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    Scenario Editor Hotkey List

    Scenario Editor Hotkey List

    Return of Rome:
    CTRL + G – Hit Multiple Times to select the free (off grid) placement mode you want.

    Age of Empires and Rise of Rome:
    I decided to write this up at popular request so that everyone could see it. Hope it helps!

    Interface Hotkeys:

    Map Panel

    Control + M ~ Select ‘Map’ Panel

    Terrain Panel

    Control + T ~ Select ‘Terrain’ Panel

    Players Panel

    Control + P ~ Select ‘Players’ Panel

    TAB ~ Jump between player resources and player name in this interface

    1-8 ~ Select Player you wish to view with the appropriate number key

    Units Panel

    Control + U ~ Select ‘Units’ Panel

    1-8 & 0 ~ Select Player Number or Gaia. Used for ‘resetting’ cacti and other such objects

    A-Z ~ Select the units beginning with this letter in the units interface

    ARROW KEYS [Down & Up] ~ Scroll down or up the unit lists

    Diplomacy Panel

    Control + D ~ Select ‘Diplomacy’ Panel

    1-8 ~ Select the player whose diplomacy you wish to view

    Individual Victory Panel

    Control + I ~ Select ‘Individual Victory’ Panel

    1-8 ~ Select the player whose individual victory conditions you wish to view with the appropriate key

    Global Victory Panel

    Control + V ~ Select ‘Global Victory’ Panel

    Options Panel

    Control + O ~ Select ‘Options’ Panel

    1-8 ~ Select the player whose options you wish to view with the appropriate key

    Messages Panel

    Control + W ~ Select ‘Messages’ Panel

    Cinematics Panel

    Control + C ~ Select ‘Cinematics’ Panel

    Extra Hotkeys:

    Control + A ~ Higlight in a white square, all Gaia and Player Units and Cliffs

    Control + B ~ Terrain Grid appears

    F1 ~ Help


    When in the ‘Message’ Panel, the other hotkeys do not apply. Standard Copy & Paste is used instead.

    Alakazam 2007

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