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December 30 – 31, 1999
9:40PM EST – Long wait for the eve of a new millenium, not to mention my return, now over!
Ok, so once a month is not a good average of news updating. Wanna know what happened? Tune into HGS Main for the full, shocking story.

Fortunately I’m not too late to wish you visitors, some of whom have been visiting this site for more than two years, all the season’s best and a smashing 2000! Thank you all for your many contributions and all of us hope you will continue to visit us and enjoy yourselves at the site in the new millenium.

On the off chance you didn’t see it back on December 12th, Angel Grenadier made no less than 32 deposits in the downloads piggy bank! Top that Santa! Meanwhile, back at the AOE/ROR forum, there seems to be a little bit of reverse evolution going on. Do check it out and see what you think about throw-backs. 🙂

Angel Alexander I


  November 30, 1999
9:30PM EST – Last day for Story Submissions!
Ok, so this is AoK but I’m working on the assumption here that if you like Age I news, you will like Age II important news too: don’t forget to get your favourite story into the AoK Heaven crew and you just might walk away with an original strat guide!

Don’t miss Cherub Rasher’s sensible comments on the fine art of scenario design in the ever bubbling fori. CR is about to dedicatedly enter into his fourth series! And if rocks give you cause for lumbar, see the Nakul man here.

Angel Alexander I


  November 24, 1999
9:30PM EST – Strat Guide Contest in Full Gait and Cool Charity Drive!
AoK Heaven is happy to say that they are receiving a lot of stories but they need lots more simply because they have lots of strat guides to give away. You have till December 1st (one more week) so start scribbling down your tale.

As usual, all the HGS sites are participating in the charity drive to bring some holiday cheer into the disrupted lives of kids in the Ronald McDonald House in Stanford. Click the red button at the top of the news to find out how you can contribute.

Angel Alexander I


  November 23, 1999
9:30PM EST – Asheron’s Call Heaven Gets its own Button


Ain’t it grand lookin’? All the HGS sites have been altered to accommodate the latest and greatest looking button to have graced HGS in a while. If you can tear yourself away from AC long enough, be sure to remember that AOKH is hosting a rad story contest. If you are enough of a bard, you may well end up with the Sandman’s strat guide no less. Click over to AoK Heaven for the details.

Angel Alexander I


  November 21, 1999
9:30PM EST – Asheron’s Call Heaven Announced!
Not satisfied at covering RTS games, the Angelic crowd have decided to adopt an RPG title for their latest site! Asheron’s Call is a wonderfully appealing game that RTS fans of games like Age I and II are simply going to love and since most of the staff at HGS are true believers, a site simply had to be set up. Rush over and immerse yourself in the new site and the new world that is Asheron’s Call Heaven. Adventurers Hamlet, Omnivac, Spineman, Washizu, Algernon and Chuck await to guide you from absolute novice to seasoned adventurer. Enjoy, but don’t forget to come back. 🙂

Angel Alexander I


  November 20, 1999
6:00PM EST – Twisted Pair
No further news on the patch yet. Will let you know as soon as I find even a whisper about it. Meanwhile, follow the twisted and often amusing ways of AOE Heaven’s very ownOracle(s):   the Think and Apoc. In case you missed it: be sure to check out some very cool displays in Parisian stores that ES’s own Archangel features. I love that Christmas look! Oh, and if that Canadian over at HGS main doesn’t stop accusing me of improper English mighty soon, I might just lose my early Christmas spirit and deck him one–and I don’t mean with holly either. 🙂

Angel Alexander I


  November 19, 1999
3:00PM EST – AOE and ROR Patch about to be Released!
Due to some watchful eyes in the AOKH forum and Thinker42’s post there, we are proud to announce that a patch for both Age of Empires and its expansion Rise of Rome will be released shortly! We have Matt Pritchard’s word on that folks. Cheats are going to be a thing of the past, multi-player launching has been improved and many bugs have been fixed. As the Dutch say: no half-baked products from this company! ES rocks as usual! Stay tuned for a more final date.

Angel Alexander I


  November 16, 1999
10:00PM EST – What is Your Favourite Forum Home?
The discussion continues in the AOE/ROR forum about whether Age I or Age II forums are better and why some fans prefer to talk about AOK here rather than at the AOK Heaven forums. As Tenaciti points out, the ROR patch is something to look forward to with a yen for things of yore and a good reason to hang out here. I say that if you can have the luxury of two homes why not spend time in both? That way you will be entertained a lot more. 🙂

Angel Alexander I


  November 15, 1999
7:00PM EST – New Anchorperson at AOEH
Hi Age I fans, it’s Angel Alexander I (you know, the weird guy who does the news at HGS main) updating today and for a long time. Scary huh? Well, I’m scared too because nowadays I don’t know much how to deal with dem newfangled dings dey do here at the site. So, if you see strange stuff appear…it’s entirely my low-tech fault.

Seems that Algernon is off on some deep and dark project along with Dark Angel and can’t be here as often as he would like, so I decided to step in and try and keep you loyal fans informed about the latest of the greatest!

Meanwhile, the AOE/ROR forum features debates on where the best forum discussions are to be found. I guess it’s like the answer to the question ‘what is love’? Love is where you find it. Take careful note of Thorfinn’s fab post about all the strategy links that he has collected in the colourful history of the site. One-stop shopping for strats is the result. Well done Dude!

Angel Alexander I


  November 8, 1999
11:30PM EST – University Open for Business!
The University, AOKH’s strategy section, is now open for business with two articles. The first is Lord_Captain_Kidd’s build up strategy for winning the recent contest hosted bymrfixit. The 2nd is a recent post by Space_Viking on how to not look like a newbie out there on the zone. If you’d like to submit a strategy article, send it to Angel Zeus. We’re only going to post interesting and useful articles of a fairly decent length, so please consider that when submitting.

11:30PM EST – Sandy Petersen Quotes!
Angel Washizu over at AoK Heaven brings you a 4 page compilation of ES_Sandyman’sQ/A and other comments by him in the forum following the release of Age of Kings. It’s an addicting read so make sure you have a few minutes to spare and go over it all!

This looks alot like the AoK news page! 
Ångel Ålgernon 

  November 1, 1999
8:30PM EST – Granary Update!
If you thought that AoE & RoR were dead now that Age of Kings is out, think again …Angel Grenadier has just made another massive Granary Update so now there are plenty of new campaigns & scenarios to keep you going: foreign 

11 new ROR campaigns, 2 new AOE campaigns, 6 new ROR single player scenarios, 1 new AOE single player scenario, 2 new ROR multiplayer scenarios, and 1 new AOE multiplayer scenario!

Thanks Grenadier! 
Ångel Ålgernon

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