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AOE1 to AOE2 AI Converter

Author File Description
MrElephant Hello All,

For the past several weeks, a friend (WWMB) and myself have been working on an update to our AI converter. As you may have guessed by the title- it is a tool that converts AOE1 scripts to AOE2 scripts. There are so many good scripts for AOE1. It was sad seeing them sit in the corner not being used. No more! With this utility- you can convert the aoe1 per and ai files into the new aoe2 per files.

How to use:

1. Choose your version- either AoE2 DE (standard) or AoE2 RoR (Return of Rome)- note this doesnt mean Rise of Rome..
2. Click the open button
3. Navigate to your AOE1 script directory. Note- please make a backup of your script before you start playing around with the tool. Select your per, or your ai file (you can only convert one file at a time).
4. You should see your data populate on the left under the AOE1 name.
5. Now you have to select your options under the checkbox included under the options button. This is how you want to convert your file. Every checkbox except "Change Important SNs" and "Add Resource SNs" relate only to ai files. The two checkboxes previously mentioned only relate to .per files. This is important. Don't choose the options that relate to the opposite file type.
6. After you are finished choosing your checkbox options, hit either the "Convert AI" or "Convert Per" depending on what file type you selected at the beginning. You should see data populate in the right box under AOE 2.
7. Save your file using the save icon, or just copy the contents of the second box into notepad (notepad++ whatever). Make sure to save it as a per file!
7.5 If you have both an AI and a Per file that you are converting, make sure to consolidate both of the converted items into one new .per file.
8. Copy your original ai file and new per file into your age of empires directory-
For DE it is- C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\resources\_common\ai for standard DE
For Return of Rome- C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\modes\Pompeii\resources\_common\ai

Extra Step (Temporary and only for Return of Rome converted scripts)
8. Copy the contents of "constant list.txt", and put them at the very top of your converted new per file.

1. Create 5 rams/trebs- this is obvious. It creates 5 rams/trebs. These units weren't available in aoe1. Note- this is only for standard DE.
2. Build farms in dark- In aoe 1 you couldnt create farms until after the market was built in feudal. Click this option if you want this optional support. Note- this is only for standard DE.
3. A/B Camps and Farms. This is the auto build camps and farms option- which was an option in the per files of aoe1.
4. Auto Build Houses. Another pretty clear option- this will allow the ai to auto build houses if the .ai file didnt have houses in its build order in aoe1
5. Delete Scout on Start. This will be controversial. AOE1 didnt have scouts. By selecting this option, you'll delete the scout at the beginning of the game. Note- this does not delete an eagle scout. Note- this is only for standard DE.
6. Basic Resign Rule- The name is obvious. The rule was taken really from the cpsb documentation with a few modifications.
7. Scale unit count- This multiplies the ai unit and building count by whatever the user sets the value as per age. This is important because the ai will have a greater opportunity to keep up with the 200 population ais of AOE2. A lot of AOE1 older ais only supported 50 population.
8. Change Important SNs. These are the SNs Leif stated should be changed on his AI wiki. It is highly recommended this is used, but doesnt have to be the case.
9. Add Resource SNs. AIs and Per files didnt necessarily have the gold, food, wood, and stone SNs. These were sometimes controlled by the engine in AOE1. If you see your ai doesnt have the food, wood, gold, and stone SNs- please select this option.

And that about covers it. In theory, you could make a completely new ai using this tool, and convert it to play AOE2. Please use Martin Strum's tool for the per files of AOE1. Any .ai file should be able to be converted. If a tool is needed, I highly recommend Stoyan Ratchev's aoe1 tool. Links can be provided upon request. Edit: Please find the aoe1 tools here ... ndex.shtml

If you convert another individual's script, and upload it to the forum, please reference the original author.

New Update 13Jul2023- Software includes an AI file generator and PER file generator. There are also a couple new options for loom and trade cart to be researched- if you are choosing to convert to standard DE. An additional option regarding the hoplite line is included- please read the instructions for additional details.

Update 17Nov2023- Armored Elephant Line update plus mule carts are included.

Note- this tool requires Net framework to run properly, as it was made in Visual Studio.
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Relihschneider not working for me, app wont start in windows 11 with the last net framework 4.8.1
File Author
Odd- is an error message provided? This was created on windows 10. Other individuals have tested on windows 11, and it was working for them.

[Edited on 11/17/23 @ 02:04 PM]

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