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December 31, 1998  

5:00PM EST – Washizu’s Rockin New Years Eve!
What better way to bring in the new year than with a brand new ROR cheat?  Now some people have told me this is not a new cheat. but I had never heard of it myself.  The cheat is:


It makes your Chariot Archers super fast in both their movement speed and rate of fire.  If you find out any other strange things that happen with it, let me know.  Today is also my dad’s birthday!

5:00PM EST – New gaming Directory!
I got an e-mail from Brian Pokosh about his new gaming site listing.

I run a gaming directory at and would like to ask 
if you could put a link up to the Age of Empires section and request anyone
with an AoE or AoE 2 site to add it to the listing. Here’s the link:”

– Angel Washizu

 December 30, 1998  
12:00PM EST – The New Year is Upon Us!

In two days we’ll have reached nineteen hundred and ninety-nine.  I know when I was growing up, I thought it would be a really cool thing when we reached 1999 and then 2000.  This isn’t just a new year coming up, but a historic event.  Now, I know some of you are saying, “big deal, it’s just a number,” but think of all the times in the past that people have dreamed about the year 2000 in their science fiction and fantasy.  What will 1999 bring for the AOE community?  If all goes according to schedule, hopefully Age of Kings.  Faster computers will be around for sure, and the prices for these machines will get better and better.  Hey, who will be the first person to build a wonder in 1999?  Send Washizu a pic of you playing AOE while the ball drops in Times Square!

– Angel Washizu

 December 29, 1998  
12:00PM EST – Maimin_matty chats on the Zone tonight!

Want to talk with the winner of the Rumble for Rome Tournament?  Want to know just who the man behind the reputation is?  Visit the Zone tonight at 9:00 PM EST!  Maybe we’ll finally get to know why he passed up those double berries the whole game against the Sheriff!

– Angel Washizu

 December 27, 1998  
12:00PM EST – AoE/RoR…the Best of RTS

Just heard from Ogre’s Age of Empires site that Age of Empires and Rise of Rome, just got more publicity… in the Technology Section of Time Magazine. And I wasn’t the least bit surprised. AoE is one of the best games I have ever played. Not only is it fun to play, it requires strategy, and lots of it, making it fun as well as challenging. In Time’s Tech section, they praise RoR for being‘shamefully addictive’. And I dont blame them. Not every game makes it into the Tech section of a magazine like Time. That makes us conclude something about Rise of Rome… Its the best that the RTS genre has to offer…

– Angel Mo

 December 26, 1998  
10:30AM EST – 
Another way of playing AoE/RoR 
Angel Omnivac has recently posted a new way of playing AoE/RoR in the Forum that is rather interesting. For those of you who are interested in trying out a different (and ‘maybe/probably’ better) way of playing AoE/RoR that will also ‘force you to use new strategies’ than the ones you currently use, this is something you might want to check out. I read it and it looks pretty good, interesting too, too good for me to put here. Head on over to the Forum and check out this cool post

12:00AM EST – To the Emperor of Rome, Rise of Rome…
Well, we all hopefully know by now that “Maimin_matty” or Matt Scadding is the crowned and reigning champion of RoR, and if you would like to chat with this great RoR/AoE player about his strategies or to ask him for tips, then who better to ask. Matt will be available for chat at the Zone on December 29 at 6 P.M. Pacific Time. 
Don’t miss the opportunity, before he goes to Rome, Italy! : ) 
So remember to check out this opportunity, bookmark it if you have to… 

Chat with Maimin_matty, AOE-Rumble for Rome Winner

– Angel Mo


 December 24, 1998  
5:00AM EST – 
Christmas Eve is Here!
Well, Age of Empires Heaven News probably won’t be updated tomorrow, but that shouldn’t matter, because you should be spending time with your family during this great holiday.  This excludes all people getting new computers for Christmas, because in that case, the first thing you should do is load up your computer! 😉  We here at AOE Heaven hope you have a great Christmas or Chaunakah (sp?).   Just a few things to remember if you need AOE News:

Merry Christmas from all the Angels and Cherubs at Age of Empires Heaven, and everyone at Heaven’s Gaming Sites.  Have a great holiday.

– Angel Washizu


 December 23, 1998  
1:00AM EST – 
Granary Update Extravaganza!
Good old Angel Grenadier has informed me that AOE Heaven’s Granary, the best collection of campaigns and scenarios on the net, has been updated with the following new additions:

8 new ROR Campaigns, 2 new ROR single player scenarios, 7 new campaigns, 7 new single player scenarios, and 1 new multiplayer scenario today!

1:00AM EST – The Battlefield is Back!
A terrific AOE and AOK site, the Age of Kings Battlefield seemed all but dead for about a month, but have no fear, BravenIrish and the Village Jester have returned and plan on getting back in the saddle!  Sounds good to me.

1:00AM EST – Ogre’s Dark Reign!
Found out something I didn’t know about the Dark Reign cheat in AOE and ROR.  You can walk those tree hiding composite bowmen on water!  This was brought to my attention by Ogre, byOgre’s Age of Empires, another teriffic revitalized site.

 December 22, 1998  
12:00PM EST – 
Age of Kings Only 5 and a Half Months Away?
When will Age of Kings be released?  Chips and Bits has Age of Kings available for pre-purchase and gives a May 1999 release date.  While this is late in the Spring of 99, it’s much earlier than the rumors that AOK was going to get pushed back to sometime in the summer.  Note:  This is not official, but it may be an indication of when AOK will ship.

3:00AM EST – Gamestats Hosting Seven Kingdoms 2 Beta Test!
You all know you want to get in on this.  Seven Kingdoms 2 looks really great, and wouldn’t you like to see the early version for yourself?  Head on over to Gamestats.

3:00AM EST – Quotes From the High Court!
Cherub Zeus
 did a little reporter work for me and got some of the Rumble for Rome finalist’s opinions on the change in the rated Zone room names to match their own online names.

The Sheriff:  “Its cool, we talked to the zone ppl in seattle
about how lame the room names were, they fixed em =)”

Seasian:  “1st I was very surprised they actually named the rooms
after us, We kinda threw the idea to Msft in Seattle. 

2nd.Happy that I’ve reached a point in Aoe that I’m actually considered an
expert to other players and the zone staff.”

maimin_matty:  “I think it is kind of cool in some ways.
It would of been nice to pick the name ourselves but i
definitely appreciate the gesture and think it is damn
good publicity for the rumble for rome.”

– Angel Washizu

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