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The Complete Ages of Mankind

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Number of Scenarios: 31
Difficulty: Mod-Hard
Version: Rise of Rome
7/28/20: Fixed a bug on Empire of the East level which was preventing people from getting a victory when objectives were finished. Also there is a new level "Rise of the Germans" which takes place in the Teutoburg Forest.

1/4/20 update: Some levels have been updated. I have played through these levels, but if you find a bug in them let me know and I can post your name at the end of my campaign for a special thanks!

12/5/19 update: Certain levels have been fixed because of a bug that was not allowing them to end in victory, such as the Religion and Iron Age in Africa levels. In addition, some of the elite objectives have been fixed as they were not allowing the first objectives to be completed.

(Older updates: 8/14/19, 7/14/19, 2/8/19)


This campaign attempts to capture the developments of mankind from their earliest Paleolithic beginnings up until the end of antiquity.

I had a lot of fun playing Age of Empires when I was younger, and hence have some strong nostalgia towards the game. That was part of the reason for me putting all of this together. Some of the scenarios may be challenging, but that is because I respect some of the levels that came with the game, which could be difficult.
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File Author
I always appreciate comments for improving the campaign, as well as hearing what you enjoyed about it.

[Edited on 02/15/18 @ 10:37 AM]

Cataphract887 Its an interesting game but a little simple on the map design
File Author
To Cataphract887: I'll be honest Cataphract, there's no way that I am going to respond to your advice to do more effort on my map design when you've said yourself that I have never made a decent map.

[Edited on 12/30/18 @ 04:29 PM]

File Author
Deleted comment

[Edited on 06/23/18 @ 06:18 PM]

File Author
rakovsky, I think I will need to create a guide for each of the scenarios that comes with the campaign download. Because it appears that some levels could be difficult especially for people who are less skilled.

I have managed to beat levels that you talked about on moderate, and here are some tips: on Monotheism, go take out red first, and then you can use their walls as your own and barricade yourself in. On Machines you simply need to make sure that after you assassinate the leader of Crete you capture the ruins (and when you leave the island take the ruins that being blocked by the Persians so you don't have to keep worrying about countdown time). On Alexander the Great there are multiple ways to beat this puzzle. make sure you become allies with Egypt right away, and doing that will allow you to take an artifact early by assaulting Egypt from behind. Then you have to worry about capturing a ruin, but one way you can bypass enemies is by using siege equipment to knock out trees in the far north, and then taking the Indian ruins. On the Ascent of Rome level it is challenging, but I did manage to do it. I had to migrate to the North African tip that doesn't have the Carthaginians, then I made some ballistas I think and invaded Carthage. Once you take out Carthage you have a whole island to yourself, and you can mass an army without fear of war ships. As far as the Religion level goes, I'm not sure what you got stuck on. The level is completely beatable.

Thanks for your input and review. It makes me want to create a guide for the levels.
rakovsky S.Bishop, I loved the RELIGION level. For that level, you asked where I got stuck.
One of the goals is to get all your sages to all the ruins. I suspect that you meant for the sages to CAPTURE the ruins.

I got all my sages to all 5 ruins, but the mission did not end. Maybe it's because Orange holds the ruins to the east even when you are allied with Orange and get a sage and other soldiers near the ruins. In other words, even when you get your sage and soldiers next to the ruins in the east, you still do not CAPTURE those ruins. This is probably because an ORANGE sage ally is next to those ruins, so that it does not switch ownership to you from Orange for those ruins. The way to fix this (if this is the problem) might be for the Scenario Designer to move the orange Priest unit farther away from the Orange ruin.

[Edited on 09/05/19 @ 11:52 PM]

File Author
I think I know what is wrong with the "Religion" level. For some reason the objectives won't complete when you bring your priests to the ruins all because they were built from a gaia temple. Apparently the objectives have problems completing when bringing certain captured units to a place. I was having the same problem on "The Modern Warrior" level. I will have to fix these issues and update the campaign.

[Edited on 12/05/19 @ 12:10 PM]

File Author
Thankyou rakovsky for your telling me about the bug in that level. I put your name at the end of my campaign for a special thanks.

I have played through these levels, but if anyone else finds a bug in them let me know and I will post your name at the end of my campaign for a special thanks as well (unless otherwise told to not to). Thanks
rakovsky I want to comment on a thoughtful philosophical point you raised in your first section of your Campaign because your Campaign is so good and addresses different aspects of mankind's development and traits.

In your Chapter I (eg. "Lord of the Animals") History section, you made a comment asking or exploring what separated mankind from animals and saying that it's a philosophical question. You suggested that it was probably that mankind is the only creature that could act to damn itself. I would like to suggest a few other ways, including in theology. In the Biblical POV, in Genesis 1, God (or "Gods as a being") created mankind in His/"Their" image and gave mankind dominion over the earth. And then man started naming the animals. So in this way, more fundamental than the ability to act to damn himself, man is made in God's image and is master over the earth and animals.

Also preceding man's Fall is the issue of God's ultimate and original plan for Man. It's doubtful that God only planned for Man to be in the Garden of Eden, separate from God, however good it was in the Garden. In the Christian soteriology, God eventually gives "communion" to loyal mankind and makes man "one" with God. In Christianity, this happens as a result of Christ-God's saving act and sacrifice, which deals with the problem of sin. And so someone could consider what would have happened had there been no Original Sin and no Fall. Would mankind be able to achieve salvation and oneness with God if the Original Sin and Fall had not occurred? And the answer would seem to be Yes, and that God would have achieved communion with Man in some other way than the Atonement. So even had there been no sin or damnation, mankind would still probably have been raised spiritually by God anyway. This suggests that communion with God is a more fundamental aspect or trait of man than the ability of humans to damn themselves.

[Edited on 12/17/20 @ 07:57 PM]

rakovsky Thank you for including a walkthrough for your Ages of Man Campaign. By following it in the "ALEXANDER THE GREAT" Scenario, I was able to get Egypt's artifact and the northern corner's Ruins in order to stop the countdowns in time. This was a major issue that I mentioned in my earlier review. Still, there is another major barrier to beating that Scenario: One of the Objectives is to capture Arabia's Artifact. However, Arabia is totally cut off by cliffs and by the Persian Gulf. You, India, and Persia cannot build docks and there is no dock on the northern side of the Persian Gulf that you can use to sail to Arabia.

The "Ages of Man Part 3" Campaign has a later version of this same Scenario that does not have this problem. This is because the "Ages of Man Part 3" version of this Scenario lets you build docks and doesn't require you to get Arabia's artifact.
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