News Archive 2002


December 04, 2002

There is still plenty of time to enter;


Find out all about it here.


November 17, 2002

Devyn has refined his scenarios, some more submissions to the Granary and new articles on map tricks in Siege. Not a bad week 🙂


November 06, 2002

Almost all the AoE Walkthroughs are up now. Good work from Peter and Pablo. Anyone up for some RoR ones?


November 03, 2002

We have managed to restore some of the walkthroughs for the campaigns that come installed with AoE. Also, MP Scenarios seem to be popular again with the third new submission in a week.


November 02, 2002

Devyn has sent me some CTY files that he made, so for all you budding designers out there take a look at them in Siege.


October 30, 2002

The Agetoons are back! Centy has done a sterling job of resurrecting and revamping this part of AoEH, so now we are proud to present the more light hearted and humourous side of the game and its fans. Check out the link on the navbar or click here.


October 15, 2002

The threads by Rasher on Scenario Design have now been converted into articles, in the Map Design section of Siege. Always worth a read even if you have been creating scenarios for a while or moved on to other games.


October 1, 2002

Another Heaven joins the collection of HG sites. Emperor Heaven is now up for those who are into this city building game, so check it out here or from the Heaven Games link on the navbar. How’s your Feng Shui?


September 18, 2002

People are going review crazy as a lot of that old stuff is getting a second look. Some reviews are up now, so if yours isn’t up in a day or two give me a mail and jog my memory.


September 11, 2002

Like anyone could forget this date 🙂 Anyway, we have another designer biography, for Rich Parker, co-creator of my all time favourite campaign, The Martial Emperor. Check the Designer Biography section in the Town Centre to find out all about him.


September 1, 2002

A new month, and just 29 days after the main site got a new look Zen has revamped the forums too! Take a look at our great new forums through the link at the top of our page.

Centy the Cherub

August 28, 2002

Ok, we have some new campaigns, scenarios and even a couple of utilities going up over the next couple of days. Check the Granary for new stuff and watch this space.


August 20, 2002

Well here’s a little turn up for the books, people. Age of Empires will soon be appearing on a palmtop near you. That’s right, a company called ZIOSoft are releasing AoE for PDAs towards the end of the year. Handhelds on the Zone? Check it out here and see some very nice screenshots here.


August 03, 2002

Welcome to Age of Empires Heaven, the premier AoE site on the ‘net – and the oldest too. It has been 5 years since the site was launched, and in those five years we have seen the release of Age of Empires and its expansion pack The Rise of Rome; Age of Kings (also known as Age of Empires 2) and its expansion pack The Conquerors; and now, Age of Mythology has hit our shelves. The Age series continues.

During that time we’ve launched two sister sites – Age of Kings Heaven and Age of Mythology Heaven. We’re now shifting our focus to making AoM Heaven the best AoM site around, just as AoE Heaven was, and still is, the best AoE site anywhere.

Although the news on this page is no longer updated on a daily basis, there still will be very occasional news updates, and all the resources, articles, etc. here since 1997 are here for your viewing pleasure. 

As anyone who has visited us before will have noticed by now, AoEH has a new look and has been completely reorganised. We cannot promise that everything is perfect yet, a 3,600 page site takes a while to sort out and some things don’t happen until you upload. However, what glitches remain will get ironed out in the next few weeks so please report anything you find and be patient.


The HeavenGames Team.