Water on Hills

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Water on hills

by Phill


Variation 1

Many people have laid claim to this, the first instance I saw was in Thutmose III by Stephen Dumas. This is how his looks;


The light blue areas are the ones of interest, giving the impression of water tumbling down into a pit, or perhaps held out by magic. Here’s how to do it;

Start with a hill, at least elevation 4, and put water on top of it;


Then select a tiny brush and put elevation 1 smack in the middle;


Simple but effective.

Variation 2

This one uses exactly the same method but is at the top of a hill rather than making a pit. Again you need elevation at least 4, and make a large area like so;


Take a tiny brush at elevation 1, click carefully at the bottom of the hill and you get this;


Add a few units and features and this is one possible end result;