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    Villagers get + 20 % gold mining – that means they gather gold faster and can carry more. Egypt has most Market technologies (and it doesn’t really need what it can’t get). It’s slow.


    Priests have +3 range and all Temple technologies are available. On top of that Egypt has Chariots and CAs with extra hit points to counter enemy Priests.


    The best military units of Egypt are their Chariots and CAs with +33 % hitpoints and Nobility who get all upgrades (and their Priests with all technologies). They should balance the poor infantry (nothing beyond the Short Swordsman) and siege weapons (only STs). 
    The infantry is pretty awful – only Short Swordsmen and without piercing armour. But then Egypt can do without infantry from Bronze onwards – so who cares? There are good Slingers with most Iron Age upgrades, but no Siegecraft and no extra shielding. The Academy is bad too – again: Egypt doesn’t need infantry so who cares? 
    The archery is good with full range and all technologies including Chain Mail – Egypt only doesn’t get the Horse Archer – well, it can convert them, no problem. 
    Egypt doesn’t get any Cavalry but it can convert those too. Poor siege weapons – there are only Stone Throwers here with extra range in Iron.
    Egypt has all walls and all Towers, full range and Alchemy. The navy is nothing special but they do get everything.

    Best in Age(s):

    Bronze and Iron.

    RM Ranking:

    Not a bad civ.

    Single Player:

    A reasonable civ for humans, reasonably stable when done by the CP. Rather good as allies. It is generally wrong to rely on their Priests only. In a nomad start you can try to use only Priests and build an army by converting enemy units.

    Multi Player:

    As CAs are so popular in RMs Egypt can hold its own comfortable here, they effectively get a nobility bonus without having to research it. In iron they can be strong but unless you are very good with them you will lose to civs with better siege.

    DM Ranking:

    Egypt are thought to be the best civ for a 3v3 DM. The reason is they aren’t gold dependent and they can carry on pumping those scythes. Without AE or any siege, however, they are crippled by helepoli.

    Score: 61%
    Ranking: 9th

    Description: A relatively good DM civ but has one great Achilles heel. They’re the one of the few civs who can rush with scythes successfully and who are not gold dependant even though they have the gold mining bonus. However, heles and towers massacre their scythes.

    Multiplayer: If you face a tower and hele combo (like Carthage) you will be dead within 10 mins. The only advice I can give is rush in waves of scythes and use STs and priests to deal with pesky heles and towers. You can also try eles but with the AE upgrade you really have to rush those to have any effect.

    Best when: You are up against a civ with heles or ballista towers.

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