News Archive 1999 January – April


April 6, 1999
2:15AM EST – The Pied Piper Rids AOEH of Rodents!
I’m back, and in my absence it seems a Reckless Rodent was scurrying about for a few days.   Hehehe, I am extremely grateful that RR could fill in for me, as I know he is a busy rodent as well as a reckless one.  A lot of you liked the April Fool’s joke I played on you guys with the “prophecy” cheat.

“Ya got me!  Good one.”

“The “prophecy” cheat doesn’t work, I tried it like 20 times in a
single-player random map game, but it never worked.  Any ideas why?”

“Hey, the prophecy cheat didn’t work for me, but then I looked at the date. hehehe”

Just having a little fun with you guys.  It was a fairly good art job if I say so myself.

There is a lot of new stuff at the ES website.  A new poll on what type of scenarios you like to play, a re-cap of a game of Age of Kings against Ritual Entertainment, makers of Sin, the names of the sound tracks on the AOE, ROR, and AOKcds, etc., etc.

2:15AM EST – New Gamestats Contest!
I can’t stress upon you enough that you should enter every contest Gamestats offers.  The odds of winning are great, just ask Andy LaFontaine who entered the starsiege contest through the link hereat Heaven (bottom of this page). Right now you can win a different T-shirt each day.  Check these out:

We have 7 T-shirts to give away. We will select one winner each day in a simple random drawing. That person will win one of the following.

  • Monday – Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun shirt with General James Soloman quote on it.

  • Tuesday – Ensemble Studios Rise Of Rome T-Shirt

  • Wednesday – Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun shirt with Kane quote on it.

  • Thursday – Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun shirt with General James Soloman quote on it.

  • Friday – Ensemble Studios Rise Of Rome T-Shirt

  • Saturday – Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun shirt with General James Soloman quote on it.

  • Sunday – The best of them all… A genuine GameStats T-shirt with our logo and the ‘Do You Want A Piece Of Me’ lady on the back!

There it is folkies.  Enough shirts to keep you happy all week.  Enter this contest now!

If I was ever at a fast food restaurant and found a rat in my burger, my first action would be getting a lawyer, to make sure no one could ever take a way my new pet rat.
-=Angel Washizu=-

April 5, 1999
6:00AM EST – Not got Aoe and RoR yet?
If you’re still lagging behind and have bought neither AoE nor RoR, or if you are one of the millions who has downloaded the demos but haven’t yet bought the game, then this will be great news for you.  If you live in the USA, then get down to CompUSA and you can get your hands on AoE andRoR for a measly $20 (rebate included).  Wow!  What a deal!  Wish we got things like that in the UK!  Thanks to Caesar III Heaven’s Angel Draco for the heads up on this one.

Washy and normal service will be resumed
tomorrow, you lucky, lucky people;)
Angel Reckless Rodent


April 4, 1999
4:00AM EST – A new look for GoneGold!
Anyone out there remember Games Of Diverse Strategies (GODS for short)?  Well, Angel Gold left a while ago to run his own site, GoneGold (which gave Caesar III Heaven the award earlier this week).  And now, GoneGold has got a cool new look!  So, if there’s an upcoming game you want to hear about, then head over there and dig the eye candy:)!

Don’t worry, folks.  Washy will be back soon:)!
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 3, 1999
4:00AM EST – Rise of Rome downloads mark!
According to the latest Microsoft press release, Rise of Rome has just reached the 1 million mark.  That is to say, the trial version has been downloaded more than 1 million times from the Microsoft site alone.  That’s not counting the more than 350,000 downloads that CNet have reported (making it their second most successful download; Age of Empires being the most popular).

4:00AM EST – The end of Melissa?
For those of you who have been on the moon for the last week and don’t know what Melissa is, then suffice to say that it’s a nasty little computer virus that attacks email systems (sort of;)).  Anyway, it seems that someone has been nicked for propagating it and spreading it around the Internet.  Get the full details here.

All the world seems in tune
On a Spring afternoon
When we’re poisoning pigeons in the park
-Tom Lehrer
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 2, 1999
11:00AM EST – Here’s the Rodent!
Well, well.  Guess who it isn’t;)?  Angel Washizu’s off on an Easter break somewhere for the next few days, so I’ll be holding the fort until he returns.  Don’t worry, I’m sure he won’t be long, so you consequently won’t have to put up with me for too long;).  If you’re wondering who I am and why I’m here, then I’ll just say that I’m one of the heads of Caesar III Heaven and Pharaoh Heaven, and I’ve been standing in for Angel Alexander I on the HGS Main News page for the past month or so.  What!?  4 sites!?  Wow, I must be mad;).

11:00AM EST – More on Happy Hildegard
Ensemble Studios continue with their profile of Hildegard of Bingen today.  Seems like her mystic visions were due to the fact that she was a migraine sufferer.  Not sure where the inspiration for her music came from though;).  Jokes aside, this is a really interesting little series on the life of one of the most fascinating people of the middle ages (and I speak as a history student).   So, if you haven’t already. then you should certainly check it out!

Hmm…not sure if I can beat Washy’s quips;)
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 1, 1999
4:00AM EST – New Cheat in Rise of Rome!!!
Looks like if you type in the word “prophecy,” all your villagers either turn into little angels or devils!  They don’t really do anything different, except the devils attack with that little pitchfork.  Thanks to Kewl dOod_9 for sending this in!

Ensemble Studios comments on why this new cheat was only released now, and not along with the Rise of Rome.


4:00AM EST – ES Movie Poll:  Does it Have Your Favorite?
Kevin Pfirrmen

“Ensemble’s new poll is missing the best medieval movie ever produced — 
Excalibur. Because it wasn’t listed, I voted for Braveheart. However, 
Excalibur, in my opinion, is one movie that all Age of Kings players should 
see. It follows the legend of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table 
and the Sword of Kings — Excalibur.

I love Braveheart, although I always feel like such a wuss after I watch it.  It’s a terrific movie, and certainly one of the best of the 90’s, in my opinion, which makes sense as to why it’s winningEnsemble’s poll, but if you are like me and Kevin, you think of Camelot and King Arthur, when you think of medieval times.   Honestly, the first movie that comes to mind is Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

One often wonders what life would be like today 
if we made the dime bigger than the penny and the nickel.
-=Angel Washizu=-

March 31, 1999
4:00AM EST – ES Website asks the Question…
“What movie to you think of when you think of Age of Kings?”

El cid?
The Rose?
Henry VII?

This is Ensemble Studio’s new poll, possibly to gauge how they should do their single player campaigns or possibly their promotion of the game.  They also have a ton of info on one bad momma, Hildegard von Bingen.  For some laughs, check out a joke post Archy made, reminiscent of the “You know you’re a redneck if…” jokes by Jeff Foxworthy.  This list has to do with how you know if you are “Castle Trash.”  My favorite was… “Your family crest is a chicken with a banner that says “peace before discomfort”.

4:00AM EST – Area-S Sighting!
There has been an unconfirmed sighting of one the most bizarre creatures known to roam the web.  the Area-S, or areas-swankicus, has been sighted after months of it’s last appearance.  Be warned, it may be dangerous to visit the site where it has been spotted, and people have been known to type “0’s” instead of the normal “o.”  Area-S

4:00AM EST – Caesar 3 Heaven Wins Gone-Gold Award!
Congrats to Reck, Draco, Alex, and the rest of the guys at Caesar 3 Heaven!  Rich Laporte of the fantastic site,, has bestowed them with its most prestigious award.  GoneGold is a great site for new releases and patch information.  If you are looking for a new game to buy, this place is a MUST.

&:’p <—- Elvis
-=Angel Washizu=-

March 30, 1999
2:00AM EST – Cashing In on Ultima Online Revisited!
Remember a while back when I reported on how someone sold their Ultima Online account for $500?  Well, now I am starting to think that was a BARGAIN!   Gamestats newsieRalphedelawarawhaterveris mentions that some lady actually paid… well, you’ll just have to check this out for yourself.   Let’s just say you could pretty much fly anywhere in the world on an hour’s notice for this much and get yourself a nice dinner when you get there 😉

2:00AM EST – Darts!!!
Have you ever wanted to throw darts at your comp?  Well, you certainly can although I wouldn’t suggest it.  What I would suggest is checking out a new darts game for your PC called.Elite Darts.  You can win a free copy, signed by the Darts Team themselves if you check it out.  Gamestats sure has a lot of stuff to give away 🙂

“Some people get upset over broken promises, I just think, “Why did they believe me?”” 
         – Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey
-=Angel Washizu=-

March 29, 1999
4:00AM EST – NoSoup4U, but There is a Slinger Rush Guide 🙂
Forumer NoSoup4U has written a guide to slinger rushing, and can be found in our new Academy.  Now, you must follow the rules in order to read the article.  First, click on this link.  Then click on “Slinger Rush,” and then read or print out the guide.  Anything else and you may be not be able to read NoSoup4U’s strats for one year!  Next!  (hehe just kidding about that, if you haven’t seen the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld, it’s really funny!).

“To execute the following rush you must pit stone. PLEASE PIT STONE WITH WOOD OR FOOD! In the worst case scenario you can pit stone alone but this is a BAD start. When you hit the 400 food mark begin production of your 1st barracks in enemy territory and send a second peon into enemy territory. Getting detected at this point happens roughly 20% of the time and your 1st peon in enemy territory may be killed. (IF this is the case produce a second barracks (can’t finish the 1st you’ll be toast) with your second peon in another spot).”

4:00AM EST – Random Agetoons!
For those of you who love the Agetoons we show at the bottom of this page everyday, and love checking to see what new toons are there, I am proud to say that now every time this page is loaded a random toon will appear, so you can check out old ones as well as the new ones in rotation.  I have one favor to ask of you guys.  If you see any that do not load for some reason, right click on the “broken image” graphic and select properties.  Send me the name of the file it was looking for and I will fix it.   Also, if you see any very large agetoons that break the tables of this page, let me know about them too.  Thanks, and enjoy!

Baby, baby, stick your head in gravy!
-= Angel Washizu =-

March 28, 1999
6:00AM EST – Team Siege a Success!
I got to try out my new multiplayer scenario Team Siege three times at the forum party last night.  The first game, I was on the attacking side and we lost miserably.  🙁  The second game, I was also attacking and one of the defenders dropped, allowing us to easily destroy the wonder.  The final game I played, I was a defender, and by using some jihad vils, I killed all of player 2’s catapults after I hid the villagers in the forest.  Here is a screenshot from the event.

Here, DOH_Spartacus marchers his longswordsmen into our town while Ooh Yeah pounds them with his nicely placed stone throwers.  If you look close on the minimap, you can see where my hidden brown vils are about to kill Laerkai’s cats.  Laerkai (better known as Taion) does a lot of Agetoons for us at AOEH. 🙂



After playing it, I think I will make a few modifications.  First, I will give yellow some more composite bowmen, and maybe put them to post-Iron, so they get more range combined with  ballistics, and alchemy.  I think I will leave player 2 they way there are.  Player 1 needs about 8 more longswordsmen I think.  As for the defenders, I think I will give brown a little less gold and a little bit of stone to build a few walls.  I also think I will make the trip to the fort a bit easier for the attackers, and maybe add some paths to attack from different angles. Thanks to Hyper, Ooh Yeah, Laerkai, DOH_Spartacus, computer5, Calvin Coolidge, MacRat, COP_Leonard, and a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head.  I really liked playing this at the party and it allowed us to play 3 games instead of just one.

ICQ = I seek you
– Angel Washizu –

March 27, 1999
1:30PM EST – There’s a Party Going Down!
I think for a change maybe we could try out a scenario for the forum party tonight.   I’ll show up on the Zone at about 7:00 PM EST tonight in Palantine to play this scenario I made.  It’s a modification of a Net Campaign zone made by Reeces and Angel Zeus I think.  Be there or beware.  The scenario is called Team Siege, and basically one team (3 players) with a fixed force has to take down and kill the wonder of the other team (3 other players) who have a small fort to protect them.  It’s a common theme for single player scenarios, and I thought it would be cool for multiplayer 🙂

Team Siege Scenario
(Download this to your scenario folder)

“Bored to the core on a sunken boat…” – Beck
– Angel Washizu –

March 26, 1999
1:00PM EST – Watch out for Happy99.exe!!
I have received an e-mail attachment a few times called Happy99.exe.  I never opened it, and I’m glad I didn’t!  This file, when executed, does some crazy stuff.   First it shows some fireworks and messes with your winsock.dll file.  It sets up your computer so that every time you send an e-mail, it sends another blank e-mail with happy99.exe attached. This is a quote from, a good virus info page:

Happy99 is a Win32 based Trojan program. When this program is executed it will display some fireworks. Apart from the fireworks display this program will do some other activity in the background without the user’s permission. In the background this program will create two files SKA.EXE and SKA.DLL. It will alter WSOCK32.DLL to put its code into that file and keep the original file as WSOCK32.SKA. It can not modify the WSOCK32.DLL file if it is in use. In such a case this program will add an entry to the Windows Registry to run SKA.EXE the next time the computer is booted so that it can do these modifications. The size of this trojan file is 10000 bytes.”

To find out if you have this virus or how to get rid of it, go here.  This is not one of those bogus viruses we always hear about.

1:00PM EST – E3 Coming Soon!
Every year E3, the biggest event in soon-to-be released games, holds it’s annual show in Los Angeles.  It stands for the Electronic Entertainment Expo and will be a big event for Ensemble Studios and Age of Kings.  E3 basically highlights new products in the following categories (taken straight from their website):

  • Entertainment and edutainment software
  • Reference and special interest software
  • Educational software
  • Game and computer accessories
  • On-line entertainment
  • Internet products, services and content
  • Multimedia and peripherals
  • Production and packaging services

Note:  It isn’t open to the public, and no one under 18 is allowed to go, but a few lucky Angels are going to get in, so we will have some coverage of this rockin event!   Washizu will have to hold down a few forts while his Angelic brothers visit the “Land of Angels.”

“We cater your lunch & dinner party for birthday party, family union, office group, school group, or hospital group.” – from a Chinese Restaurant’s take-out menu in DC.  It just struck me as funny 🙂
– Angel Washizu –

 April 19, 1999
12:15PM EST – Granary Update!
Run over and hide in our newly re-filled Granary!  Angel Grenadier tells of the wondrous “5 new ROR campaigns, 2 new AOE campaigns, 6 new ROR single player scenarios, 11 new AOE single player scenarios, 4 new ROR multiplayer scenarios, and 2 new AOE multiplayer scenarios today!”  He also says that he has a few utilities and modpacks to post tomorrow!  What are you waiting for?

12:15PM EST – Upcoming Modpacks!!!!
Looks like the graphical mod community is starting to gain steam.  ~Reeces seems to be leading the way with some cool pics of his soon to be available modpack.   Very nice!


12:15PM EST – New Gamestats Poll!
Is the gaming industry to blame for high school shootings across the country?  If not, who is?  Go point your finger at the bad guy in this situation, whoever you think that may be, at gamestats.

hmmm… anyone know what a news archive is?  I must not.
-=Angel Washizu=-

April 18, 1999
3:00PM EST – Japanese Showcase in 2 days!
Sharpen up your katanas, on April 20th the civilization showcases begin!   I can just hear Bob Barker saying “It’s a Showcase Showdown!”  Gamespot will be your host for these wondrous journeys.

3:00PM EST – Forum Party Re-Cap!
Even though I couldn’t attend, fun seemed to be had by all.  From what I hear the APC clan made a very nice showing.  They sound like a fun group to play with, so I’ll have to see you guys on the zonesome time!

Pepsi  One is pretty gross if you ask me.
-=Angel Washizu=-

April 17, 1999
5:00PM EST – Matty and Out4Blood win UAT3!
Congratulations guys in winning the third Ultimate Ager Tournament!   They defeated Methos and Staffa (_bane) in the first two games of a three game set.   Great job and congrats to Staffa/Methos for making it that far.

3:00PM EST – Forum Party!
I can’t guarantee that Washizu will be there, but there should be a decent sized gathering in Palantine of the Zone’s Rise of Rome lobby.  It will take place at about 7:00 PM EST, but many times people hang out again late at night.

3:00PM EST – Washizu has a Half-Life?
Many of you know that one of my favorite games is Valve Software’s Half-life.   Well, about a week ago they released the code to the game and I made a mod called “One Hit Killa.”  It turns Halflife into a one hit kill game like Rainbow 6.  If you want to download it, you can get it from the wonderful, one of our gamestats affiliates, right here.   Unzip it into your half-life folder.

3:00PM EST – Can You Believe it?
Whenever we play ROR these days, we try to mix up the settings.  Last night, Mack, Spineman, Vidguy, Deepwater, Omnivac and I decided to play a nomad game.  Now, everyone knows that if you walk around too much in nomad, you run the risk of meeting one of your feline friends on the map (umm… that’s a lion in case you missed it).   Well, it turns out that Angel Omnivac   bumped into one of these beasts with his lone villager, which in itself makes for a good laugh and a restarted game.  The kicker is that this game had a REVEALED MAP!  We don’t know how he didn’t see the lion, or if he thought his vils could domesticate it.  Omnivac attributes the blunder to lag, but one local expert wonders if “brain lag” could have been the cause. hahahahaha…. just messing with ya Omni!

I love you guys so much I’d give you the shirt off my back… hmmm…..
-=Angel Washizu=-

April 16, 1999
9:00AM EST – Don’t You Hate it When…
You do something really dumb?  Like bailing out on some ROR the night before an early class, because you _have_ to make it there with a few hours of sleep, getting up early and making yourself presentable, heading over to class 5 minutes early, wondering where everyone is, and opening your notebook to see a circled reminder “No class April 16th.”  Well that’s my morning for you so far! DOH! (duh?)

9:00AM EST – Majesty Preview Movie!
As many of you know, I am all about the new game from Cyberlore Studios called “Majesty.”  It is a Real Time Strategy game that really lets you play from a different angle than an AOE/Starcraft type.   If I had to pin it down, I’d say it’s a cross between Populous I and Baldur’s Gate.   Anyway,Majesty Heaven is the place where you can find out the latest news in Majesty, updated often byAngels Mack and Spineman.  There’s a new movie you can watch telling you a great deal about how the game works and another that shows you around their studio!

9:00AM EST – Japanese Civ Preview in 4 Days!
Seems that Gamespot is in a good spot 🙂  They are handling the upcoming civilization previews forAge of Kings!  The Japanese kick off their first of these civ previews, but not much is known on how much they will reveal.  One thing is for sure, however, and that is “dude, Samurais rock!” More info on ES news. (That movie lobby looks vaguely familiar…)

I’m so tired, I haven’t slept a wink.” – John Lennon
-=Angel Washizu=-

April 15, 1999
2:00PM EST – Learn the Tricks of the Trade!
Angel Omnivac from Age of Kings Heaven and our Siege Workshop has posted a great new article by Ingo van Thiel on scenario design tricks.  This is an absolute must read.  Learn how to make realistic swamps, burning buildings, trees on cliffs, water plants, and more!  Check it out.

2:00PM EST – Quiz Fever!
 started by posting his boomer quiz for you “whippersnappers” to see how much you know about his generation.  Now there is a few quizzes floating around in that thread.  Hey guys, try and make them in different threads.  That way they’ll be easier to read 🙂

2:00PM EST – Any Female Agers?
Tiger Lily
 posts in the Veni, Vidi, Vici Forum:

“Am I the only woman who likes to play AoE? I haven’t noticed too many other women who love this game! Where are the amazons???? I can’t be the only one!!!”

One thing I have noticed is that even though girls certainly like games, most of the games I have seen girls play are of the sort that you can play for any amount of time, whereas when you sit down to play ROR/AOE, you are committing yourself to about an hour.   They also usually don’t like to play games where it takes a long time to get good at, which is the case with a lot of multiplayer games.  This leaves the puzzle and card genres, which I see a lot of girls playing.   It doesn’t mean that no girls, or even very few,  go for AOE, Quake2, Half-life, etc (just check this out), but the great majority are guys playing these games.  Personally, I think most girls just haven’t discovered the fun you can get from playing online.  Maybe another factor is that most of us guys grew up playing console games 24/7 and we are already hooked!

A 28 priest siege!
-=Angel Washizu=-

April 14, 1999
3:00PM EST – Need a Job?
Do you want to make more money?  Sure we all do.  Ack!  I’m starting to sound like Sally Struthers!  Ok, here is the deal.  TWO new positions have opened up at Ensemble Studios.   One is the Quality Assurance Lead (QA Lead).  This guy makes sure that bugs are found ASAP and runs the playtesting to see where any problems may lie.   QA guys also do a bunch of other jobs, too, that differ depending on the state of the project.

The other job up for grabs is for Art Director.   Obviously, you have to be a talented artist, who knows programs like Adobe Photoshop and 3D Studio Maxx inside and out, but the Director also must be able to help out new artists, maintain schedules, and most importantly, love games!

If it has always been your dream to work for a gaming company, now may be a good time to give it a shot!  All I got to say is, too bad I’m not graduating for another 2 years 🙁

3:00PM EST – Justice Takes a Shot Gaming Lawsuit!
,  Editor-in-Chief of Gamestats, wrote an editorial focusing on a lawsuit against 5 gaming companies, including id software, for “honing” a young boy’s shooting skills that decided to kill a couple of his classmates.  Check it out here.

3:00PM EST – Tzar has the Coolest Carpets in Town!
Word from Angel Hamlet is that the flying carpets in the upcoming Tzar:  Burden of the Crowngame, seriously kick six (yeah Alex!).  The best place to check out some screens and scenes is, you guessed it, Tzar Heaven! (boasting more news than vomit from a newborn, yeah Ham!).

If you get a chance, let this guy know that Washizu is taken 😉
-=Angel Washizu=-

April 13, 1999
12:00PM EST – FREE Rise of Rome Follow-up!
A bunch of you sent me e-mails saying the Comp-USA deal was true.  Most of the people readingAOE Heaven probably already have it, but this is your chance to get all your friends to buy it who were too lazy or cheap to go and get ROR when it came out.  Hopefully this will be reported by general gaming sites as well as all the fan sites who’ll surely pick this up.

12:00PM EST – Bill Gate$!
According to this guyBill Gates makes so much money that it is not worth his time to pick up a $1000 bill if he drops it on his way to work!!!   Damn, that is crazy.  Hey Bill!  I know you are a big Heaven reader, so if you drop me a few million (3 million to Bill Gates is like what it costs me to ride the DC metro one way), I’ll work on MS published gaming sites for as long you want!    Hehehe, just kidding, I should already be getting that $1000 dollars from the e-mail you sent around a while ago. ;o

12:00PM EST – Shameless Self Promotions Day!
Well, I usually like to have at least 3 news posts per day, but had some trouble finding the 3rd one, so here is me patting myself on the back.

Washizu’s Wonders:

Hope you enjoy them!

“Has he lost his mind, can he see or is he blind” – Ozzy
-=Angel Washizu=-


April 12, 1999
Angel Draco alerted me to this.   If you still have not bought the Rise of Rome expansion pack, GO NOW to a Comp-USA near you.   The price has been lowered to $19.99, but you get the $10 mail in rebate, plus a $10 instant savings from CompUSA making it FREE.  If anyone can confirm this, please do.

3:00PM EST – The Royster Unmasked!
The mystery ES employee was none other than IT Master Roy Rabey!  Peter J. Macomber was the lucky guy who guessed it correctly.  Archy needs your e-mail address dude, so you can get your prize!


3:00PM EST – Matty/Outforblood vs Methos/Staffa!
I got this info from’s AOE site.  The 3rd Ultimate Ager Tournament is nearing it’s end as these two teams battle it out to see which team’s Agers are ultimate.   The battle is taking place on Saturday, April 17th at 2:00 PM EST in Tournament Room 1 of the Rise of Rome Zone lobby.  Good luck.

Anyone going to Woodstock 99?
-=Angel Washizu=-

April 11, 1999
11:30AM EST – Forum Party Re-cap!
I popped in for a game at 7:00 PM EST, but it turned out to be a real dud.   I had one of my nicest starts ever (19 vils and in tool under ten minutes on Hill Country), but one of the players on the other team had to leave making it a bit too easy for us.  Some people were still trying out my Team Siege scenario, and COP_Leonard made the suggestion of having a “multiplayer party pack,” with a bunch of good multiplayer scenarios included.  It’s a good idea, but the only thing is that it would be a BIG file.  Your best bet is to stop by our “best of the granary” sections.

11:30AM EST – Forum Revival!
I checked out our Ager Anonymous forum, and saw that no one has posted there in weeks.  I say we all go in and post a message to see if we can get it back up.  Go check it out here.   Also, theAOE/ROR forum waits in anxiety to hear how eug1’s night went.  If you haven’t heard what his plans were, this thread is a must read.  hehehe

11:30AM EST – AOE Puzzle!
This is from our vault, otherwise known as the sitemap!  It’s a java slide puzzle and basically you have to put the pics in the right order.  How many clicks will it take YOU to finish it? 😉



“And then it happened on a tuesday morning 
Tracy Jacks bulldozed down the house he lived in 
Saying it’s just so overrated” – blur
-=Angel Washizu=-


April 10, 1999
1:45PM EST – Forum Party!!!
What are you doing at 7:00 PM EST tonight?  Stop by our weekly forum party in the Rise of Rome Palantine room on the Zone and see if you can kick the butt of a few Angels.

1:45PM EST – Hamlet is all Over Tzar!
He somehow convinced the guys at Haemimont to give him the newest build of their upcoming game Tzar, and his review is nothing short of outstanding.

“Let me tell you that I aint lying when I talk about the fantastic unit animations and stuff in this
version. Cross my heart and hope to … – well you know … these units are frankly of the same standard as Age of Empires or Starcraft. “

If Ham likes it, than it surely is worth checking out.  He’s got several screenshots and loads of info.  Expect a lot of news from Tzar Heaven in the next few days. 🙂

1:45PM EST – Congratulations to Angel Spineman!
That lucky duck figured out what Archy was clueing us into with his “uekisrdaernudoampaceasj” to unscramble on the AOK Battlefield.  What was the answer you ask?  For the Age of Kings T-Shirt:

dude, Japanese samurai rock

The next contest is to identify this mystery ES employee…

If you have an idea who this is, send it to Archangel and you might be able to win a free T-shirt.  I know who it is, but don’t ask me, cause I won’t tell (unless you pay me a lot of $$$! 😉


Whew, that’s a good amount of news for today, even though I am just getting around to posting it up now.

“Ted was a crazy guy.  He didn’t care what he did!  That’s why it was fun to go around with him.  Later we found out he was a chimpanzee.” – Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey
-=Angel Washizu=-

April 9, 1999
12:45AM EST – uekisrdaernudoampaceasj…
is today’s secret word!  Whenever someone says it, everyone has to scream!!!  Hehehe, not really. Archangel is playing a little game with the AOK Battlefield.  If you can unscramble those letters to form a sentence, you’ll win an Age of Kings T-Shirt!  If you think you have it, visit the AOK Battlefield Forum and post away!

12:45AM EST  – Forum Party!
Tomorrow at 7:00 PM EST, our weekly forum party will be rockin the zone!  I enjoyed playing my “Team Siege” scenario two weeks ago, and I may have 1 or 2 to download for tomorrow’s gathering.  Look for it soon!

12:45AM EST  – Mod of Kings?
This is kind of strange.  Spy has created an ROR mod that inserts Age of Kings graphics into ROR over the Roman tile set.  You can snag it from Bill’s Modpacks.   It says that it only works for the trial version, but some have said that it works in the full version of ROR as well. 

Honestly, I would love to see if someone could come up with a nice mod with original artwork, even if it was only for a single building or unit.  Anybody up to the challenge?

I know you are, but what am I?
-=Angel Washizu=-

April 8, 1999
12:30PM EST – New Picks of the Week!
This is a bit late, but Cherub OldGrex, the new scenario design forum moderator has given his two new picks of the week.  Royalty is the theme with The Martial Emperor and The Merchant Prince.  Read OldGrex’s reviews and download them here.

12:30PM EST –Scenario Design Showcase!
Cherub Shadow8357 is putting together a scenario showing you all the tricks that agers have come up with to enhance their singleplayer scenarios.   Here are a few of the cool tricks, some of which even this ager didn’t know about:

Putting an enemy stone thrower near an ally’s building, and then sticking a gator near the ST.  This will create the illusion of a burning building by the time you get there, and the gator will remove the catapult for you.

Using the discoveries to create snow effects.

Deleting shallows allows you to place units, or plants in the water.

Gaia triggers can be used to ignite battles (see thread).

Getting your ally to switch diplomacy by using a well placed scythe chariot and have it do splash damage to him.

Keeping priests, or any other units in place by sticking their feet in cliffs.

Cool tricks guys!  It’s interesting to see how people get around the limitations of the editor.

Sick as a dog, but I am 56% pure 🙂
-=Angel Washizu=-

April 7, 1999
6:00PM EST – 2.0 Speed Dispute Once Again!
This seems to come up every so often.  Is AOE/ROR better at normal (1.0), fast (1.5), or very fast (2.0) speed?  Staffa presents an interesting twist on this idea.  He says:

“There are two kinds of players who play at 2.0.

There are those that pretty much always played at 2.0, they have become competent at the game playing at 2.0, and now cant stand to play at 1.0 simply because to them its like wading through molasses on a cold rainy day. These players never learned the details that can go into creating better economies, better armies, better strategy, etc. These players, while capable of defeating many 1.0 players by being used to the speed, are crushed patheticily by the 2nd set of 2.0 players.

These are the players that spent a long time playing at a slower speed, they learned the details of the game, they learned them so well, that when making the transistion to 2.0 they do not lose much in game play, they are very fast themselves and a game between this kind of 2.0 player and the other kind is much like an expert slaughtering a newbie.

I know its somewhat unfair, odviously I havnt played all 2.0 all the time/only players, but, Ive played enough and ive yet to see anything close to an exception.

I can play at 2.0, I even enjoy it, it is a great, fun challange, sometimes, I wouldnt play it all the time, nor even very often, but now and then it can spice up the game.

In fact, id rather play at 2.0 then 1.5, as 1.5 messes me up, I attempt to do more then I am capable, trying to play like I would at 1.0, but at 2.0, I am fine, I can let go of some details and concentrate on winning the speed game. And it is still a fun challanging game with tactics and strategy, just of a lesser form in detail, but no less in grand scale. Pulling of something that at 1.0 would seem normal at 2.0 is a great achievement. Dont think its without a challange, the 2.0 are right in that, and its not sheer speed, I still wall at 1.0, hell I still wall my opponents in at 2.0

But, a 2.0 only player will get massacred by a 1.0 player who has learned to adapt to 2.0.

I don’t think there are many expert players who _always_ play at 2.0 speed, so this observation might be a little skewed.  Since most experts usually like to play each against other, and the majority play 1.0 speed most of the time, these all 2.0 speed players will usually not be as good anyway.  I would argue that if  80% of the expert AOE players only ever played 2.0 speed, surely there would be some who could beat experts used to playing at 1.0 speed, even if they learn how to “adapt” their game to the faster.  Interesting idea though.

12:15PM EST – The ES Cam is Back!
Now you can spy in on the playtesting with Ensemble’s Web Cam.

Maybe one of the Dallas playtesters will smile for the camera like designer Sandy Petersen on the left. 


Network was down last night, will get some more stuff up later 😉
-=Angel Washizu=- 

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