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AI and Per Files

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To the new designer, creating their own AI and Per files are amongst the most daunting tasks. What do all those figures mean and how are they used? Then there is also a third file, the forgotten Ply file which is still mysterious to many people.

Here you will find three comprehensive articles, covering everything you need to know about AI files, Per files and Ply files. For custom made AI and Per files, please visit the Miscellaneous Files section in the Granary.

AI Files Article
This excellent article covers the things you really need to know about creating your AI files. An invaluable reference.

Per Files Article
This article by Phill documents the numbers in the Per files that he has found useful and how they can be implemented, along with a complete range of values for each Per number.

Ply Files Article
This article amazingly dates back to 2000 and was posted first on the forums by the then Cherub Rasher. Even though we’ve known how these files work for some time, Rasher concludes they are of little use in a scenario. An interesting read nonetheless.

AI Editor
This program by Stoyan Ratchev allows you to make your own AI files much quicker by doing all the typing for you. A must for custom made AI files.

Per Editor
This program by Martin Sturm allows you to make your own PER files much quicker by doing all the typing for you. A must for custom made PER files.