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All Market technologies are available. There are no economic bonuses (unless you call the cheap Priests an economic bonus). Choson is slow and gold dependent.


All Temple technologies are available and Priests are 30 % cheaper. For Priest haters this is a lame bonus. Choson gets no good counters for enemy Priests (except of course researching Monotheism). In such cases Bowmen or impies may be your best choice. If you have plenty of Priests yourself you can also try it with Cavalry (then you can convert back any units captured by the enemy).


Choson’s best units are the Long Swondsmen and Legions with +80 hit points and their towers with +2 range (and all technologies except Alchemy). The drawback is that the Iron Age Pit technologies are no good. The lack of good archery before the Iron Age weakens Choson considerably. 
The Academy is poor but Choson doesn’t need hoppers. The Slingers don’t get Alchemy and have limited shielding. 
All Cavalry upgrades are available but the only fast unit with good line of sight before Iron Age is the Scout. 
Choson gets good siege weapons but with limited range. 
All walls are available. 
Choson’s navy is nothing special.

Best in Age(s):

Iron. The problem for Choson is to get there.

RM Ranking:

One of the weakest civs because of their poor archery before the Iron Age.

Single Player:

Difficult for both human and CP. If you let the CP make it to Bronze (they are very reluctant to get there), their Priest rushes can be very hard to counter. Funny thing is they wait very long with getting those terrible Long Swordsmen. If you decide to build towers make sure you build a real lot of them or they won’t help you but collecting stone and building them will slow you down.

Multi Player:

DM Ranking:

Excellent, especially in ROR (due to Logistics they can make very many Legions).

Score: 82%
Ranking: 1st (potentially)

Description: The best DM civ around if being played by the right person. A Choson player must ALWAYS strike first. Attack second and it nearly always means defeat. Their legions with the more HP than a normal cat can mow down anything if there is enough of them. Plus their towers can outrange heles and cats without engineering so you can tower places you can’t defend.

Multiplayer: Practice first. When you can rush 50+ legion before 4 mins then you are virtually unstoppable. Use your cheap priests to martyr the cats and you heles to deal with eles. Finally tower any places where you have no men.

Best when: You can rush 50+ legions before 4 mins.