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    All Market technologies are available. Besides there’s a stone mining bonus (+ 30 %), this means the Villagers can carry more stone and they gather stone faster. This is nice in combination with their wall and tower bonus, but if you don’t intend to use those a lot it’s a rather lame bonus. Babylonia is one of the slow civilisations.


    Babylonia has all Temple technologies and the Priest rejuvenation is 30% faster (so Priests aren’t idle so long between conversions). This means you have more Priests for the same money. Of course it only helps if you intend to use Priests. Chariots and CAs can counter attacks by enemy Priests.


    Babylonia has all walls and all towers with all relevant technologies with hit points doubled. This is excellent for tower rushing. In ROR it’s also good with the Slingers – normal towers aren’t worth building there. 
    Babylonia gets all Bronze Age units and technologies. An advantage is that you can surprise your enemy. The Iron Age army is not so good because many upgrades are missing here. The infantry is okay, but in the Iron Age it’s weakened by the absence of Chain Mail and Metallurgy. All Swordsman upgrades are available. Slingers get all Iron Age attack upgrades but only Bronze Shield. The Academy only gives hoppers but with Aristocracy. 
    Babylonia has a wide range of archers getting full range and all Iron Age attack upgrades but no Chain Mail. It doesn’t get the Heavy Horse Archer and Elephant Archer. 
    The Bronze Age Stable units are okay and get Nobility but almost all Iron Age upgrades (except the Scythe Chariot) are missing. The absence of Chain Mail and Metallurgy make them weak in the Iron Age. 
    Good siege weapons here – they get all technologies. Babylonia doesn’t get Ballistas however. 
    The navy is very poor in the Iron Age.

    Best in Age(s):

    Tool and Bronze, rather weak in Iron.

    RM Ranking:


    Single Player:

    Tough civ for human players, at least for me. An interesting strategy for SP is to rely on their towers and not build an army at all. Simply boom Villagers and build towers all over the map. The CP can do something really nasty if you give them time to develop. You’d better find a counter for their Scout rush. As ally Babylonia really sucks a lot of the time, they often stay in the Stone Age for the entire game, I sometimes had to trib them to the Tool Age. If they advance at all, they may turn enemy for no reason that I could ever figure out. But they can also be unbelievably good; in one game they made more that 120 conversions (including a great number of buildings) and started building a Wonder before I did (and they even researched Architecture, something the CP seldom does).

    Multi Player:

    An OK civ but not a favourite, the main reason being that all their bonuses are defensive in a situation where you win by attacking fast and hard.

    DM Ranking:

    Babs fare slightly better in DM than RM, their Priests can be very effective in countering units such as Eles since they recover even more quickly than Egypt.

    Score: 67%
    Ranking: 6th (joint)

    Description: A surprisingly underused civ in DM. They are quite a good civ. There towers have double HP making them even more harder to destroy without siege. Their cats get the full complement of upgrades and they have scythes when gold is low. Plus, their priests are a force to be reckoned with.

    Multiplayer: This civ is underused because of the lack of any major civ bonus. They lack eles and they are highly dependent on gold. However, if you use priests to hold out the eles and first siege attack, use a cat and priest rush. Another tactic is to take up every stone mine and tower the map, using mobile cats to stop siege taking out your towers.

    Best when: You have a lot of gold near your base.

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