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Staff Reorganization
The Dark Archer 
HG Alumnus 
Location: CHCH, NZ
 posted 09-05-10 11:07 AM ET (US)           

As a lot of you probably have already noticed I’ve been busy reorganizing the staff here at AoEH. As such we have a brand new cherub Suppiluliuma. So everyone please congratulate him on his brand new wings.  He will be helping myself and the rest of the staff in general in making sure this site is running smoothly and that things a getting done. You may also have noticed Rasteve is now being moved from a pure code/content role into a broader role as well.

Finally I have placed both Dr Lorenzo and CenturionZ_1 on indefinite leave until such time as they feel they are able to return to duty. Few people may remember them but they have both been on staff since before I was even a regular so it is an odd site to see them in black even if it is hopefully temporary.

Random Map Tournament Open
The Dark Archer 
HG Alumnus 
Location: CHCH, NZ
 posted 06-27-10 05:18 AM ET (US)           

A new multiplayer Random Map Tournament has recently been announced in forums with a round robin style of play. The registration is now open but sign-ups close on July 22nd at Midnight EST so get in now if you want to join. Good luck to all the competitors and to John Smitherson who is organizing this tourney.

Link to Tournament Thread

AoE 1998 Campaign Contest Update
Nacht Jaeger 
(id: RCM7525) 
Location: Somewhere…
 posted 03-06-10 08:13 PM ET (US)             

The contest we started in November to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Age of Empires Heaven is entering the judging phase. We’ll be wrapping up as soon as we can, so stay tuned!