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The Hittites get all Market technologies but no economic bonuses. They also don’t get Fishing Ships. They’re a slow civilisation.


Poor Temple – Priests are mostly good for healing (Astrology also increases the healing rate). The CAs and Chariots are good counters for enemy Priests.


The best units of the Hittites are the archers with their +1 attack bonus and the Siege weapons with doubled hit points (the best in the game). The impie and compie are missing but that is no problem here. With all other Bronze Age units available you can make one of the best armies there are. Their Iron Age is so good that some players say that the Hittites have been overdone. 
The Hittites get a reasonable infantry with all Pit technologies but no Iron Age upgrades. The Slingers are mising here. In the Tool Age that can be a problem, beyond that it doesn’t matter much. The Academy units are good. 
Archery Range units have +1 attack. It’s not as good as the Assyrian bonus but still good – and the Iron Age upgrades (all technologies are available) make them the strongest there are. 
Cavalry, Chariots and Camels are okay and get Nobility. The normal Iron Age upgrades are missing but the Hittites don’t need those anyway. The Hittites have the Scythe Chariot though. 
All walls and all towers with full range and Alchemy. 
War ships +4 range (except Fire Galley). Very good navy in Tool and Bronze, opinions differ about Iron. The extra range only helps if you attack – and if you can keep out of range of enemy units.

Best in Age(s):

Bronze and Iron.

RM Ranking:


Single Player:

A really strong civ, it only gives you problems if you mistakenly believe that it’s weak (as I did after playing the trial campaign – for some reason I supposed that because I always found myself walling, they were apparently a weak lot). The CP is extremely slow building up. As allies they’re weak for that reason: it’s very likely that they’ll go extinct before they can be of use to you.

Multi Player:

According to most players this is the strongest civ in town. Almost too powerful as there are very few areas where they are weak.

DM Ranking:

According to most players the strongest civ in town.

Score: 80%
Ranking: 2nd

Description: The most popular civ and one of the best. It seems unfair when you look through their tech tree: cats with double HP and all upgrades, AEs with chain mail, scythes with chain mail and to top it all off, they get cents and HHAs with a bonus too.

Multiplayer: You’re almost spoilt for choice about what to do. However the most popular strategy is too attack early with eles and then bring towers and cats into the game.

Best when: You are familiar with DM.