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The Complete Ages of Mankind

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File Details
Number of Scenarios: 31
Difficulty: Mod-Hard
Version: Rise of Rome
7/28/20: Fixed a bug on Empire of the East level which was preventing people from getting a victory when objectives were finished. Also there is a new level "Rise of the Germans" which takes place in the Teutoburg Forest.

1/4/20 update: Some levels have been updated. I have played through these levels, but if you find a bug in them let me know and I can post your name at the end of my campaign for a special thanks!

12/5/19 update: Certain levels have been fixed because of a bug that was not allowing them to end in victory, such as the Religion and Iron Age in Africa levels. In addition, some of the elite objectives have been fixed as they were not allowing the first objectives to be completed.

(Older updates: 8/14/19, 7/14/19, 2/8/19)


This campaign attempts to capture the developments of mankind from their earliest Paleolithic beginnings up until the end of antiquity.

I had a lot of fun playing Age of Empires when I was younger, and hence have some strong nostalgia towards the game. That was part of the reason for me putting all of this together. Some of the scenarios may be challenging, but that is because I respect some of the levels that came with the game, which could be difficult.
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rakovsky The Hannibal's March Scenario has a Design Flaw that doesn't let you achieve Victory. The problem is that in the Instructions, you are Hannibal the Green Player and your goal is to destroy the Latin Grey Player's (#7's) farms. However, in the Editor, there are no VCs given to Green Player #6, and instead Grey Player #7's VCs are to destroy certain Grey farms. So in the game, when you destroy Grey's farms per the instructions, Grey wins.

The instructions say that there is an alternative objective where you can check the Allied Victory box and destroy all enemies to win. However, you cannot destroy the Grey and Orange enemies because they have unreachable bases in the far left corner, separated by cliffs. The map is also not designed for you to destroy the Aqua Navy enemy, because the Designer did not put any enemy docks on the southern coasts of France or Italy for you to capture to use to attack the Aqua enemy with.
rakovsky For the CTESIPHON Scenario, there is a critical glitch that I found when playing on HARD. Blue Player 1's VC is to Destroy your Red Player 2 Ally, and your final goal is to get Blue's artifact. So you have to fight Blue, but when you start to, Blue switches its stance toward you to Enemy. And then not long after (like a minute), a message announces that Blue is the winner and you are defeated. Not too surprisingly, if you type in the Kill2 Command against Blue (for the commands, you are Player 1 and Blue is Player 2), it turns out that once Blue is destroyed, Blue does not get a victory message and doesn't mysteriously defeat you.

My best guess for what causes the problem is that Red calculates that Blue drastically outranks Red in terms of units and resources and then surrenders, thereby meeting Blue's VC and giving you an automatic defeat. I edited the Scenario so that I started with 7 juggernauts and a mass of infantry in order to see if the glitch was repeatable. Then when playing my edited version I declared war on Blue, stormed Blue's beach on HARD, and the same thing happened. Somehow Blue got a Victory 2 minutes 50 seconds after I started my "edited" version of the game. Next, I set the difficulty to EASIEST and the same thing happened, so it's not an issue with the Difficulty setting.

My guess is that the Designer wanted to give Blue an unwinnable VC so that Blue wouldn't win. It looks this way because Blue is hardly going to destroy Red's Town Center on the opposite side of the sea, since AOE's AI typically doesn't make sea invasions. But if the Designer intended to make an unwinnable VC, this plan backfired due to the Red Player automatically surrendering apparently when you attack Blue.

[Edited on 09/14/20 @ 10:49 PM]

rakovsky The DOMESTICATION Scenario is complicated enough that it deserves a separate comment. You can win by holding the artifacts in the middle of the map, which is how I won.

This scenario is not explained clearly enough in the instructions and walkthrough. When the instructions say to bring an elephant to your hunting area and subdue it, this is not clear enough because to subdue an elephant could mean to tame it, but the walkthrough says to kill it, which apparently is what you must actually do.

Your (ie. Player 1's) VCs are: Destroy Red player 2, Orange Player 5, and Green Player 6. Plus, bring two Tame Lions to your western hunting area with blue flags, Get the Gaia base in the far east, and research domestication. There are 4 elephants in the red cage. Player 6's VCs include having the more rightward of the four elephants in the 80+% of the map outside the NE edge of the map that includes the hunting area. So, based on the instructions, I guess that probably killing the elephant outside the area makes you defeat Player 6, which is one of your VCs.

The instructions say that you can delete your priest when you've got your lions so that you don't have to defend the allied TCs "once they are defeated". The part in quotation marks is confusing. and needs to be reworded. Anyway, even when I deleted my priest after getting the lions, I still lost when the Yellow team killed the brown TC. So I checked the editor, and based on the Editor, I need to have my priest back in my western base when I delete him. So the part in quotation marks is referring to the fact that for the Yellow or Brown players to beat you by destroying the other one's TC, he must control his war chest/artifact, AND you must also have your priest in the 80 percent of the map outside your starting area in the west near your hunting area. So by deleting your priest while he is in the hunting area, you would prevent yellow or brown from winning. But you do need to use your priest to tame at least two lions.
So based on the Editor, instead of deleting your priest, you can choose to fight Yellow and take his war chest. By taking his war chest, he can't win. However, it's also a little challenge to get to those chests, so deleting the priest is not a bad option.

Here is a Walkthrough that I made based on how the scenario looks in the Editor and based on my experience playing it. Asteriks mean that I did it in my successful playthrough.

* Early on, build houses around the yellow base to protect it. Try repairing your allies' TCs if they get hurt by each other. I walled in a yellow villager so that he automatically repairs his own TC.
* Explore the beach to the west of your Brown ally's base and build a dock there for fishing. Do it early on, because on HARD, I see that my ally built farms blocking the path to it.
* Don't look for the priest on the SW edge until you beat the red base near him because he is too weak by himself.
- If you can't protect the yellow base from the Brown Player, you need to delete your priest back in your hunting area.
* Destroy the 3 orange barracks. You might as well destroy their TC and convert their villagers too.
* In case dominating the area around the northern ruins isn't enough to capture it, probably you can capture the green/orange ruins by the orange base by walking to it from the north side of it an by following the path that the green priests were on in a spiral. However, I just got it by killing all enemies near it and having my units near it on its south side.
* There is a Gaia archery and ruins directly south of your opening area that has the brown and yellow TCs. You have to get to the archery by going south along the cliff top clockwise and then chopping your way. It's a good place to snipe the red enemy from too, and there is a ruins there.
* Go to the priest in the east side of the river by sending your villager on the east side along the cliffs to his east. Chop your way through the eastern treeline with that villager to get to the east corner Gaia base.
* Use the priest on the east side of the river to convert lions and send them into the red base and then east to the east corner.
* You can get to the east corner by going east through the SE part of the red base through the grey Medium Wall entrance area.
X To get to the red base from the north, chop your way through the woods south of the gold mines.
- Use a slinger to bring the cage's lower right elephant to your hunting area.
X The way to get to the war chests is north of the area where the elephants are caged in.

On HARD, I got the two wolf lions in the far north corner and then got the ruins to the SE of them. I guess that this means that one is male and the other female, because there are two, but the lions don't appear to be labeled in their gender. Then the Orange enemy defeated my invading army. There is a beach on the west end of my brown ally's base, but it looks like he built farms there that blocked me. Also, I deleted my priest like the instructions said, but when my allies destroyed one of my allies' TCs, the mission ended anyway in defeat. The walkthrough says to build a wall between Yellow and Bown's TCs. BUT you can't build a wall in the Stone Age, which you start in, anyway. PART 2 of this map is not really designed for very active AIs like in HARD mode because of flaws like the Brown player building farms that block off the western beach, and not being able to build walls between the Ally TCs because they you are in the Stone Age. Basically, you don't have a way to stop your allies from killing each other unless you use tricks like putting a wall of houses around Yellow's base. But on a Medium or Hard difficulty, I don't know if the Brown player would use so many slingers that he would kill Yellow's TC before I could repair it even with the wall. Repairing the Yellow TC is not a perfect fix either because after a while, I got a message that I was out of resources to repair the Yellow TC even though I actually had enough Wood, Food, and Stone and because I never had gold to begin with, so my lack of gold couldn't have been a factor either.

On EASY, my army going to capture the northern ruins destroyed one of the Orange barracks and then got slaughtered going for the ruins. Another time, I sent my raft down from the west corner to get the priest unit, but that priest unit is not strong enough against the villagers and bowmen who chop through the trees near him. A half hour into the game, an announcement came that all artifacts were captured and that I had 2000 years to get them back. I had been repairing the Brown TC to keep it alive, but then I got a message saying I was out of resources for repairs even though I had enough food, wood, and stone. So I built a mine near the gold in the middle of the map, thinking that gold was the issue. But the TC got destroyed anyway.

Another time on EASY, I got the ruins in the North by dominating the area around it. On the east river, you get a storage pit surrounded totally by cliffs and the river. I have no idea what that unit is for because there is nothing for that unit to do there. He can't chop through wood to go through the cliff area. But you can movie it with a transport after researching the Tool Age in the TC that you get near the SE edge of the map. I beat it by holding the artifacts for 2000 years.

For some reason, the scenario repeatedly crashes on EASIEST about 10 seconds into the mission, regardless of whether I play it on the UPATCH version or on ROR 1.0A.
File Author
Hello Rakovsky, you seem to enjoy the levels i made a little while ago. Would you like to fix them and even add or amend to them at your own pleasure. If they are good enough then we can use the name Ages of Mankind in the campaign title. Would you have fun doing that?
rakovsky Thanks for replying, Sammy. I tried emailing you, but I guess you didn't see my email. Maybe it went to your Spam box.

The hardest one for me to fix would be Ctesiphon because the Player's Objective is to get the war chest out of the southern Blue Player and then get it back before the teams inside the middle of the map crush you. The hard part about this is that the defenses for the Blue Player are extremely tough and it would take a long time to whittle them down. So I don't know how weak to make them.

The hard part about me fixing this is that I don't know how hard you as the Designer intended it to be for the Player to conquer the southern Blue base. I don't know if you meant it to really be that hard because you are stuck with a practical time limit as to how much you can fight that southern base.

For your reference, I got through Chapters 1-3 and 7 and a couple scenarios in between.

The only ones that I would fix would be the ones that an OK player couldn't win on EASIEST, ie. where there is some bug making it unwinnable (eg. the VCs are set wrong) or far too hard.

I found four ones needing fixing so far:
Metal Alloys, Alexander the Great, Hannibal's March, and Ctesiphon. I recommend that you read my notes in this Comments Section for those scenarios to see the problem. Alexander the Great and Hannibal's March worked fine on "Ages of Mankind 3," so maybe you accidentally used an earlier, broken version of those scenarios in your "Complete Ages of Mankind" Campaign.

[Edited on 05/11/21 @ 02:34 AM]

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