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    Lac Viet

    Lac Viet

    The Lac Viet are the first new civilization for (Return of Rome) Age of Empires in 25 years. Not so surprising perhaps, they were added to court the large playerbase of AoE fans in Vietnam, where the original AoERoR to this day is extremely popular. They are an archer civilization based on the ancient Vietnamese peoples, with an emphasis on faster gathering of berries/fruit and rushes.


    • Foragers work 20% faster
    • Military units created 25% faster
    • Archery Range units +2 armor

    Team Bonus:

    • Houses and Farms build 50% faster


    Lac Viet have all Market technologies but no Siegecraft. It’s fairly strong in this regard.


    A lot of Temple technologies the Lac Viet are missing out on. Astrology is there along with Zealotry, Theocracy and Medicine however.


    Archery Range units have extra + 2 armor, which helps them survive longer in battle. Military units are created 25% faster right from the start, which is great for rushing.

    Best in Age(s):

    Tool and Bronze.

    RM Ranking:


    Single Player:

    Fast in aging up due to their faster foraging. Their greatest weakness is perhaps the lack of Urbanization which means if you are able to make it to the Iron Age numbers might overwhelm Lac Viet.

    Multi Player:

    Their strength lies in hit and run rush tactics, mostly in Tool, but pack a punch in Bronze too, specifically with units from the Barracks and Archery Range.

    DM Ranking:

    Impressive with Chariot and Horse Archers.

    Score: 77%
    Ranking: 5th (joint)

    Early Rushing, and their team bonus of quicker building Farms and Houses allows them to boom quickly too.

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