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Strategy Defense 1 - REMAKE

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Number of Scenarios: 28
Difficulty: Easy-Mod
Version: Rise of Rome
This is a remake of the well known turn-based Flash game made by Belugerin Studios in Age of Empires style. All of the missions are quick to play, no build and destroy skills required, just pure action as it is in the original game.

"Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms, Doven and Dogfire. Dogfire Kingdom expanded their territory and destroyed all of the villages of the Doven Kingdom. Most of the Doven Kingdom Army was killed and the King of Doven, named Fayla, ran into the Dark Forest, powerless and without soldiers or guards to protect him. His wife, children, and the Doven General were all imprisoned at the Icegreen Island.

But Fayla was not hopeless. There was one last warrior, from the Doven Kingdom who had intelligence, strength, and many talents. King Fayla ordered him to find and rescue his family and destroy all enemies of the Land of Doven." - Strategy Defense 1 - Belugerin Studios

I made use of the "All Map Sizes" by PhatFish and of the "Enhanced Editor 2.0 (AoE/RoR)" by scenario_t_c. Thanks guys for your tools.

Sorry if the grammar isn't always 100% correct but that's because I copied word by word (still adhering to the Age of Empires universe tho) what's written in the dialogue sections and, well, the game does contain a few grammar mistakes. Also, I didn't deliberately modified the language and stats files to preserve the Age of Empires universe.. kinda of what I have done with my AoE 2 campaign remake.

I sincerely hope you have fun with my little campaign(s).

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Map Design4.0
Well-known flash game? Look here buddy I'm level 38 on Kongregate and I have never heard of this thing. This is some obscure stuff you've dug out and I'd be surprised if more than a handful of people here know of it.

Playability & Balance: 3.8
This is quite a unique campaign, the gameplay is interesting, but the quality standard varies a fair bit between scenarios. When it is good, the campaign requires you to think critically about how to approach the enemy and what units should go for what targets. When it is bad it is either all too easy (I suppose it's forgivable for some of the earlier levels if you treat them like a "tutorial" but easy maps consistently appear through all the "episodes") or it turns into an unfunny microfest where you're expected to micro down a tower with a heleopolis.

Creativity: 5
How is readapting an old flash game creative? Well, when you consider the work involved to translate a turn-based game to AoE, just getting the idea is pretty creative in itself. Most of all however, the creativity mostly comes in via the creation of battles. The way some maps are finely tuned so as to precisely let the player reach the goal must've taken a lot of testing to come up with. A lot of the time, a victory comes down to figuring out which units have minimum range or a delay before firing the first shot which you can abuse. The reasonable inclusion of cheat units such as Big Bertha catapults also shows a lot of thought has gone into the unit choices.

Map Design: 4
The choice to work on the Microscopic maps makes a great deal of sense when you consider the nature of the campaign, and it definitely adds to the challenge factor and complements a lot of the maps. The snow made with medium wall rubble gives many of the scenarios a fresh look. However I feel like the potential for nice eye candy is high when working on microscopic maps and that largely goes unfulfilled. The choice to work with the EE instead of the Composite Editor may have contributed to this (the latter lets objects like desert patches be placed by the map edge, important for small maps like these), but most of all I think SuperFrizzio may have stuck a bit too close to the source material on this point. Some pines an shallow tiles on the snow maps might have done a lot to create some variation, and the other maps are mostly bland to look at.

Story/Instructions: 3.6
Well, I honestly missed reading a lot of it because it's written in the "history" section despite the instructions being minute. SuperFrizzio adapts the story of a Flash game, and it isn't the most impressive writing to begin with. I guess it manages to tell you just enough to inform you about the reason to battle, but it isn't very engaging. Also between a lot of scenarios there is no story whatsoever, which leaves me asking where it went. I suppose all flaws in the writing are directly a consequence of the source material, but that doesn't really excuse it. The bitmap also appears to be a direct reference to the original game. At least instructions are never unclear, but maybe sometimes we could do with some hints?

Closing comments:
This is another of those things where the value really lies in the novelty of the idea. I hadn't expected a thing like this to be done in AoE, therefore it is very cool to see it. That said those looking for a conventional campaign might be disappointed. In general I think SuperFrizzio could've gotten away with being a little less faithful to the source material in the areas where there are flaws in that, but if anyone else actually has some nostalgia for that old Flash game they might feel differently.

[Edited on 04/21/20 @ 02:41 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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