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    Carthage gets the most important Market technologies but no economic bonuses. It’s a slow and gold dependent civilisation.


    Most Temple technologies are available but Astrology is missing. Carthage doesn’t get good counters for enemy Priests. You can try with archery and cheap infantry though.


    The strongest units are the (slow) Academy units and Elephants with 25 % more hitpoints and the super Fire Galleys with 25 % more attack strength. 
    The lack of good archery in the Bronze Age (only impies) weakens Carthage severely in RM, making it one of the weakest civs in RM. face it, Carthage is clearly designed for DM. Archers get full range and all Government technologies but no Chain Mail. 
    The infantry is moderate, in the Iron Age it’s weakened by lack of Chain Mail and Metallurgy and there are no Legions. Carthage has good Slingers with most Iron Age upgrades, but without Siegecraft. 
    As all other units the Stable units suffer from the poor Iron Age armour and attack technologies. 
    Good Siege weapons available with all technologies – but no Catapults. 
    Carthage has a reasonable navy, the war ships get full range. Great Fire Galleys with +25% attack and fast Transports though many regard that as a lame bonus – an advantage is that you can dodge attackers more easily and on huge or gigantic island maps you can bring your army across the seas a bit faster. 
    All towers with full range and Alchemy. The Fortification is missing.

    Best in Age(s):

    Iron Age – the problem for Carthage is to get there.

    RM Ranking:


    Single Player:

    Tough for human players, not easy for the CP either. It’s definitely a bad idea to put your trust in Hoplites here – they’re slow – better train a mixed army.

    Multi Player:

    One of the weakest civs because their bonuses come late in the game – and they don’t get real econonic bonuses to get them there fast. Tend to get rushed before they get their best units. If they do survive though, their Bronze and escpecially their Iron Age units are awesome. Good as a support civ for those who are in a team and let the other player boom.

    DM Ranking:

    If you play this civ right they are invincible. Because most people don’t research Chain Mail in the first place the lack of that tech doesn’t matter – Eles are popular DM units and the extra hit points help a lot here. Also helos are a great way to support them. If you rush at the right time then you can walk over everything. Because they can beat any other ele or any other rushing unit in DM, they are nearly unstoppable. But let your opponent get the HCat…

    Score: 73%
    Ranking: 4th

    Description: One of the most played civs around. Carthage is a very weak RM civ that shows its strength in DM. Although they lack chain mail, their extra HP on eles makes up for that and their heles have all the upgrades. So do their towers.

    Multiplayer: A Carthage player should always be the first to attack unless he is facing Choson or Persia because that is where they are strongest and can cause most damage. When cats start coming out, Carthage have no answer. If you are really being battered, try using priests with martyrdom.

    Best when: You are up against a civ who lack the heavy cat or before the cats come out.

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