sight (this means you don’t find your expensive units idling almost on top of enemy units so often as with other civilisations) and you have an almost invincible Bronze Age army. In the Iron Age things are different because the siege weapons can’t be upgraded and their range can’t be increased either. 
    Macedonia gets a good infantry with all Pit technologies but no Iron Age upgrades. The archery has limited range in Iron but it gets all other technologies. 
    All Cavalry upgrades are available but without Nobility. Macedonia gets all towers with limited range and Alchemy. It doesn’t get the Fortification. 
    Macedonia has a reasonable navy, but nothing special.

    Best in Age(s):


    RM Ranking:


    Single Player:

    Because their best units (the Hopper/St combo) are slow, winning with this civ on huge and gigantic maps is pretty awfully difficult if you don’t forward build. I’ve seen CP played Phoenie Priests doing some real harm to Mace; Egyptian Priests can be very effective against them too. The CP Macadonia is often slow to build up, as ally they’re often passive (the combo Egypt – Mace isn’t worth trying – at least I got some really bad experiences with that one, like having to trib the ally right from the Stone Age right into Iron as they were to lazy to do it by themselves).

    Multi Player:

    A Macedonian Bronze attack is lethal if you get it right. Hoplites can be put on the field straight away and are very hard without upgrades – along with cheap siege they are not something you want to see approaching your base. Let the enemy get to Iron, though, and you will be relying on AEs, Centurions and Horse Archers in the absence of any decent siege.

    DM Ranking:

    Score: 51% 

    Ranking: 13th

    Description: Macedon is one of those civs that only has one of the two main units most commonly used in DM. However, unless that unit has an overwhelming bonus or another unit with an overwhelming rush bonus it turns out to be just average. That unit is the AE and unfortunately for Macedon, it doesn’t have much after the first AE rush or anything to make the first AE more likely to succeed. HHA might work but it sure does sap your gold. 

    Multiplayer: Play the civ if you want to be different or to practice an AE rush. You need to make sure that your AE rush is first and you get towers and HHA quickly to back it up. Hopefully, you don’t end up facing an army of cats when your first rush is over.

    Best when: You are playing a siege dependant civ.

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