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Luna Lynn
File Details
Difficulty: Hard
Version: Rise of Rome
Hi, this is my second scenario, I'm making this section more clear to tell you that scenarios settings are very important, as a scenario maker we can't lock settings so it's your job to set what is written : Civilizations of each players written in the scenario description when you are in the settings window / Important /!\ age and resources : default / difficulty : Hardest / pop. : 200 to 1000.

Apparently you can't launch a game alone on game ranger but you can do it on Voobly or with the multiplayer button when launching the game normally, you can't record such games but it's good to train it for multiplayer versions anyway! Good luck !
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Luna Lynn
File Author
updated, here is a preview of the scenario gameplay on youtube if you're interested, the video quality is a bit lower than my original video but i hope it will pass in 1080p sry.

[Edited on 07/29/18 @ 03:39 AM]

Luna Lynn
File Author
reupdated balance red/blue + an orange AI able to help the blue. preview of the gameplay on video, this version is also showing a bit more gameplay fixing than the video.
Hey Luna Lynn!

I like that you take your time to update your scenarios, from the looks of the video the new update seems to make the scenario a little more relaxing while retaining the challenge. I think the whole "epic siege" concept often falls out flat due to the limits of the game's AI, but your map actually seems to manage to achieve some good balance.

Your map the design reminds me of some of my own early work, in the way that it's great in some parts, but kind of underdeveloped in some others. I really like the way you make those marshes near the starting point and the players dock. Some of the grasslands seem a little dull though, try to mix in some streaks of desert between those grass patches to create the look of dirt, and don't be afraid to spread out some rocks and dead trees in there. You have a lot of potential as a designer, and I'd like to give this map a proper review if I can find the time.

I can see you're an avid commenter in the granary, which is great. You should come say hi on the Forum some time, it's where most of us old dogs sit around. It might help bring some more attention to your new update. :)
Luna Lynn
File Author
Thank you for the compliments and tips :)
Luna Lynn
File Author
In case people are interested about the update changes here's a patch note :

- Fixing n°1 prevents from rebuilding a wall with houses after a breach.
- Fixing n°2 prevents the red player in the multiplayer version to get to the academies wall before the blue player with his transport ships which could be annoying x).

- The first blue town center on the cliff is now in a better shape to use small secret strategies.
- The grey tower attacking the wonder has been replaced by a Medusa who is enemy to red blue and green but in the multiplayer the red can't use the Medusa's catapult to friendly fire the yellow docks since he loses when a grey catapult enters in this area .

Patch note of 01/28/19 :

-For the multiplayer version the brown will not attack the red anymore if the red friendly fires at him or turn enemy to him.

- The yellow now has the strategy "yamato silly cavs" and will rebuild a barrack and a stable with 600 food 600 wood and infinite gold so the red can utilize the yellow in some rare strategic situations.

- The orange will not attack his allies if he is attacked.

- In addition to the Blue versus red multiplayer version i'm gonna post the following useful versions
[Blue & Orange co-op Vs AI]
[Blue & Orange Vs Red]

[Blue & Orange Vs Red & Teal]
- In addition to the custom AI file the yellow needed to have all buildings but barrack and stable prohibited so he can build directly a barrack and a stable in the case he owns a villager.

The Solo and the co-op have been updated to 1b:

-Instead of protecting a government center you now have to protect a wonder which makes the AI focus it,you still have a government center.

-The 8 brown heavy catapults have been replaced by 11 catapults.

-The scenario instruction is fixed and forbbiden technologies are written.

The solo and the co-op have been updated to 1c, the other versions will follow soon.

-Some terrains textures have been improved and reworked : The middle-map battlefield isn't awful looking anymore, the west part of the battlefield is only shallows,the fishes moved from the center to the east of the battlefield.
A river full of fishes is now passing in the middle of the Shang village in front of the green barracks so the barrack units can't be blocked and defend their village properly.

- 2 Elephant archers have been added to the 2nd brown wave.

- 2 green mirror towers have been added at the green wall to prevent the priests and helepolis from getting sniped, thus green is now ally with orange in the non co-op versions to let the yellow priests some chances to convert a villager passing by.

-A line of green fortification has been added with 2 red towers in the inner Shang village East. 2 Shang town centers have been moved a bit more towards East in order to prevent AIs to cut the wood and let you an open road to the temple, you now can reflect more about going along the middle shallows river or passing by the fortified village.

-The north outpost counts -2 fire galley and -2 transport ship.


-The blue wall is a bit different and prevents from choping trees around ( thus if you want to make a hole in your wall you can't enclose it back with a house.)

- 1v1 and 2v1 versions are updated.


- 2v2 has been updated.


- Glitch fix in all versions : Added a cliff behind the wonder to prevent blue's villagers to chop trees without pit storage or town center and enter the village without trigerring the siege.

- Glitch fix in versions with a red player : replaced the boats and town center of the north outpost to prevent red from taking it with engineering stone thrower.

- Gameplay fixing in all versions with an orange player : Orange can build farms but has no market to tribute or upgrade, orange has +2 gold mines.


- Fixing mutliplayer versions : Orange and teal couldnt go to bronze age since the market has been removed recently, an archery range has been placed somewhere blocked on the map, so they can both go to bronze age.

- In 2v2 version the green blind and lame priest has been replaced by a yellow one to make it easier !

07/15/19 v1d

- In 2v2 version,Teal now has a government center and medusa is enemy.

07/17/19 v1d2

- In all versions with a red player, red is now Babilonian, his 2 chariots have been replaced by 2 camels.
If 22 red's villagers die blue is victorious (to balance the red's overpowered jihad villagers).
If 22 red's chariots die blue is victorious.
If 22 scythe charitos die blue is victorious.

- The 3 red's towers at green wall have been replaced by 2 green towers to prevent red from deleting the towers and disturb the blue's landing.

- 30 Broad swords and 1 catapult have been removed from the brown 2nd wave since they often were blocking each other movement.

07/20/19 v1e

All versions but Co-op and Solo have been updated to version 1e.

-The red's temple has been replaced by a red archery range to take out the jihad villagers and legions from red, thus Red doesnt lose anymore if he loses 22 villagers. (The trigger for 22 villagers wasn't working anyway since apparently microdoft games didn't set villagers killed trigger for more than 1 villager so 22 was glitched).

-Red now has to kill Mor havoc instead of converting him, which also means that Blue can't make Red lose by killing Mor Havoc.

-The town center in the blue's outpost has been replaced 1 tile away from gold mines since red doesnt have engineering stone throwers anymore.

- There's now a hole in the inner green's great wall with water leading to the Shang's village river which means Blue can move his transport ship in the Shang river, it also prevents Red from building houses, disturbing the landing of Blue.

-In the 2v2 version Teal now has to trade with a red dock instead of a green one, apparently having teal trading with green was glitching green and he was sending all his resources to useless bots for no reason thus making no village, it's now fixed.

07/26/19 v1f3

- A waterfall has been added behind the blue's wonder flowing in a small lake next to the blue's lame priest, there's a light transport and a fish on the lake. Thus blue is gonna have a card in hand in case red wants to harass-snipe his lame priest.
It's been added in the 1v1 version only, all other version will be updated later.

- Finally all the versions have been updated to the last version 1f3.

- In the 2v2 version, Teal has Jason as Hero (all players now have their respective hero, Elephant archer for Red,Caesar for Blue,Heavy horse archer for Orange and Jason for Teal).


All mutiplayer version with a red player have been updated to version 1g :

- Red doesnt need to kill Mor havoc anymore and mor havoc has been replaced by a yellow medusa.

- Yellow is now Minoan Iron high with 1 stone,500 food,0 wood and infinite gold.

- Helepolis and priests have been removed from the shang's wall and replaced by yellow composite archers.

- There's now a yellow villager enclosed by grey walls on the brown battlefield.

- To nerf the red's overpowered scythe rush, Blue is now victorious if 11 red's scythe are killed.


- In the 2v2 version, the teal priest you have to move to the yellow house (victory condition) to prevent teal from attacking green has been removed and replaced by a teal house, if Teal attacks green he's gonna lose his house and both team will lose but team Blue & Orange is victorious.


- All versions have been updated to v1h :

-The grey medusa has been removed and replaced by a tower, a grey government center has been placed.
The grey slot can now be used to spectate by upgrading writing or clicking the resign button.


-All versions have been updated to v1i :

- Grey spectator was glitching win condition, also to prevent grey to upgrade architecture he now has only gold and food to upgrade writting.

- In the 2v2 version its now preset victory in alliance for both red and teal but It's written in the scenario description that after destroying the blue's wonder they must enemie players 3,4 and 6.

- Blue's stone throwers were able to reach the red's barracks from the orange's village, 1 line of cliff has been added to prevent it.

10/04/19 v1i2 (all versions)

- Apparently the preplaced green's pit storage was sometimes bugging green since it was too far from its town centers. To help green, the pit storage is now closer and some pine trees have been added to the design of the shang's village.

11/04/19 v1j (All versions)

- Brown now has max resources to prevent shangs to tribute him.

- A fish has been added at the red's river landing area, both team can contest it.

- The yellow villager is now entirely enclosed by walls you can't release it cutting trees anymore.

- Green and teal town center have been switched : green will favorise wood line and teal will block red less.

All versions with a red player :
- The grey spectator was stealing the neutral transport ships from red, Red now has only 1 heavy transport ship but +1 fire galley and +1 house.
- The fish and the grey dock on the river have been removed and replaced by 3 grey fortifications and 1 blue Elephant archerstuck there with +1 grey fortification; thus Red now has to kill the elephants and 3 fortification to land on the battlefield (approximatly 9 min).

12/04/19 v1k

- The scenario title is now Siege.
- In all version with a non AI orange, the grey dock has been replaced by an orange one so he can trade with the blue dock.

[Edited on 12/04/19 @ 10:44 AM]

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