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Domitian's Persecution

Author File Description
File Details
Difficulty: Easy-Mod
Version: Rise of Rome
Mission Name: Domitian's Persecution
Mission Designer: Rakovsky
Scenario Version: 2.0
Date: 1/13/21
Difficulty: Easy-Mod
Rise of Rome or AOE: Rise Of Rome
Single Player or Multiplayer: Single Player


This scenario portrays Domitian's Persecution of 93-96 AD and uses an accurate map of Italy, Greece, and western Turkey.


I beat this mission myself on the Hard setting. Each objective is easy to meet, and you can win without attacking any enemy Players besides the Gaia Lion Kings. But there are enough Victory Conditions that the challenge is in making sure that you meet each one.

In this scenario, you use historical figures to accomplish individual tasks. For reference, here are your characters' names next to their units' names:

Glabrio - Centurion unit
Epictetus - Priest unit
Epaphroditus - "Corlis" Hero unit
The Disciple John - "Mor Havoc" Hero unit
Domitilla and her 2 sisters - 3 Composite Bowmen


The dilemma in choosing the units for the three women was choosing a unit type that could appear female. The Composite Archers with their long clothes seemed the best match.

Another challenge was that I wanted to have a Bown prison house burning in Terracina to match Domitilla's martyrdom in a burning house. There is a trick to creating this special effect. I put a Bown house there and gave Aqua a Stone thrower and set Aqua to enemy against Brown.

Next, I put Red soldiers a few tiles away from the stone thrower and set Red as Aqua's enemy. Unfortunately, in my playthroughs on HARD, the Stone thrower either destroyed the House before the Red soldiers destroyed the Stone thrower, or else the Red soldiers destroyed the Stone thrower first. So I gave up the "burning house" special effect idea and put a bunch of Aqua enemy archers near Terracina instead.

The scenario is part of a series that I made about early Christianity that can be found in the Heaven Games Granary:

1. Gethsemane (30-33 AD)
2. Conversions and Catacombs of Rome (41-62 AD)
3. Thomas' Mission to Indo-Parthia (46-51 AD)
4. Abgar V's Mesopotamian Campaign (49 AD)
5. Nero's Persecution (64-67 AD)
6. Josephus Takes Command of Eastern Galilee (66 AD)
7. Josephus Retakes Tiberias (66 AD)
8. Nero's Killing (68 AD)
9. Domitian's Persecution (93-96 AD)
10. Domitian's Killing (96 AD)
11. Journey to Edessa (177-212 AD)
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File Author
I updated this scenario today by adding in decorations like Roman flags and renamed the file as "Version 2.
Kastanje57 I think this scenario is nicely made but...

- It's not challenging enough for an experienced player.
- Letting your units killed after they've accomplished their task is not my thing.
- Improvements to the map design can be made, it's not bad though.

In all, it's a scenario that's made with love and care for the game.
File Author
What improvements would you suggest making to the map design (your third point)?

The only challenging ones in my series are numbers 3 (Thomas' Mission to Indo-Parthia) and 5 (Nero's Persecution).

With #3, the Kushan army is advancing onto the Indian capitol, Taxila, and you have to go north and convert Taxila's red units and then use them to defend Taxila's capitol while you also accomplish other objectives. In other words, you don't just defend a city, but rather you have to convert a city and then defend it.

Actually, my original intention was to combine missions #5, 6, 7, and 8 (Domitian's Assassination, which I just submitted) into a single scenario. It would have been challenging, but it also would have become too unwieldy.

[Edited on 01/26/21 @ 10:16 PM]

Kastanje57 It's a difficult question about this map design.
It's also very personal to someone's taste.

I'll give my viewings though.

- The use of elevation can be more subtle, in a sense that one hardly sees the edges of elevation but still gets the feeling of depth in a scenario. The edges can be covered with trees, rocks, dessert parts or buildings to make them more invisible.
Elevation can be used to make steps on a path upwards or downhill.
I advice you to practice with elevation under cliffs. When you draw a cliff and then elevate the whole piece directly underneath it, you get a nice effect. It needs some practice to get it right though. (to me, cracked cliffs are not okay)

- The north-east part of the map is plain grass with groups of trees and here an there some dessert spots. A few rocks are used to lift it up. To me, the grass looks unnatural. It lacks Gaia things like patches, cacti, dead trees, berry bush, bones etc. The same goes for the dessert parts, it lacks beach articles and other things like rock etc.
The whole view can be made more lively which will give it a more true natural look.

- Shallow tiles can be moved and one can make wonderful things, like shorelines, with them. It's a very time consuming hobby to do so, though.

- I miss rivers and lakes, esp in the big north-west bushy part. It's possible that the whole region is inhabited; A small village or settlement or here and there a house with a garden or so would liven it up too.

I hope these remarks will help you to improve your work.

About the other scenario's.
I have played only this one and I will play the others in the becoming weeks.

[Edited on 01/27/21 @ 03:59 PM]

File Author
I agree that cracked cliffs are not ok, so I checked and did not see any. By cracked cliffs, I take it that you mean cliffs that are cracked by being cut by the elevation changes. (eg. a horizontal elevation change cutting through a vertical cliff edge). I also agree to adding Gaia things like houses and patches to grass.

When you talk about the bushy Northwest and grassy Northeast parts of the map, I am not sure if you mean the large sections (Bulgaria and eastern Turkey, respectively) where there are no buildings or lakes. I did not care much about the area where the game action does not occur, so I didn't do much to decorate it due to practical and time constraint issues. There is not really any practical reason for players to visit the Middle or North Balkans or east Turkey parts of the map, so it doesn't make much practical difference, IMO.

You have neat ideas about shallow tiles for shorelines and decorations and adding building units to elevations. One reason why my map looks more primitive than your suggestions is that I was using the default map editor.

RockNROR by contrast lets you more easily do neat things like put Gaia and building units on elevation edges like you are talking about. The first of my 8 scenarios that I used RockNROR for is the next one in the series, Domitian's Killing, which I uploaded a few days ago. I had to use RockNROR in order to make a decent stone floor for the palace. Otherwise the floors would have been desert + sparse roads.

[Edited on 01/30/21 @ 11:38 AM]

Kastanje57 I think you misunderstood me about the cracked cliffs and my other remarks.
Your work has no cracked cliffs, I related to them by my suggestion to put elevation underneath cliffs and the practice it needs to get it right.

My other remarks are just suggestions to improve your work, no criticism.
They are only meant to help you.
And yes, I am talking about the original game editor and the features it has.
I've never used (nor will) anything else than that and I am not familiar with other editors at all.
File Author
It Is nice reading feedback about my maps, Kastanje. You sound like someone with some serious skill at Editing. I am into it, but it is a slow process for me.
Kastanje57 Thanks Rakovsky.

Editing is a matter of practice, the more time you put into it, the greater the reward will be when the scenario is finished.
The more time you put into it, the better you get in using and combining all the features the editor has.

When I was in your place, I would take all scenario's that deal with early Christianity and put them into 1 campaign.
Instead of all loose scenario's.
I would than open the first scenario of the campaign in the editor and take an intensive look at the map.
Asking yourself: What can I do to improve this one?
Than you make all the chances.
Next, take the second scenario and ask the same question.

In the end, when you've improved all scenario's, you publish the campaign as it is in "ROR: single player campaigns", hoping to get a fully (5.0) review of someone in return.
Give yourself a year time to edit the scenario's, improving things.
You'll see what wonderful work you than can present.
Take you time and I wish you succes with it.

Ps. Your editing qualities are ok. The maps, the scenario's you already made are ok in itself. They just can be better to make it top class work.
Good luck with it.

[Edited on 02/01/21 @ 01:36 PM]

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