Pretty Town Contest 2012

PTC 2012 - Results

Without further ado, here are the results of our first Pretty Town Contest. If you're looking for a feast of eye-candy or inspiration for your town, be sure to download the entries. Congratulations to Crossbowman for taking the crown!

Participant:City Name:Download Entry:Overall Rating:Reviews:
CrossbowmanRomeDownload .SCX4.6Reviews
Dom0601ItlaDownload .SCX3.1Reviews
Durin_PTDurin_PT's townDownload .CPX4.3Reviews
DubstepfiskDarya-Ye NoorDownload .CPX4.4Reviews

Note: Downloads links will change once they are in the Granary. Thank you for participating and creating these fabulous looking cities!

Judging criteria

These are the five categories which the judges used to rate your work. They are the same as AoK Heaven, with the addition of Creativity:

· Terrain (Covers things like terrain mixing, how well the design looks, and the overall representation of the setting selected by the designer)
· Buildings (Covers the placement of buildings on the map and how it improves its overall look and feel)
· Elevation (Covers the effectiveness of elevation and how it improves the map and its overall look and feel)
· Beauty (Covers the overall map design, its structure and how beautiful the map looks)
· Creativity - (Covers the creativeness, how much tought has been given to aspects of the town and originality)

Contest Rules and Participants

Welcome to AoEH's Pretty Town Contest! In this contest, we want you to put your creativity to the test and create the most magnificent and beautiful looking town using the Scenario Editor.


Create a town, village, or city using the AoE/RoR scenario editor. Make it outstandingly pretty, because the most breathtaking creation wins! You'll need to send your entry to PhatFish - phatfish (at) heavengames (dot) com, by the deadline of [b]11:59pm EST, February 29, 2012[/b]. Make sure you read and follow the rules and requirements listed below.


Your scenario file must include a town of some sort. It can be small or large, the decision is up to you.
The judge will need a unit of some sort to view your town. Choose a unit that fits your needs, e.g. a Scout, a Priest or a unit with high LOS (Line of Sight).
You should provide directions in the form of a road, flags or other objects the unit should follow. Be sure to give clear instructions which path(s) to follow.
Judging will be done solely on parts that have been seen with the unit to view your town.
Your entry must be received by 11:59pm EST, February 29, 2012.

The contest rules are:

- One single map, size may not exceed Large.
- Both AoE and RoR can be used.
- No modpacks of any form allowed.
- You can use the Composite Editor or any other tool, as long as it does NOT require a modification to be installed (e.g. Graphics/.Dat mod).
- No large stories or a bitmap, only a short description and instructions.
- You can only enter once.
- If you made a mistake and want to update your file, you can do so ONCE before the final submit date.
- Start date is 1st of December 2011, final submit date (deadline) is 11:59pm EST, February 29, 2012.
- Which means you have 3 months to create the most appealing town/city.


1. Crossbowman - (Entry Received)
2. Dubstepfisk - (Entry Received)
3. Watson
4. Durin_pt - (Entry Received)
5. BSU_Dolhades
6. dom0601 - (Entry Received)


The judges are:

1. PhatFish
2. Suppiluliuma
3. Thompsoncs


- Custom title

Remember that your town will be judged entirely on looks, so make everything the judge will be seeing a feast for the eyes! Best of luck to everyone, and may the prettiest town win. Contest results will be announced shortly after judging is done.